Review of Borderlands 2 - this is how sequels should be done!

Author: Krystian Smoszna
Date: 2012-09-18 04:49:00
The review was based on the PC version.

It is not often that a product representing a new brand achieves such spectacular commercial success as that of Borderlands . With almost five million copies sold of the game by Gearbox Software, this difficult art undoubtedly succeeded, and the result obtained allowed the Americans to seriously think about creating a full-fledged sequel. Today, nearly three years after the premiere of the original, the continuation expected by many officially debuts on the market. And at the outset I will reveal that this is a continuation by all means successful , and the main merit of this is the numerous improvements that the developer decided to make in the formula he developed.

These improvements can be seen on many levels, but the most striking example is the story. In the original, the story was only a background for the events on the screen, which was largely due to the way it was presented - the narrative practically did not exist, and after a few hours like unfettered slaughter we basically forgot why we had to think about it in advance. In the "two" this problem has been completely eliminated. Tasks from the bulletin board have gone practically underground, most of the missions we get from independent heroes, who always devote a moment to introducing the necessary details , thereby saving us from reading dry text.

The creators also made better use of the principals themselves. The most important people of the drama accompany us throughout the entire game, so we do not have the impression of constantly jumping from flower to flower, as in "only", where the quests were drumming from the type just met and flew to the next location. The intrigue itself has finally gained in quality. The main plot is really interesting, the script sticks together and maintains continuity, from beginning to end. There are even twists here! They may not impress as much as in other titles, but compared to the totally mutilated prototype in this respect, the difference is huge. "Two" tells more about the adventures of Brick, Lilith, Roland and Mordecai than its predecessor, and that alone should give food for thought what the gap separates the two games in this respect.

Tasks have also been worked hard. The authors clearly limited the quests of finding items that for unknown reasons were scattered in various strange places (all kinds of audiologies or pieces of poppers), instead the creators varied standard tasks for Borderlands , i.e. assassinations and courier missions. Additional optional guidelines have appeared on the list of conditions to be met, which will result in more experience points. In addition, time restrictions were introduced, sometimes forcing them to act in a hurry, and the option of choosing a prize was added. Not only that, it happens that the task can be checked off by one of two different people. In such cases, we never know what we will get for our efforts.

Most, however, enjoys what the creators did in the construction of the mission, but in their content. Quests are not only interesting, but above all fun, and sometimes totally crazy. The scriptwriters played with the convention, showing a great sense of humor. Here, nothing can be taken seriously, as you will see for yourself, looking for inspiration for the Scooter love letter or determining which member of the treasure hunter group has stolen the money they found. There are some deadly serious and reflection-provoking scenes in the game, especially in some of the missions of the main storyline, but the side quests are already riding on the whole, where absurd often chases absurdity. You will remember these words after meeting Face McShooty.

The creators of Borderlands 2 did an amazing job on the site designs. The barren wastelands known for "ones" are no longer the only attraction of Pandora. We start our visit to the planet with a stay in an icy land, and later, among others, green areas with picturesquely located waterfalls, the futuristic city of Handsome Jack, as well as areas devastated by Eridium. Five years after our last visit, the world has clearly become blush. Interestingly, a greater variety of colors and the introduction of more eye-catching territories did not negatively affect the post-apocalyptic climate. Bloodthirsty bandits, vehicles straight from Mad Max and built from just about anything settlements still remind us that we are far from paradise.

Gearbox has made many improvements in mechanics, seemingly small, but in fact quite significant. Part of the innovation is to improve the comfort of play. Such attractions include the long-awaited second type of car, which allows four people to get into it at the same time, and automatic lifting of ammunition and money located a short distance from the character, also in a situation when we drive a car. However, more significant changes occurred in the hero's development. The authors stopped rewarding with experience of the challenge (as a result, gaining new levels is a bit slower), and in return they introduced a system called Badass Rank, which allows to constantly increase some of the coefficients. Points in this system are earned just for facing challenges - the more difficult they are, the greater the profits. At the beginning bonuses received this way do not look too impressive, but in the later phase of the struggle gain value. Another thing is that everyone, even the smallest percentage addition to the maximum level of health or damage dealt in Borderlands 2 greets with open arms.

The visual setting in relation to the original has not undergone a thorough transformation - we are still dealing with a typical comic line. The artists worked harder on the backgrounds, thanks to which the locations look much more effective. From a slightly different angle, the Sanctuary, which is a starting point for players and the only safe place on Pandora, has been refined. Finally, feel that the metropolis is alive - pedestrians stroll the streets, each of them has something to say, and independent heroes do not stand like stakes, showing no signs of life. The dispassionate emptiness in the "only" strongly affected and hindered an in-depth entry into this fantastic world - here the problem disappeared completely .

The music made a great impression on me , the band with the stars in the composition (Jesper Kyd, Cris Velasco, Sascha Dikiciyan) performed much more than in the original - the songs are more lively, which fits better with the constant slaughter, and for the song strongly reminiscent of Trent's achievements Reznora from Nine Inch Nails deserves a round of applause. The rest of the audio setting was also impeccable. You can feel the power of perfectly sounded weapons in your speakers with every shot, and well-chosen actors have a positive impact on the reception of spoken issues. Another thing is that the dialogues are well written, another plus for writers.