Batman: Arkham Knight - Batgirl: Family Matter - Review

Author: Alessandro "Zampa" Zampini
Date: 2020-03-03 00:02:15
After having his good deal with the Scarecrow and the Knight of Arkham, Batman takes a nice break for the first Arkham Knight DLC, available for a couple of days on PS4 and Xbox One (the PC version has been delayed) , leaving the field to Batgirl and Robin, destined, among other things, always (and only) to shoulder.

If you hang out with the universe created by Bob Kane even outside his cinematic transpositions or have played Arkham Knight (and you have solved the riddle of the riddler in the clock tower), you already know that the story related to Batgirl is not of the happiest: before being known as Oracle and being forced into a wheelchair, in fact, it was Barbara Gordon who took on the role of the heroine, who thanks to this jump back in time (Batgirl: Family question is in fact set before Arkham Asylum) we can go back to admire in its full form.

In fact, in fact Batgirl is nothing more than a "lite" version of Batman, with more or less the same park moves (although several animations are new and exclusive), part of the shared gadget belt (batarang, explosive gel and grappling hook are in fact identical) and above all greater hacking skills, which is reflected in a determined way on the way in which it approaches the predatory challenges.

Batgirl's goal in this first DLC is to snatch from the clutches of the Joker and Harley Quinn (for the occasion dressed in the uniform of the animated series) dad Jim Gordon, held captive inside an abandoned amusement park that is structured like a tiny Gotham City. The various objectives (which provide for the release of the hostages) can in fact be tackled in any order, just as it is possible to come across groups of ugly faces or wander in search of small and collectible secrets (there are three types: balloons, dentures and surprise boxes). Just like in Arkham Knight, as in the other three games of the series, to free the hostages you have to face sections from night predator or simple fights, even if each of these has some element of novelty represented for example by some bombs to defuse (in a limited time) or poor kidnapped policemen to be released by carrying out specific actions.

I played Batgirl: Family Matter on PS4, downloading the content thanks to the Season Pass sent to us by Warner Bros. To finish it one hundred percent, then collecting all the collectibles and unlocking the eight trophies / achievements it will not take more than a couple of hours.