BioShock Infinite - Analysis

Author: Juanma Castillo
Date: 2020-03-02 21:14:41
Look that it was clear that many of us had the fly behind the ear with Bioshock Infinite, the new FPS action game from Irrational Games, parents of the great original Bioshock. In addition, the world has been and is very aware that it was the litmus test of Ken Levine's team to prove that they were not one day flower, that Bioshock had not been a stroke of luck and that they were geniuses of this We like video games so much.

Bioshock Infinite finally arrives at our paws, although many have already seen progress published in IGN Spain with the first five minutes of the game, for example, and many information that have been coming to the editorial during the last months, although the game, He has been talking since 2010. A long time? Without a doubt: Ken Levine already explained at the time that the development of this Bioshock Infinite had suffered a thousand problems, changes of approach, even at a deep level in its playable concept, etc ...

All this, if we pull the newspaper archive, it could presage a resounding disaster, but it is not so. Bioshock Infinite is a special title, very special: To begin with, it is again a true Bioshock , with the successes and virtues that dazzled us in 2007 and, thank God, at least for the one who subscribes, without the mistakes of a second part That should never have been launched.

Bioshock Infinite is, as I tell you, a very special experience because it bases its pillars on a story, a narrative development, which is of absolute five stars: The story of the search for the private detective, Booker DeWitt , initially raised as a work with the that paying off a debt with unwanted creditors will catch you in a way that you have not felt for a long time. And that this year there are good titles that delve into that aspect as Tomb Raider , for example.

But Bioshock Infinite is also different thanks to a terribly well bashed script, which is developed during the achievement of phases of what is, nothing more and nothing less, than a well-built FPS and based on Unreal Engine , so users of PC probably will not be too surprised by its technical finish, but yes, that's for sure, with a fabulous artistic direction.

But let's leave the technical aspect for later and let's focus on the construction of a game that returns to the table a series of iconic elements, at the height of the Big Daddy and the Little Sisters , especially in a pursuit of terribly charismatic characters, thanks to some careful dialogues and, as I mentioned above, an argument and a script that will keep you hooked and surprised in its multiple turns, unexpected situations and, of course, a final apotheosis, this time unitary, which will leave you, at least He has done it to me, totally silent. And then you will be willing to comment with friends.

For starters, the city of Columbia is, again, a living entity, at the height of Rapture (our IGN USA teammates compare it with the big ones in the sector like City 16 of Half-Life 2 and I agree) that it will catch you , both for its improbable character and for its careful realism and, above all, for the genius of the combination of both. Columbia is also a utopia as Rapture was: the megalomaniac project of its founding father, Comstock , now turned into divine messiahs and revered by his fellow citizens at a much higher level than seen in the first installment of Bioshock . This Bioshock Infinite , through Columbia , its foundation, its history told in visors for non-existent tourists throughout the city and that you must see yes or yes, puts on the table a series of much more transcendental issues such as racism, the class struggle, social utopia, leadership ... There is a lot of chicha behind a story that, without fear of doing any spoiler, has meeting points with, for example, the film Origen .

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