Borderlands 2 - Analysis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-07-30 19:50:25
Note: This review focuses on the differences of Borderlands 2 in its version for PS Vita regarding the characteristics of the versions of PS3, 360 and PC. For a detailed look at what the Gearbox title has to offer, head over to our review.

Playing Borderlands 2 on PS Vita there is no way not to feel a little bad for the folks at Iron Galaxy . In many ways, porting this excellent 2012 release for PS3, 360 and PC to Sony's small laptop might be considered a mistake, but they have done as well as might be expected. If you think that the previous sentence could be interpreted as a compliment, it is because it is. The version of the Gearbox title coming to Vita is chock-full of octenidos, including the two downloadable characters and larger expansions. However, this means little considering the deep technical problems that this game brings, and that condition the gameplay of the experience.

Few games have had a longer life cycle than Borderlands 2 - thanks to the huge amount of downloadable content it has received. Having all those DLCs in a Vita game is one more than remarkable feature. Unfortunately cuts had to be made for this to happen - the sound has been compressed, many textures and effects have been simplified, etc. -. Even despite the excellent display on PS Vita, Borderlands 2 lacks the color and freshness of the desktop console versions and, more importantly, other PlayStation Vita titles . The Cross-Save functionality is a blessing, as is the possibility of playing online, despite the fact that the number of players has been reduced from four to two, in one more example of the cuts that have had to be made to make this possible. Borderlands 2 portable.

These tweaks are the least of our concerns with this port. Borderlands 2 has never started from its visual splendor, but from the fluidity of its action and the ease when it comes to placing our bullets between eyebrows of all kinds of monsters and bandits. Being thin, Borderlands 2 in Vita is played as if our Chamber Hunter was struggling to survive underwater with ankle weights attached. Without being as politically correct, it is almost as unplayable as a slide show . Even during the few moments in which a constant image rate is maintained, it is always below 30 per second, with random jerks that make us think that we have gone back in time to play an MMO with an old-fashioned modem . The 'hardware limitations' excuse does not apply here. Killzone: Mercenary and Uncharted: Golden Abyss have managed to show excellent performance and stunning graphics, making it more obvious that Borderlands 2 falls below the minimum required for Vita.

The coup de grace is the unsuccessful controls scheme that has been implemented, as uncomfortable and annoying in the hand as the frame rate is for the eyes. On consoles and PC, Borderlands 2 uses all available buttons, so it stands to reason that making it work well on Vita will require some sacrifice. However, placing running as important as running or melee attack on the rear touchpad wasn't exactly the best option. In addition to being a difficult to access console area, it does not work correctly half the time. Of course, controls can be redefined, but no matter how you try, two functions will always work regularly.

The sum of all these defects is simply excessive, weighing down each battle and making us feel uncomfortable. Knowing how cool these same encounters can be when I'm not playing this version of Borderlands 2 makes Iron Galaxy 's work even more frustrating.