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Anarchy Online

Anarchy Online

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    27 Jun 2001

Anarchy OnlineAnarchy Online - the first since forever sci-fi MMO - is currently on Steam! Contend and help out a great many player at the same time on an immense, outsider world. Join mankind about 30,000 years later on in a universe of ceaseless clash and logical marvel.CreateChoose from 14 character classes across four races and deck them out with a variety of weapons, reinforcement, garments, and embellishments. Play as a subtle operator, a war-beaten officer, or an ambitious dealer. Redo your aptitudes, capacities, and abilities through nanotechnology and careful implants.BattleJoin different players and dive into the insider facts of Rubi-Ka, or acknowledge contracts for money and rigging by handling one of a kind missions loaded up with difficulties and astonishments. You can even guarantee an area for your associations and fight different players over the valuable assets! ExploreExplore an amazing and various world, loaded up with areas, for example, wildernesses, deserts, and rambling urban areas with transcending high rises. Pillar up to outsider space ships, visit different measurements, and travel anyplace you need with individual vehicles, planes, and even mechs! LiveConstruct whole urban areas for your associations, take part in worldwide exchange, or simply kick back and unwind with your companions in your own one of a kind loft! Anarchy Online is a no nonsense online world, loaded up with activities alone or with companions!

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AGM score 74%
IGN 7.2
GameSpot 7.6
e3 2000
machine gun
bink video
wasd movement
hit points
kill stealing
polygonal 3d
flying enemies
martial arts
hand-to-hand combat
third-person perspective
enemy health indicator
regenerating health
character growth
talking animals
customizable characters
critical hit
loot gathering
party system
experience points
role playing
rivaling factions
non-player character
e3 2001
first-person perspective
world map
slashing weapons
blunt weapons
damage over time
airborne hovercraft
day/night cycle
random loot
leveling up
character creation
compass bar
dual wielding
damage per second
vendor trash
veteran rewards
mana drain
damage numbers
temporary invincibility
upgradeable weapons
player owned houses
player vs player
level up health refill
first person melee
lock picking
full body awareness
skill points
body armor
space station
pick your gender
energy weapons
skill tree
infinite ammo
stationary boss
supply and demand
in-game advertising
randomly generated dungeons
alien invasion
custom ui
public quests
bring me his head
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About Anarchy Online

Anarchy Online is released by Funcom in 27 Jun 2001. The game is designed by Funcom. Anarchy Online is a typical representative of the Role-playing (RPG) genre. Playing Anarchy Online is a pleasure. It does not matter whether it is the first or a millionth hour in Role-playing (RPG), there will always be room for something new and interesting. Thrilling levels and gameplay Anarchy Online will not leave anyone indifferent. The complexity of gameplay increases with each new level and does not let any player get bored.

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Anarchy Online is versatile and does not stand still, but it is never too late to start playing. The game, like many Role-playing (RPG) games has a full immersion in gaming. AllGame staff continues to play it.

Anarchy Online is perfect for playing alone or with friends.

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The story

This section tells the history of the world of Anarchy Online

On the planet of Rubi-Ka, a battle rages between the haves and have-nots in a time when the clans seek liberation from the all-powerful Omni-Tek corporation in the name of justice, voluntarily if possible; from the barrel of a gun if necessary. The leaders of both sides are desperately seeking a solution that can stop the violence ravaging the planet, against a backdrop of betrayal, military raids and conniving political games, cyborg assassins and modified humans.

Anarchy Online - game review

Date: 2001-08-06 09:50:00
The review was based on the PC version.

The Norwegian company Funcom was not one of the most popular computer games in the world. Polish players know, above all, the beautiful adventure game "The Longest Journey - The Longest Journey". However, it was she who released a game that has been talked about a lot lately. The title of this game is Anarchy Online.

Anarchy Online belongs to the group of MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game) games. They are RPG games, but they can only be played via the Internet. For now, the group of these games consists of a few titles with the three biggest ones: Ultima Online, Everquest and Asheron's Call with numerous additions to them. However, unlike the three, Anarchy Online is the first online game not set in fantasy but science fiction. The plot of the game takes us to the distant future, to the year 29,475 to the planet Rubi-Ka, which is the only source of Notum - a mineral used in nanotechnology. I have the impression that not only does it remind me a bit of Duna F. Herbert. The entire planet belongs to the Omni-Tek corporation, which, however, is opposed by the Clans - tribes formed from former employees of the corporation, refugees from the Notum mines and newcomers from other planets. The third force on Rubi-Ka is the Neutral.

The planet Rubi-Ka is huge, running through it is an occupation for several hours in real time, not counting the interruptions caused by getting into trouble. You can, of course, use the help of terminals that will transport us to the destination by themselves, but then we will miss the pleasure of visiting the planet's surface, and this is covered, among others, by cities, forests, deserts, mountains, rivers. In each of these locations, we can encounter a number of creatures that may be our prey. Some of them resemble mutations of our earthly domestic creatures, some of them are various types of droids, others resemble the inventions of mad scientists in the field of genetics or biotechnology. However, what would a good RPG without a dungeon be. They also exist here. Often we can come across caves, old Notum mines. As a rule, they are full of enemies whose killing will give you experience, money, and sometimes even items.

However, not only killing is a way of life here. You can also undertake missions to earn money and gain experience. These missions can either be commissioned by the system via the terminal network or by other players. After purchasing a mission duplicator, we will also be able to order the execution of the entire task or its part to others, returning them to part of the reward. The mission selection system is very extensive - you can define the proportions in which we want to gain experience from a given mission, and in what money, or the nature of the mission is to be based on an open approach or it should be made hidden. After determining these parameters, the computer will assign us missions that meet our requirements. This could be spotting a person, delivering a package, finding an item, or a contract manslaughter. Often, in order to complete a mission, it is necessary to go down to a dungeon generated only for its needs.

Actually, its lack. Nanotechnology has taken over the role of magic in Anarchy Online. And the role of nanoformula spells. Nanotechnology involves the use of miniature robots - nanobots, and with the help of willpower, forcing them to carry out previously learned commands. We can find, get or buy nanoforms in a store, and to remember them, our character must have a sufficiently high level of one or several skills. The number of nanoforms is very high, and more are to be introduced thanks to patches. Their use is manifold. From formulas for dealing damage, through those for defense, there are also formulas whose task is to heal one or even a group of characters.

We create our counterpart in the game world right at the beginning of the game. A lot of time should be devoted to this issue, as it is not possible to change your appearance or profession later.

The player can choose from four factions of the human race. They are: Homo Atrox - big and muscular, unfortunately it reflects on his intellectual abilities, he is the only one who has no female counterpart, agile and dexterous Homo Opifex - with pale blue skin, as if intended to act from hiding in advance, Homo Nano - the most genetically mutated variety of man, which is destined to use the benefits of nanotechnology, and Homo Solitus, also known as the Norm - which is the center of other races, i.e. a universal race.

When creating an appearance, you can adapt the character to your idea of her. Long hair, short or maybe a little baldness? Do we want to be a Negro with a wonderful "afro" that looks like from the 70s of the last century? - Here you are. Do we want a scarred face and a "mohawk" on the head? Or maybe we prefer to look like an experienced sage? This option also offers us this look. Additionally, we can define the height of our character by three variants - small, medium, high, and her body - thin, average and "plump". The size of our figure does not affect the game in the slightest. They can hide just as easily, and it is just as difficult to hit them accurately.

In the next part of the character creation, you must choose a profession. There are 12 of them in Anarchy Online. They are: Adventurer, Soldier, Enforcer, Agent, Martial Artist, Doctor, Fixer, Engineer, Nanotechnician, Metaphysicist, Trader and Bureaucrat. It is as important a choice as the choice of breed. The choice of profession, in addition to the equipment at the start of the game, defines in which of the more than 60 different skills our character will develop the easiest and the most difficult. For most professions, there is one and only job plus race combination with which our avatar will be able to achieve the highest level of specialization. And so for the profession of Enforcer, whose main skill is close combat, Atrox is the best choice. For the profession of Nanotechnician - Homo Nano.

The next step is to choose a name for our character. And here is the first rasp. Anarchy Online does not allow two characters with the same names to appear on the same server. Hence, after some time, all the most popular nicknames such as Aragorn, Gandalf or Death are already taken. Then there is only the choice of the side of the conflict, on which we want to take part in the fight for Rubi-Ka and we enter the game.

At the beginning, we get to the Training Grounds area, where we learn the basic elements of combat, or how to cast nanoforms. We will not leave this area until our avatar reaches the fourth experience level or collects 1000 credits. While the first visit to the world of Anarchy Online, this option is very helpful, if someone creates a new character again and has to go through it, it becomes another annoying thing. Some may even ask if it was not possible to do this training in an off-line version so that players using the modem did not lose valuable impulses, or because the main goal of this training is to increase the character's skills and purchase the simplest equipment, give the opportunity to separate additional points between skills or the choice of several items, after which you would immediately go to the "correct" world of AO.

The character we control develops through levels, not activities. What does it mean? Let me explain. In some RPG games, when we perform a certain activity, we specialize in it, and the level of our advancement in it increases. In Anarchy Online, there are levels of experience. After gaining the appropriate number of points, we are assigned skill points, which we can distribute among those that we consider particularly important for our character.

At Rubi-Ka, a lot of emphasis is placed on team play. A lonely character has virtually no chance in battles with opponents in areas remote from cities. It's always better to have a doctor by your side anyway. Hunting in groups does not mean a slower gain in experience. A group is able to hunt more enemies at the same time as it would take for a single player and get the same amount of experience points.

It's not hard to die in Anarchy. However, so that all our efforts are not wasted, terminals are scattered all over the planet, where we can save our game (it is very similar to the way of saving in console games). If we are killed, our avatar will be resurrected at that point and all our equipment that we had with us at the time of save will be returned to us. Unfortunately, everything that we have collected since then will be lost. Since the farther away from large urban centers, the less there are terminals, it is not recommended to go for long hunting trips to less experienced characters.

For some, the biggest bane, and for some, the greatest pleasure is the ability to fight and kill other players' characters. In Anarchy, this possibility also exists. In some cities, we have special arenas for this type of fights, in which we can duel. Outside of cities, this issue is solved in a different way. The entire Rubi-Ka world is divided into areas. In some of them such fights are impossible. In others, only fights between characters from different sides of the conflict are possible. And there are no rules on others.

Speaking of the fight, there are also many ways to resolve it here. You can fight both with karate punches and in a style resembling bar fights. You can use melee weapons, one-handed and two-handed, or hold one weapon in each hand. You can fight from a distance using pistols, rifles, shotguns, if someone prefers to kill someone without showing him to his eyes, this possibility also exists thanks to sniper rifles. Some weapons, both white and small arms, have energy elements, some do not. It is also possible to fight with nanoforms that can be used both offensively and defensively. After winning the fight, we get a certain amount of experience points and the possibility of looting the defeated body. Each fight carries a risk here, but it is reduced by allowing the player to determine the potential of the opponent before the fight, thanks to the color of the bar indicating his health points. Red means that the opponent is stronger than you, green means weaker. It's not just these two colors. They themselves have many shades, there are also those symbolizing that the opponent is equal to us in strength, and that the opponent is so weak that it is not worth wasting time and ammunition on him. During character advancement to higher experience levels, you will need to look for more demanding enemies, because something that gave you a quite satisfactory number of points at the beginning, will give you less points, and finally you will receive 1 point for killing a given enemy, which in the necessity to acquire tens of thousands needed for promotion is similar to moving the beach grain of sand after grain.

The appearance of the game world is breathtaking. Imagine the cities full of splendor, forests, the surface of the water in which the whole neighborhood is reflected. Add to that the colorful nanoform cast effects, angular-free characters and monsters, and you'll get a visuals of graphics that are by far the best of any MMORPG currently available. Anyway, whoever does not believe should look at the gallery next door. All this was additionally enriched with great music. Those who played "The Longest Journey" probably remember those beautiful musical themes. It is similar here. The music changes depending on the action - once it is calm, then during the fight it changes into a battle.

The world of Rubi-Ka can be viewed from the first or third person perspective. However, the latter seems to be better. Additionally, since the whole world is rendered in three dimensions, we can change our point of view freely by rotating the camera around our character, bringing it closer to see a detail that interests us, or zooming it out to see a larger area of land.

The specifications of the computer provided by the manufacturer are not high: Pentium II 300, 64MB RAM, graphics card compatible with Direct3D and 700 MB on HDD. P2 450 and 128 MB RAM are given as recommended configuration. As the owner of a similar configuration class, I did not notice any exemptions due to the hardware fault, only those caused by the slowness of my internet connection.

Like all games boasting the idea of having a consistent, never-ending online world, Anarchy Online costs money. And it costs a lot. You have to pay $ 49.95 for the game itself, regardless of whether you import it from a western store (then you need to add shipping costs), or download it from the manufacturer's website - without a box and with the manual and world map as files. This price includes the subscription for the first month of the game. Later, it will cost us $ 12.95 per month, which is the highest rate for an MMORPG so far (We pay $ 9.95 to play Ultima Online, Everquest). To this you should add the cost of the telephone connection (in the case of modems), and it turns out that AO can cost as much as even a few other original games. Especially at the beginning, when you get to know the game world and the character develops the fastest - that's when computer sessions are the longest. But well? According to Funcom, he invested over 10 million in creating AO. dollars and expects a payback. It may seem like a lot today, but other online games also feature them, and will likely be the same in the coming games. You can pay for the game at AO only with credit cards, however, Funcom representatives ensure that they will try to start another, alternative method of payment, based on subscription cards. However, at the beginning they will also only be available for purchase in the West, so in the case of Poles, you will probably have to pay for them with a credit card, which you do not want to use.

At the moment, Anarchy Online is still plagued by the problems of "childhood". Compatibility problems with some graphics cards or driver versions. Crashing game, various bugs constantly appearing. And all of this one year after the beta test began! However, this is nothing that has not been seen in previously released MMORPGs. The scale of such undertakings is enormous. And even the army of testers is not able to check all the locations and try out all possible combinations that such games offer. However, these problems are solved with the help of a series of patches ("patches"). Funcom even sent a version of the AO to the pressing plant with the first series of amendments, and soon this improved version will be available for purchase in stores. However, in addition to the errors related to the game itself, the errors of the technical "envelope" of the entire project are also revealed. The first big slip-up was the unsecure website on which you enter your credit card details. Funcom claimed it wasn't their fault. And yet people steal card numbers from secured pages, so stealing from such pages would certainly be fine. Fortunately, this has already been corrected. Another problem is lag. On the modem, in order to play Anarchy Online, you actually have to switch to a nightlife, because for Poles the best time to play is between 3 and 6 am, and then there may be occasional downtime due to increased traffic in a given area. However, here you can expect improvements, as Funcom representatives themselves claim that they were not prepared for such popularity of their game. 70,000 copies sold or ordered within the first week of its release, while the number of people playing the fourth year of Ultima Online is estimated at around 230,000, which proves that many people want to break away from reality and move beyond the world of magic and swords, but to a future where you fight with robots and rifles.

Anarchy Online is so far the only MMORPG set in the world of the future. However, a formidable competition will soon emerge under the title Star Wars Galaxies. But will the Jedi Knights defeat the Omni-Tek Corporation and the Clans? It will only show the future.

Branko "Archangel" Norwisz


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Anarchy Online - scene 1
Anarchy Online - scene 2
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