Batman: Arkham Knight - Análisis

Author: David Soriano
Date: 2020-03-03 00:02:08
Batman Arkham Knight is the beginning and the end. The beginning of the saga carried out by Rocksteady in the new generation of consoles and in turn, the last service to the cause to close this trilogy that has brought the Dark Knight to the world of video games with excellent results, and has returned us the faith in a theme such as superheroes that seemed helpless with games released to the market only to exploit the license on duty. The Batman Arkham series not only consists of very good superhero games, but is placed at the level of better games in general of the last generation, and with Arkham Knight exactly the same happens in what we carry next-gen. Identity remains intact and any fan of this saga should already know. Wide possibilities of exploration in an open world (sandbox), a fluid combat system and a series of puzzles to solve with the help of the different gadgets that Batman carries. After the increase in possibilities brought by taking the action to the city in Arkham City, what we will have in this closure of the Rocksteady trilogy will be an enhancement of all the mechanics and a more varied, entertaining content that contributes more to the global experience .

I admit to being the first who had some distrust at the plot level because of the fact that Paul Dini no longer participated in the process of creating the title script. Even more so when Rocksteady decided to act for free and create his own team of writers supervised by Sefton Hill, the title director. We were also concerned that he chose to create a new character , precisely this Arkham Knight who titled the video game, which had never appeared in the comics or other formats of exploitation of DC licenses.

On this occasion, the study has chosen to influence some of the defining elements of Batman's personality as Gotham Watcher. In the first place, it deals with a subject as well-known in other formats as the reciprocal relationship of need of the Joker-Batman and vice versa. Every hero needs his villain, and every villain a hero to have fun with, as is seen in the personality of the Criminal Clown.

In addition, he will once again address the psychological consequences of the deaths of Bruce Wayne's parents. The traumas that he generated in him, the fear of losing his loved ones and, above all, Batman's inability to kill with a firearm precisely because his parents died because of some shots in the Crime Alley when he left a theatrical representation. This will be the delivery that goes deeper into the psyche of Bruce Wayne and shows us the most vulnerable character than ever on an emotional level .

Being a direct sequel to Batman Arkham City, this Arkham Knight elapses nine months after the traumatic events that occurred at the end of the previous game at the plot level, not chronological in terms of release (Arkham Origins was the prologue of the entire series). With the biggest villain in the Arkham series off the stage, a war of power was expected among the other 'bad guys' in Gotham. However, in that period of apparent truce, what was really brewing was the return of the Scarecrow , a character not too exploited in Asylum and with a testimonial presence in City, which this time takes the role of the main enemy of history.

The evil personality of Dr. Jonathan Crane has managed to enhance the effect of his fear toxin and the plot will begin when we attend a first test as an experiment of the effects of it. The population goes crazy, and its degree of aggressiveness increases to unsuspected limits due to the hallucinations it causes in the minds of the population. The incident arrives at the hands of public opinion through a warning that there will be an even greater explosion and a much higher concentration, so it is decided to evacuate the population, leaving a Gotham again full of cane ... and Batman to show them who's boss. Luckily, Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox have also been working to improve the night hero's team.

The events will take place again in a single night , in this case the Halloween one . The map we have in Arkham Knight is the largest to date, being about five times larger than that of Arkham City, so it will be full of activities of different kinds to perform, although in a while we will detail them.

With this increase in the gross size of the map at our disposal, new transport routes have been improved and added. First, the layer has been improved so that planning is much more effective than ever. Batman's flight stability is much greater and it will not be necessary to continually plummet to rise again and maintain altitude. The possibility of using the hook in flight has also been improved. Now, when we use it and make use of the fast anchor we can select the direction in which we want to get fired, with the possibility of even turning 180 degrees .