Bastion - Analysis

Author: Gina Tost
Date: 2020-03-03 03:44:53
When Bastion came out last year, it was a great discovery. Editors and enthusiasts around the world wrote why the experience of playing it became a time to remember. In the original IGN analysis we gave the label "Editor Choice", but was there anything else? The colors, the varied and surprising combat and the omnipresent narrator made it one of the best games of 2011.

The same care that put Supergiant in its original product, it shows that it has moved to the iPad. The features of the initial version are also found in this one, but with a touch control. The new controls allow us to simply click where we want to go, and press the screen twice to dodge attacks. We also have the option of "classic control" with a virtual joystick and buttons for the most purists.

The new touch controls work perfectly, although they change the essence of the game. The new controls make Bastion an escape game (dodge and drink potions at the right time). In this case, Bastion evolves into a more casual game, but it is a much more relaxed experience to play on an iPad . Players have the console version, or the " touch control ", available to have an experience more at their level.

The quality commitment of this version makes it difficult to accept excuses from developers in the future. The hand-painted backgrounds look amazing on the iPad screen, the music and the voices sound clearly and cleanly (the use of headphones is always recommended), and the options in the controls show how Supergiant has won over players.

Bastion is a manual example of how to make an iPad version. The new controls adapt perfectly without compromising the game, the Game Center achievements have been integrated into the game and are identical to those of XBOX Live and PC . For $ 4.99 it is an essential game for all those who have not played with The Kid . The owners of an iPad should know that it only supports iPad 2 and above, the original iPad is left out.

Bastion on iPad has the same surreal art, the same battles, and the same intelligent dialogue that we found on XBOX360 or PC , with the addition of touch controls. One of the most notable versions for iOS.

Translated by Gina Tost, mobile editor of IGN Spain and coordinator of IGN Spain FM.