Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass in the DLC test in the test - How are the French doing?

Author: Johannes Rohe
Date: 2017-03-13 10:01:00
They Shall Not Pass not only brings the French, but also finally new maps, units and game modes for Battlefield 1. We have tested the paid DLC and analyze for whom it is worthwhile.

They Shall Not Pass - What's in it?

But first we will address the question of what you get for your money. They Shall Not Pass will be available for players without a Season Pass from March 28th and costs around 15 euros. The core of the DLC are the four new maps Soissons, Verdun Heights, Fort de Vaux and Rupture , on which we go into battle with the French army for the first time.

The French bring six weapons of their own, which, as usual, are available to all warring parties as soon as we have unlocked them by completing achievements. The St. Chamond tank, on the other hand, is the fifth tank class in our garage.

The new maps also feature the Trench Raider, an additional elite fighter who specializes in close combat, as well as a new and spectacular Behemoth . We steer the huge Char 2C tank freely across the map, but the beast is darn clumsy and gets stuck quickly. In the right hands, however, the 2C is a powerful tool whose cannon cracks enemy tanks with just a few shots. So we were able to overturn a conquest game that we thought had been lost at the event. However, the tank is defenseless against aircraft, so we do not believe that it will turn out to be overpowering.

And finally, They Shall Not Pass have Operations Beyond the Marne and Devil's Anvil , each of which includes two of the new maps, and the Frontlines game mode, a mixture of Rush and Conquest. We think the pure amount of content is appropriate for the price of 15 euros, but the DLC is certainly not a bargain.

Off into the funnel

Soissons is again a real revelation for tank commanders. In the operations variant of the map, six tanks are used on the French side alone, which can use the open terrain to their advantage. Rupture stands out especially visually: on the battlefield we find rusted tank wrecks and fortifications overgrown with bright red poppies that date back to a battle that took place a year ago.

The two operations are particularly exciting due to the peculiarities of the new maps. In Devil's Anvil we fight first on Verdun Heights and then on Fort de Vaux. From a gameplay point of view, the battle runs like a gigantic funnel : First, the attackers still have a lot of freedom to fall into the flank of the French defenders, but the further they advance, the narrower the contested area becomes.

In Operation Beyond the Marne, the French initially enjoyed an immense advantage in military equipment, but over time they encounter increasingly well-equipped defenders.

A constant back and forth

The Frontlines mode, on the other hand, relies on a balanced balance of power. Here both teams have to drive the enemy back into their own base by taking three checkpoints. Once this is done, the game changes seamlessly into a kind of rush mode: the attackers have to blow up two telegraph poles, but only 40 respawn tickets are available to them. If the attack fails, control points will be fought again and so on.

The interesting gameplay can make for exciting, surging battles when both sides are about equally strong. However, the battle can just as easily end in a stalemate or with the superior team marching through, as was often the case in our test. Whether Frontlines will establish itself permanently is difficult to predict based on our limited gaming experience and will only show in the long term. DLC buyers should definitely play in.

And that brings us to the all-important question: should you buy They Shall Not Pass? The DLC is not aimed at a certain type of player - both vehicle fans and infantry purists can have a lot of fun here and Battlefield fans will certainly not regret the purchase. However, in order to get our unconditional recommendation, the DLC is missing a special feature, an element that was not present in Battlefield 1 before. The France add-on is undoubtedly a great expansion and offers the new content that many players want, but the DLC is not a must have.