Azure Striker Gunvolt - Analysis

Author: José Manuel Bringas
Date: 2020-03-02 21:04:23
Azure Striker Gunvolt is all that Mega Man would have to be today and that Capcom has denied us. Not surprisingly, the great name behind him is Keiji Inafune, the father of the blue robot that is already a legend of video games, and those responsible for developing it are Inti Creates, all former Capcom workers with extensive experience in Mega games Man. True to his principles, Inafune is dedicated to doing exactly what fans were asking and what he knows best. Does this game respond to the faith placed in it? Is there life in Inafune beyond Capcom?

Undoubtedly yes, since Azure Striker Gunvolt has all the flavor of those games of yesteryear , full of action and jumps, but peppered with current tastes for dynamism, speed and make everything part of a great choreography. The game mechanics have gained in depth and now the character levels up and acquires new weapons and equipment, takes into account the speed with which we overcome the stage, the damage they do to us and even the way in which we liquidate the adversaries . Overcoming a level in Azure Striker Gunvolt is satisfactory but the game is dotted with elements that make you realize that it is much deeper than surpassing level after level, which is focused on achieving mastery, on overcoming phases in record time, on learning where the enemies are going to come from and in knowing their attack patterns so perfectly that you end up without a single scratch.

Azure Striker Gunvolt also adds modern combat and movement mechanics that give a different and innovative touch to other 2D development games . We have the possibility of sprinting, which can be worth so much to avoid an attack as to travel great distances at full speed. To our firearm we have to add the ability of the Electrosphere, an electric field that surrounds us that can directly harm the enemies that we mark with the main weapon and defend against some attacks. In fact, depending on the type of ammunition we use, we can set more than one target, which is not only essential for massive damage to a single opponent, but in certain puzzles and final enemies it is imperative to do so. Of course, you have to be careful because the Electrosphere drains battery. This recharges itself automatically or voluntarily stopping the action for a few moments, but still you have to know how to manage its use and not abuse it too much, since depleting the reserves leaves us sold for a few valuable seconds.

To all this we must add a series of skills that we acquire when leveling up and that can make the difference between victory or defeat. These powers can consist of regaining life, doing a lot of damage to several adversaries, speeding up the recharging of the battery and, ultimately, making our lives easier. They are a fairly limited resource and we can hardly do three or four of these skills per level (and always depending on what they consume), but soon we will learn to know what are the best times to execute them.

Azure Striker Gunvolt levels mix action elements with simple platforms and puzzles . Sometimes the Electrosphere has uses beyond offensive or defensive. It can be used to attract magnetic platforms or to soar through the air if we are surrounded by magnets. While we have it active, we will fall very slowly, but spending the battery very quickly can leave us exposed to a missile attack by that enemy that awaits us on the other side of the cliff. It is also dangerous to activate it underwater, since we will harm ourselves. There are boxes that we can use to avoid steam jets, jumpers that propel us through the air and scenarios that unfold both vertically and horizontally, full of secrets and enemies. The result is that we not only have to be attentive to kill every living bug, but the environment has its own life.

Azure Striker Gunvolt confers some freedom when it comes to overcoming the scenarios, as in the classic Mega Man titles, but with the proviso that we can repeat them as many times as we want to level up, improve the score and get better materials to make us more quality accessories. There is also the possibility of trying to overcome very specific challenges based on time, score and certain unique elements of each scenario. There are very simple but also a rabid difficulty, only suitable for the most skilled. Will you be able to get S + scores in the scenarios? Overcome them in a time of five stars? Break all the boxes? Finish a level without using the Electrosphere?

Azure Striker Gunvolt is a game of terrible dynamism that fits perfectly with the style of Nintendo 3DS. The scenarios are short and do not last beyond six or seven minutes (if you do not get stuck with any final enemy) and there is plenty of room for the player to feel that they can be overcome. It's fun and very satisfying, especially in the way it combines action, puzzles and skill challenges. It can be enjoyed on many levels and that is always good. If anything, it could be taken into account that the weapons are too focused on a particular challenge and that we will almost always use the initial one and also that it could have been a bit more ambitious in both the use of 3D and the touch screen, but taking into account the rest of the elements and attending to its magnificent price in the eShop (€ 13), it offers more than satisfactory content.

Azure Striker Gunvolt, in addition, brings as a gift Mighty Gunvolt, a version of the game imitating the 8 bits , with three different characters and half a dozen levels (you can buy more by DLC) also entertaining and that serves as a complement to the game principal. It serves, above all, so that the most nostalgic sketch a smile. It is short, you will overcome it in less than an hour, but the pleasure of having it and enjoying it are those details that round the final offer.