Alien: Isolation - Analysis

Author: David Soriano
Date: 2020-07-31 00:04:24
Alien Isolation is the new video game adaptation of the Alien universe. Created this time by the Creative Assembly studio, it has the difficult task of making us forget the totally expendable Aliens: Colonial Marines, considered one of the worst games of the past generation. Despite the nonexistent experience of studying in the genre, this time we find an action and stealth first-person title with marked touches of survival horror.

The Torrens , designed according to the same model as the Nostromo , the first nod to the original, is led by Verlaine , while our companions on this expedition will be Samuels and Taylor . After a rough docking maneuver in Sevastopol , the three characters will disperse, so we will be alone from the beginning of the adventure. In these first few bars we will initially be shown the scheme that marks the development of the story, which unfortunately continues to be completing one objective after another in a relatively closed and corridor environment, which ends up guiding us in a too linear way.

For the survival horror concept we will first take into account its first term. Ripley lands in Sevastopol with a simple healing solution in his inventory. Exploration will be a fairly important action, as collecting supplies is vital . Scattered around some of the rooms of the space station we will find some plans for the creation of different weapons and tools. This component of crafting, which has been included, becomes especially important . Rarely will we find an item already manufactured, generally it will be our task to review each corner in search of new formulas or ingredients. To finish off the task, we must go manufacturing every little, because our inventory is quite limited and there will be sections in which we could miss those creations that we left unmanufactured.

The horror touch will be provided by the enemies that we will meet in the different phases that make up Alien Isolation . We are talking, for example, of other humans trying to survive - and what is even more difficult, to escape from the station - or the synthetic robots of the Seegson company, formerly faithful servants, but now hostile due to the state of emergency in which the Sevastopol. What could cause this state of alarm? Indeed, an Alien. An incomplete game would have been left without the appearance of a xenomorph on board the station. Unlike previous deliveries more focused on action, in Isolation we will not be able to finish off the stubborn enemy, which is why most of the time we will use it in stealthy actions , mainly moving forward while ducking and hiding.

Much of the charm - not to say masochism - in Alien Isolation comes from the unpredictability of the escape sections. We can repeat a control point several times and the xenomorph will never perform the same search pattern. Therefore, it is vital in its literal sense to be able to anticipate his movements before he finds us, which always results in immediate death. To add to that sense of fragility and helplessness , Alien Isolation lacks the ability to save auto-start even at its lowest difficulty level. We must dodge the search that our enemy carries out without giving up at the same time that we look for one of the emergency terminals where we can carry out a manual save .

Generally we can save search situations simply by hiding. To help us locate enemies, we will have a useful motion detector once the plot progresses, which manages to give us information about the proximity and direction in which a moving organism is (sometimes it will be the xenomorph, sometimes another enemy and the less times some non-hostile human). If we are detected by some of these enemies, the option of escape is not always possible. For example, with synthetics we can abuse the option of running, since their movements are slow and in the long run they end up compensating. However, when facing the xenomorph we are in complete inequality, we are slower, more clumsy and we have to simply use the sense of sight, while the creature can also use smell.

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