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Boom Blox Bash Party

Boom Blox Bash Party

  • Publisher
    Electronic Arts
  • Developer
    Amblin Entertainment
  • Release date
    19 May 2009

Like the original BOOM BLOX game Bash Party is based around fast-paced gameplay that utilizes players' reflexes, dexterity, and problem-solving skills. During the action players use the Wii Remote to direct objects and forces toward structures made of blocks in order to knock them over. There is also Jenga like gameplay during which players pull blocks, with the goal of toppling as many of them as possible, but without bringing down the whole structure. In doing this players have to deal with the different types of blocks in play. Some of these include: gem blocks, blocks with point values attached, explosive blocks that detonate on contact, vanishing blocks that disappear when struck, wood blocks, and steel blocks. In addition, as the game progresses strategies may change, meaning that players must be flexible in order to succeed.

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AGM score 85%
IGN 8.5
GameSpot 8.5
Metacritic 86
dead multiplayer
polygonal 3d
xtreme naming
block puzzle
item throw
pushable block
physics manipulation
user generated content
bowling ball
havok physics
creator's name on the box
nintendo wi-fi connection
onomatopoeia in title
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About Boom Blox Bash Party

Boom Blox Bash Party is released by Electronic Arts in 19 May 2009. The game is designed by Amblin Entertainment. Boom Blox Bash Party is a typical representative of the Puzzle genre. Playing Boom Blox Bash Party is a pleasure. It does not matter whether it is the first or a millionth hour in Puzzle, there will always be room for something new and interesting. Thrilling levels and gameplay Boom Blox Bash Party will not leave anyone indifferent. The complexity of gameplay increases with each new level and does not let any player get bored.

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Boom Blox Bash Party is versatile and does not stand still, but it is never too late to start playing. The game, like many Puzzle games has a full immersion in gaming. AllGame staff continues to play it.

Boom Blox Bash Party is perfect for playing alone or with friends.

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Screenshots will help you evaluate the graphics and gameplay of Boom Blox Bash Party.

Boom Blox Bash Party - scene 1
Boom Blox Bash Party - scene 2
Boom Blox Bash Party - scene 3
Boom Blox Bash Party - scene 4
Boom Blox Bash Party - scene 5
Boom Blox Bash Party - scene 6
Boom Blox Bash Party - scene 7
Boom Blox Bash Party - scene 8
Boom Blox Bash Party - scene 9
Boom Blox Bash Party - scene 10


If screenshots are not enough, you can enjoy creative videos from Electronic Arts

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