Bayonetta - Analysis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-03-03 01:46:03
At this point there will be few players who do not know Bayonetta, the witch who has been falling in love for 8 years thanks to Hideki Kamiya and her Platinum Games team. Love is so intense that the first installment of this series is playable in almost all existing desktop systems, except PS4, so it is quite likely that you have already played your adventure. Now it's the turn of Nintendo Switch, with an almost direct conversion of the Nintendo Wii U version, making Bayonetta more portable than ever, but forgetting to add news along the way.

That is, what we will find is the initial game, with a very similar visual section (that is, quite simple if we compare it, for example, with Bayonetta 2), and that works like a charm on a small screen , but in Large screen shows its seams, with washed textures and characters with a good level of detail, but improvable. In addition, the jump between portable and dock mode is non-existent, maintaining 720p and the rate of images per second between 30 and 60, although they tend more to the latter than at 30FPS. If we have a UHD screen it is true that the low resolution will sing more, with obvious saw edges, making the conversion work to the Nintendo hybrid console a bit worse, especially after having played the PC version, capable of reaching at 4K resolution. That is, we have the feeling that something else could have been done with the visual theme of Bayonetta .

The sound bill has not been touched, so it remains excellent. Nor has the content offer varied with respect to Wii U, that is, that we find the original adventure, but with the costumes of Daisy, Peach, Link and Samus (each one has some small touch of its own, like the fact that with Link's suit will change the rings for rupees, among other small changes). It also returns the touch mode for the screen, which allows us to play Bayonetta from start to finish without having to press a single button along the way. Nothing new, but at least we do not miss anything present in previous versions of the game. In the same way, the HD vibration of the controls is also used, its use being evident, but neither does it end up being definitive, nor notable.

In short, Bayonetta returns for its privileges, with an adventure that offers nothing new if you've already played it before , beyond being portable. If you have it in any of the previous platforms, you may not need to have it, despite being a great 'me against the neighborhood', with an extraordinary playable development, a rather high difficulty and a unique aesthetic. It can be purchased jointly with Bayonetta 2, or separately through the digital eShop of Nintendo Switch (which is why we have published this independent analysis). Its price varies depending on the chosen pack, but the truth is that it is presented as an interesting offer.

Leaving aside the lack of novelties of this version, the paste could be added a somewhat confusing narrative, and a correct Castilian translation, but too free with respect to the dialogues we hear. If this is not a tare for you, this is a game of those that you have to play, with more than 12 hours of fun, lots of replayability (for scores, hidden secrets and much more) and a sense of humor and eroticism of the most particular This last aspect may not be liked by all users, but it does make Platinum Games' work even more personal, despite the inexorable passage of time. Bayonetta remains unique and unrepeatable.