Indiegram - Review

Author: Lorenzo Baldo
Date: 2020-07-30 21:56:54
Realities such as Kickstarter and Greenlight, windows with different purposes but a common root, are the demonstration, in case someone still harbored doubts in this regard, of the importance achieved and consolidated by the indie scene, the world of "poor but beautiful" titles. For our part, snubbing these games, proposing a distorted vision, composed exclusively of AAA productions, would be a short-sighted and unforgivable attitude. We therefore take this opportunity to inaugurate this new section, Indiegram, a container for these proposals. An interactive space, open to your suggestions: for notes, reports and more, take a seat in the comments area and leave a welcome contribution. No more talk and let's move on.

10 Second Ninja

It is easy to say ninja: not even the time to complete those few syllables that the shadow warrior has already given himself to the bush, disappearing in a choreographic cloud of smoke. And woe to laugh at them, never mock them just because they wear tights, after all the dress does not make the monk, otherwise it would be a tunic. A hero, however elusive, cannot take care of the prejudices of others, no, it is a luxury he cannot afford, above all when the fate of the world is hanging by a thread. The brave is the only one, the paladin who can put a brake on the army of Robot Hitler, the dictator risen from the underworld, rebuilt to the sound of bolts. A round, ruddy and whimsical heap of scrap metal, with mustaches moreover hairpieces.

10 Second Ninja, from the premise to say the least insane, is an action game with static screens and a frenzied rhythm. Everything takes place in the blink of an eye: Sasuke's small emule, agile and lightning-fast, must try to get the better of it, eliminating, no matter if with a well-aimed blow of katana or a shuriken, any droid has the audacity to hinder him . In a perennial challenge to the time trial, where not even a moment of hesitation is allowed, we walk the path to perfection, driven by the obligation, and also by the desire, to overcome our limits. Thus, without this having a weight, we find ourselves going back over the same levels several times, in an attempt to file even a mere hundredth of a second. Intuition enhances the playful structure and gives it depth, thus allowing you to turn a blind eye to the technical aspect, which is all too generic and modest. At present, a bug makes it difficult, if not impossible, to use the joypad, the device of choice for this title. The defect will be remedied sooner or later, but before making the purchase, inquire about it. Or, if waiting is not a problem for you, take the ball and buy the game: this week is on sale.

Platform : PC
Price : € 7.99
Genre : Action
Rating : 7.5


In its troubled development to say the least, Chronology has risked never seeing the light, marred by problems of an economic nature. In the end, in spite of the forecasts, everything worked out for the best: the title signed Osao Games, thanks to the support shown via Greenlight, got stuck in the Steam catalog and can look to the future with renewed enthusiasm. Yet, in this independent platform, you notice some slag from the recent past, you have the impression that the past has left its mark. And this ballast does not allow the game to take off.

Chronology, with its puzzles related to the manipulation of time, is clearly inspired by Braid, the masterpiece of Jonathan Blow, and pays tribute to it. In the company of a mechanical snail, the white-haired protagonist can pass from the present to the future, thus trying to overcome the impervious difficulties of a world that is hostile today and decaying tomorrow. The puzzles, initially of little importance, gradually acquire a certain complexity and rarely, if not in a couple of occasions, prove frustrating. While not excelling in any field, not even in the field of art, the game defends itself, but has several tired phases, evident and undeniable drops in rhythm. Everything runs out in a couple of hours and the desire to resume the adventure from the beginning is hardly manifested. Because of these limitations, Chronology stops at school enough and cannot aspire to more flattering assessments. The hope is that Osao Games can treasure this experience, to avoid running into the same mistakes in the future.

Platform : PC
Price : € 9.99
Genre : Platforms / Puzzles
Rating : 6

Full Bore

“I see very bristly, hairy, wild pigs. Cinghialo ”: the trash quote is not only a must, but falls well, because to paint a large wall, it takes one of enormous dimensions. Indeed, it is not like that at all: and do not contradict the policeman, be conciliatory, otherwise even the fine will escape us. Full Bore, born thanks to Kickstarter's living room patronage, finally keeps its promises and confirms all the excellent impressions raised during the preview. But let's do some order.

It is a modern reworking of Boulder Dash, a title known in the boot with the nomen omen of Caduta Massi. In this brain-stimulating puzzle, the little protagonist, a shaggy pig with long fangs, ventures into the friable subsoil, searching for precious diamonds. With so much will and the ingenuity of the deus ex machina, invisible hand that guides him on the joypad, he will have to make his way into the depths, to discover mysteries and technological fetishes, abandoned by a perhaps superior civilization. From the beginning, Full Bore offers all the tools to solve the puzzles, proving to be fair and correct. The brilliant, that apparently unattainable treasure, in the end is not such, you just have to rack your brains and squeeze your minds. A design choice, the classic egg of Columbus, prevents frustration from appearing: often, in that complex sequence of actions that leads to the treasure, it happens to put a foot in the wrong. With a special command, you can bring the tape, frame after frame, up to the error, to remedy it.

Full Bore conquers from the first glance and the boar almost seems to want to establish, with its unequivocal facial expressions, a dialogue with the user. Tuning in to the frequencies of this puzzle is an excellent choice, not only for fans of this genre: there are many goodies, small touches of class that can make the difference, starting from the blues soundtrack, perfect in commenting on the tiring newspaper of the funny protagonist. Accurate on a conceptual level and valuable from a technical point of view, this game convinced me and I can only recommend it.

Platform : PC
Price : € 13.99
Genre : Puzzle
Rating : 8

Jet Car Stunts

Revised and corrected version of the homonymous title, previously published on mobile devices, Jet Car Stunts is a purely arcade driving game, which draws inspiration from Trackmania, one of the most appreciated exponents of the genre. Cars out of the ordinary, equipped with a propeller rocket embedded in the rear wing, try to reach the goal of crazy, complex and intricate tracks, perpetually suspended in the void. In an atmosphere straddling the surrealist and the minimalist, with gaudy cubes floating in the clouds, you run along the tracks on board the cars, trying to stop the stopwatch from running as soon as possible. The thrust of the reactor is the key element and allows, near a ramp, to literally take flight, thus challenging the laws of physics. The game dynamics, captivating and immediate, make the title accessible from the first moments, but not for this they diminish it.

BattleBlock Theater

Imagine a delusional, dangerous (but only for competitors) and sadistic version of Games without frontiers, created for the sole purpose of amusing a tribe of anthropomorphic, intelligent felines, a couple of meters tall and perpetually bored by the wear and tear of modern life. Raise the counterparts of Olivieri and Pancaldi for the coppino and, with a loud tread in the butt, send them back to the door, which here, in BattleBlock Theater, there is no need for referees or regulations. Finally, so that the cannon flesh does not end prematurely, throw a series of funny characters into the fray, the victims of the fun of others, with different shapes and shapes. Dwarfs with a star-shaped head, macrocephalic with a cuneiform skull, ruddy whining: there is no distinction and no selection at the entrance, the specimens are banned. And try, if you can, hold back the laughter.