Apotheon - Analysis

Author: José L. Ortega
Date: 2020-07-30 17:17:42
We already warned you when we made the list of the 25 most anticipated games of 2015. For a long time we saw that Apotheon promised to be one of the great sensations of the year. And having thoroughly enjoyed it, we have no doubt that we have not been wrong.

It should not be forgotten that the title, in addition to being available on Steam , is one of the free games of the month of February for PlayStation 4 users subscribed to PlayStation Plus. Therefore, it would be a crime to let this authentic genius pass.

But, before starting with the string of praises, we want to emphasize that the adventure is completely in English . Unfortunately, it seems to have become a regular trend in the sector. Important titles such as the various graphic adventures of Telltale, the recent and very interesting Life is Strange or the one in question, have not even reached us with subtitles in Spanish.

We believe that it is something in which we must force to change it. It is true that the title in question is developed by an independent study, but it is also true that the 'indies' have much more support now than they did a few years ago. It is especially blatant in Apotheon, which contains texts and indications continuously, and the complexity of some of its words can make you lose the thread of a more than interesting story.

Focusing now on what it offers, the adventure created by AlienTrap Studios will transport us to classic Greece . One of the most beautiful time frames in our history, and it has not been explored all that it deserves in the world of electronic entertainment. The result is an authentic ode to Greek mythology, which will delight fans of this time.

We take control of Nikandreos , a warrior from Dion, who sees how his town is irreparably devastated by an army on a level that serves as a tutorial to learn how the game works. The teaching is brief and concise, and practically after ten minutes of play we will already be clear about what we will have to do during the next eight or ten hours , estimated time to complete Apotheon in his first pass. Needless to say, there are two levels of difficulty available from the start. After completing the adventure, a third is unlocked that will be the real challenge for lovers of this style of games, since the other two fall short in terms of demand.

Before delving into the playable investigations, we want to talk about the impressive artistic design that Apotheon boasts, which is ultimately the main claim of the title.

Its visual section is based on the laborious Greco-Roman art of painting on ceramics, a very common style in the stage in which the adventure takes place. With this approach, it is clearly spectacular how his drawings are shown in black forms on ocher tones. Authentic art in movement , which immediately brings the sensation of glimpsing an artistic work in movement, with a stunning lucidity.

A supine quality sample from AlienTrap Studios, which sets it apart from the rest, and which irreparably provokes the attention of those at the controls. A particular history book that comes to life, far from our imagination, endorsed with an "apotheosic" minimalist aspect. All this seasoned at 60 frames per second and with a fabulous soundtrack , which with a fusion of instruments such as harps and violins, accompany the frenetism of the action with the serenity provided by its melodies. An exquisite combination.

Going back to its development, Apotheon is a classic title that endorses the so-called "Metroidvania" mechanics, giving us extensive side-scrolling scenarios to meander at our whim, while also fulfilling the tasks entrusted to us. Although the exploration component is very present, it is not the main premise of the game. Forget about revisiting areas constantly, since it is only forced on a couple of occasions, and we will even have the possibility of transporting ourselves between the various levels automatically by accessing some portals.

This does not mean that walking in the vicinity of Mount Olympus is a mere walk. The stages are superimposed and you have to know how to play with perspective and the elements, since Nikandreos will be able to climb or make great jumps to access new places that allow us to advance. We also find the testimonial presence of some puzzles , which are too simple and are based on finding objects such as keys to open doors. Due to the theme, we miss more depth in this section.

As we mentioned a few lines ago, during the first moments we will have all the abilities of the character unlocked, something that is not usual in this subgenre. The depth comes when it comes to obtaining new weapons on the battlefield, breaking vases for such a purpose or taking them from fallen enemies. This looting is necessary as the plot progresses, as the crafting component in the game is imperative to upgrade weapons and access consumables and power- ups . It is in this aspect where the progression in the game is appreciated.

Fighting against the enemies are not any of the other world, certainly. We use a button to hit and another to defend ourselves if we carry a shield. We also have the possibility of executing attacks from a distance if we have arrows or javelins. Despite the fact that we have shortcuts to change weapons immediately, using this direct menu is somewhat cumbersome. Running out of offensive ability in the middle of combat is a serious problem having to select another weapon instantly due to the frenzy of battle.

Special mention deserves the designs of the various final bosses . With the exception of a couple of exceptions that lead to simplistic fights, the vast majority of supreme antagonists have unique mechanics that will make us discern how to deal with them. A magnificent and hilarious recreation of facing a God.

By the way, the title has multiplayer functions, but only on the local network. Focusing simply on dueling the characters. A cooperative mode would have been ideal to extend the useful life of the product, something that AlienTrap has promised to come soon with a patch. We will see.