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Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham Asylum

  • Publisher
    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • Developer
    Rocksteady Studios
  • Release date
    25 Aug 2009

The widely praised Batman: Arkham Asylum returns in a reconsidered Game of the Year Edition with 4 extra 'Challenge Maps'. These extra maps are wrongdoing back street; Scarecrow Nightmare; Totally Insane and Nocturnal Hunter (both from the Insane Night Map Pack). Utilize the one of a kind FreeFlow ™ battle framework to consistently arrange boundless combos and battle colossal swarms of Joker's devotees in fierce scuffle fights. Distinguish and unravel as Batman, the WORLD'S BEST DETECTIVE Tricky riddles with the assistance of the most recent follow innovation including X-beams, unique mark scanners, 'Amido Black' shower and a pheromone tracker. Face Gotham's most prominent adversaries including Joker, HARLEY QUINN, POISON IVY and KILLER CROC Become the imperceptible Avenger ™ with Batman's dreaded assaults and the one of a kind Viewing framework that permits you to move inconspicuous and pursue foes Choose from a few assault procedures, including tumbling from the air and getting through dividers. Investigate each side of Arkham Asylum and meander the scandalous island without precedent for all its foul reality, realize being BATMAN and use BATARANGS, touchy gel airborne, the Batclaw, the sonar resonator and the line launcher, open more mysteries and achieve concealed errands and build up your hardware by picking up experience focuses, appreciate the opportunity of a superhuman and use Batman's slingshot to climb each unmistakable spot and bounce from any stature and skim as the night progressed

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AGM score 91%
IGN 9.3
GameSpot 9
Metacritic 91
bink video
wasd movement
playstation trophies
vent crawling
final boss
can't kill innocents
side quests
original soundtrack release
playstation plus
steam trading cards
super hero
xbox 360 controller support for pc
action game
over the shoulder
big head mode
comic book
enemy riding
dodge jump
game of the year edition
loading screen advice
benchmark included
enemy reaction
genius-level intellect
persistent character damage
fake game over screen
detective mode
can't swim
playstation now
electrified water
freeform combat
games based on comic books
chattery teeth
party hat
in-game copyright protection
destructible clothing
explosive gel
batman: arkham asylum
batman: arkham asylum game
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About Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham Asylum is released by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in 25 Aug 2009. The game is designed by Rocksteady Studios. Batman: Arkham Asylum is a typical representative of the Adventure genre. Playing Batman: Arkham Asylum is a pleasure. It does not matter whether it is the first or a millionth hour in Adventure, there will always be room for something new and interesting. Thrilling levels and gameplay Batman: Arkham Asylum will not leave anyone indifferent. The complexity of gameplay increases with each new level and does not let any player get bored.

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Batman: Arkham Asylum is versatile and does not stand still, but it is never too late to start playing. The game, like many Adventure games has a full immersion in gaming. AllGame staff continues to play it.

Batman: Arkham Asylum is perfect for playing alone or with friends.

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The story

This section tells the history of the world of Batman: Arkham Asylum

After the Joker assaults Gotham City Hall, he is caught by Batman and taken to Arkham Asylum, which temporarily houses many members of the Joker's gang, who were transferred after a fire at Blackgate Prison. Believing the Joker allowed himself to be captured, Batman accompanies him into the asylum. The Joker's plan is revealed as Harley Quinn takes control of the security and the Joker escapes into the facility, aided by a corrupt guard who kidnaps Commissioner Gordon. The Joker threatens to detonate bombs hidden around Gotham City if anyone tries to enter Arkham, forcing Batman to work alone. Tracking Quinn to the medical facility to rescue Gordon, Batman is exposed to the Scarecrow's fear toxin and hallucinates, seeing Gordon's death and the corpses of his parents talking to him. After fighting off Scarecrow, Batman finds and subdues Quinn before rescuing Gordon. The Joker then directs Batman to the captured Bane, who has been experimented on by asylum doctor Penelope Young. The Joker frees Bane and Batman is forced to fight him, during which Quinn escapes. Afterward, he goes to a secret Batcave installation he had hidden on the island, where Batman restocks his gadgets. There, Batman learns that the Joker returned to the asylum to gain access to Young, who has been developing Titan—a more powerful version of the Venom drug that gives Bane his strength—intending to use it to help patients survive more strenuous therapies. Young learned that the Joker had been funding her research to create an army of superhuman henchmen; her refusal to hand over the formula precipitated Joker's return to the Asylum. While searching for Young, Batman is again attacked by Scarecrow and the fear toxin, and hallucinates the night of his parents' deaths. After he recovers, Batman destroys Young's Titan formula and rescues Young from Victor Zsasz. An explosion kills Young and the Joker obtains the completed batches of Titan. At the Penitentiary, Quinn releases Poison Ivy from her cell before being imprisoned by Batman. Quinn accidentally reveals that Joker has a Titan production facility in the Arkham botanical gardens. Batman travels there and learns that Titan is created by genetically modified plants. He enlists Ivy's help to create an antidote and learns that it can only be made from spores found exclusively in Killer Croc's lair in a sewer. En route to Croc, Batman is again attacked by Scarecrow and overcomes several doses of fear toxin. Meanwhile, Joker injects Ivy with Titan, enhancing her powers. Ivy begins ravaging Arkham Island with giant mutant plants. Pursued by Batman into Croc's lair, Scarecrow is attacked by Croc and dragged underwater. Batman recovers the necessary spores and subdues Croc before returning to the Batcave, but can only synthesize one dose of the antidote before Ivy's plants breach the cave and destroy his equipment. Batman returns to the botanical gardens and defeats Ivy, halting the rampaging plants. The Joker announces that the preparations for his party are finally complete and Batman travels to the asylum's visitor center where the Joker's applauding henchmen welcome him. The Joker reveals he has recaptured Gordon and tries to shoot him with a Titan-filled dart; Batman leaps to Gordon's defense and is shot instead. Batman attempts to resist the change, and an upset Joker takes an overdose of Titan, mutating into a massive monster. In a makeshift arena on the building's roof, the Joker challenges Batman to a fight as Titan-induced monsters in front of news helicopters. Batman refuses to transform, uses the antidote on himself, and defeats the Titan-affected Joker and his henchmen, knocking his nemesis unconscious with an explosive gel-enhanced punch. In the aftermath, those affected by Titan begin to revert to normal, including the Joker—who is restrained and taken into custody as police officers retake the asylum. Batman overhears a call about a crime led by Two-Face in progress and flies back to Gotham City in the Batwing. In a post-credits scene, a crate of Titan formula is shown floating in the ocean near the asylum when a hand surfaces and grabs it.

Batman: Arkham Asylum - Our original test of the Epic free promotion: Still one of the best comic games

Author: Fabian Siegismund
Date: 2019-09-11 20:11:00
The test of the PC version of Batman: Arkham Asylum blew us away: Rocksteady emerges from the darkness and presents the best comic computer game in the known universe.

Comic look

Comic computer games are often decried as simple beating programs, the fun of which depends primarily on how much you like the main actor. In Batman: Arkham Asylum it's different. Even Batman skeptics will have to admit: It starts well, with a playable intro. In the role of the Dark Knight you accompany the Joker through the entrance area of Arkham and thus get a first, eerily beautiful picture of the institution and its inmates.

The contrast between the taciturn giant Batman and his adversary Joker couldn't be more blatant: Batman is as wide as a tree and muscled like He-Man, the Joker looks with his thin, lanky limbs and the too big head with smeared clown make-up like ... well, just like a cartoon character. Batman: Arkham Asylum does not take any reference to the new, pseudo-realistic Batman films with Christian Bale, but is based on the comic model and at least to some extent on the blatantly oversubscribed Batman works by Tim Burton.

This is exactly what a Batman game should look like. The latest unreal engine suits Rocksteady: The already slightly artificial look of the graphics engine fits Arkham Asylum like a fist on the eye.

Combat system

Speaking of Faust: Okay, at its core Arkham Asylum is still a fighting game. The combat system seems quite simple at first. All you have to do is pound an attack button and steer from opponent to opponent, Batman does all the work himself.

The Dark Knight doesn't just box around, but also uses feet, knees and elbows fully automatically. The longer you run a series of attacks without interruption, the more experience points Batman receives for defeated opponents. These points not only unlock new fighting techniques, but are also credited to our hero as health points after the fight. Batman doesn't heal during a fight. Only when the last man in a group of enemies is on the ground does Batman's health bar regenerate.

Over time, the battles get trickier: you have to fend off shimmering blue enemies with a second attack button, the knives armed with knives are after all the toughest standard adversaries. Batman first has to hit his cloak in the face with a third button. Only then do the guys stumble back, dazed, and the Dark Knight can pursue. This is how demanding, chic choreographed mass brawls arise.

Camera work

When it comes to camera work, Rocksteady uses an unusual system. When there is a knock, Batman is in the middle of the screen, as it should be. After the end of the fight, the camera slides closer to our hero and slightly to the right, so that Batman is always in the left half of the screen. This makes for a very cinematic staging. The fluid change between the numerous cut scenes in the game graphics as well as the pre-rendered videos and the actual game works perfectly, at no point are you torn from the dense atmosphere of Batman: Arkham Asylum .

Level design

Arkham consists not only of dreary cell blocks, but of several individual buildings, each of which looks completely different.

A few hundred meters from the Gothic-style mansion with its magnificent chandeliers and bookshelves, for example, there is the Art Nouveau greenhouse, which exudes a completely different atmosphere. It is wonderful how much attention to detail Rocksteady has modeled the entire facility with. You can also see everywhere that there has been a riot here: the greater part of Arkham has been devastated, with destroyed furniture and injured guards lying around everywhere. Owners of modern Geforce graphics cards are also happy about the chic PhysX effects that make loose files swirl around or turn cobwebs into moving objects. Batman fans will also find numerous details from the comics. For example, only one person can sit in the completely frozen cell in the high-security wing: Mr. Freeze.

Batman's weapons

The ice cream man (once played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) does not appear in Batman: Arkham Asylum , but you will meet other super villains of the Batman universe: Killer Croc, Bane or the beautiful Poison Ivy.

These characters stand in your way as boss opponents, who always have to be defeated in different ways. Bane, for example, storms towards Batman like a mad bull and can only be stopped from crushing our hero by a quick batarang in the face. Which brings us to the Dark Knight's special equipment. Batman wouldn't be Batman if he didn't carry a lot of tech gadgets with him. First and foremost, of course, is the batarang, his favorite projectile. With that he can only knock down opponents briefly (or in the case of Banes: unsettle them), then he has to let his fists speak again.

With the experience points you have accumulated, you can unlock new batarangs. The sonic batarang attracts opponents, the multiple batarang knocks down two or even three enemies at the same time, and you can remotely control the dirigible batarang in slow motion. These things are not decisive for the war, but they are fun and add variety to the game.

Equipment and AI

In the course of Batman: Arkham Asylum , Batman receives more and more equipment such as climbing ropes or a hacking device with which he can reach new areas in the asylum or fight Joker's henchmen better.

Because often simple beating is not enough: The inmates gradually arm themselves with rifles, a fist duel would now be suicide. So we have to plan our approach very carefully, much like in the Hitman games. In Arkham's infirmary, for example, several villains are patrolling around a few hostages. We climb a gargoyle high under the ceiling of the hall with Batman's throwing rope to get an overview. With the help of our »detective view« we can spot all enemies in the immediate vicinity, even through walls. Some of these walls are fragile. Here we apply Batman's explosive gel, which tears down the wall at the push of a button and sends all enemies in the area of effect to the land of dreams (Batman does not kill!). When two of the rascals are standing right next to the prepared wall, we press the shutter release - rumble! Two men on the ground. While the joker barks instructions over the loudspeaker system, the other rascals see what is going on.

The AI is very convincing: If someone finds one of Batman's victims, he calls his comrades over. They then stand around the unconscious colleague, still trying to nurse him back up, and then go back in search of Batman. That seems very coherent, but the skills of the Joker assistants are limited to precisely this work routine. Don't expect big chases, and as soon as Batman jumps from gargoyle to gargoyle two or three times, the rascals lose sight of him again.

Bat panic

When the situation has calmed down a bit (the detective mode even shows the heartbeat of the characters and thus their nervousness), we button the next opponent out of the shadows: Our Batclaw, a gripping claw on a rope, digs into it the crook's jacket, we unceremoniously pull him over a railing into the (non-fatal) depth. The last remaining Joker fellow breaks out in a panic, yells around, shoots here and there at moving objects in the game world, for example hissing steam valves, and finally crouches right under our gargoyles. With an upgrade, we bought the ability to catch enemies below us and silently pull them on a rope towards us into the darkness. That's exactly what we're doing now. The infirmary is pacified, the hostages are safe, and we had fun with Batman: Arkham Asylum . Perfect!


The operation of Batman: Arkham Asylum is not that perfect. We can only assign the keys outside of the game. Quick changes are not possible this way.

The mouse speed cannot be adjusted at all in the game and does not depend on the Windows settings. To make matters worse, the mouse is very responsive. According to the publisher Eidos, this should be improved by a patch. Our wish to the developers: If you take the opportunity, please add free storage. Arkham Asylum has so many great scenes that we'd love to see again, but no: once over, always over. Otherwise we could hardly find any technical flaws in the game. Gamepad lovers won't find much to complain about. If you don't want to go to the Arkham Asylum after all, you have to be pretty crazy.

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Batman: Arkham Asylum - scene 1
Batman: Arkham Asylum - scene 2
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Batman: Arkham Asylum - scene 4
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