Borderlands 3: Guns, Love and Tentacles: Wainwright and Hammerlock's Wedding - Review

Author: Xavi Mogrovejo
Date: 2020-07-30 17:42:21
After Moxxi's hit on Jackpot the Handsome, comes the second Borderlads 3 DLC: Love, Weapons, and Tentacles. With a story that will take us to the planet Xylourgos to attend the wedding of Sir Alistar Hammerlock and Wainwright Jakobs. It looks pretty, right? But nothing is in Borderlands 3. The looter-shooter is based on Murphy's classic law: "If something can go wrong, it will go wrong." Although luckily we are, as camera finders, to try to put some order in so much chaos.

In order to access this DLC it will not be necessary to reach a specific level if we have just started Borderlands 3, since we will have the option, once we install the DLC on our console or on PC (remember that it is now also available on Steam after finishing the temporary exclusive to Epic Games Store) we can jump directly to create a new game in Weapons, love and tentacles. Which will speed things up a lot if we want to get to the point and be able to enjoy this space adventure with touches of cosmic terror in the Lovecraft style starring a sect that seems to have supernatural powers for its connections with the planet, and other beliefs.

Once again, we will get into the skin of our camera finder ( the level has been increased to 57 to avoid feeling that all that experience with the new missions falls on deaf ears), we will equip ourselves with the best of our weapons and equipment and we will We will dedicate ourselves to what we know best: killing bugs and monsters left and right. And it comes as a glove, for this DLC, the fact of remarking that our enemies will be bugs and monsters, since unlike the previous one, the already named Moxxi Blow to Jackpot the Handsome, here we will have to kill creepy creatures that can even get to get goosebumps . In fact, we would even recommend taking a look at Lovecraft's work first to see the references that have been incorporated here about his creatures.

The greatest success of this second Borderlands 3 DLC has been to rescue the essence of one of the writings of the most important horror novel in history: HP Lovecraft. From the moment we land at Xylourgos, its influence can be felt in every little detail . From the cold atmosphere that surrounds the different levels through which we pass, to the aspect of the creatures that attack us incessantly for a single second. We even have, in the background - and without going into any kind of spoilers - a monster with giant tentacles that serves as the basis to feed the story. Making clear reference to the mythical Cthulhu.

The different areas that make up the story make up a horror story that could work as an independent novel. The best of Arms, love and tentacles is the variety of scenarios that it presents within the same theme. Moxxi's Strike at Jackpot the Handsome could be made somewhat monotonous and quite repetitive when it comes to level and map layouts. However, in this second DLC it seems that Borderlands 3 has taken a completely opposite direction and created unique areas that we would love to get lost in, more along the lines of the base game. The main stage, which works as a link, is a cursed town full of cursed inhabitants who in turn live with a series of cursed monsters. Cool isn't it? From that town we can go to a dark and terrifying cabin right next to a lake. To a cemetery full of graves that, logically, give a bad vibe that is not normal. To a library where it seems that the ghost of the first Ghostbusters lives, and many others that we are not going to crumble too much so as not to tell the whole experience.

Despite the fact that Borderlands 3 is fully aware that its field is not terror and that its players do not come here to fear, but to burst every monster they see, it is fair to note that the artistic work that has been done to represent the essence of Lovecraft in every insignificant little detail that we find from the DLC is extraordinary . Seen Weapons, love and tentacles, we wouldn't mind if 2K Games and Gearbox brought a totally terrifying DLC in which we were faced with monsters, assassins, ghosts and all kinds of evil beings without looking like a parody. Although that already happens here, in a way.

Now entering the terrain of the enemies, Weapons, love and tentacles is also a pleasant improvement regarding Moxxi's Strike to Jackpot the Handsome. We have enemies of all kinds : airships that will make life impossible from above, tanks that will chase us as if life were in it, and even sorcerers who summon ghosts so that the number of enemies increases progressively and the madness of the gameplay increases. The action, how could it be otherwise, is served and chaos reigns in the multiple confrontations that we constantly carry out . Almost every time we go through a new door we have a new one, and we just left the old one. That is Borderlands, that has been a lifetime, and not a hair has changed here. Of course, the final zone bosses have left us a little indifferent, since they do not pose a great challenge and, at the same time, they do not turn out to be everything spectacular that we would have liked. But that may be because, being Lovecraft present in the story, we expected too much of the transformations and mutations that the characters on the planet could undergo.

In this terrain of characters, weapons, love and tentacles, he remains a few steps below Moxxi's coup to Jackpot the Handsome. Not precisely because they are wrong or the dialogues are lazy, but because the story that united the members of the Moxxi team was much stronger than the one that joins those of this second DLC , and that makes the story slack sometimes and not It turns out to live up to the set of scenarios, action and monsters. Now, that does not imply that per se it is bad, but that it could have been much better considering the level of the stories of Borderlands and its DLC.

All in all, Weapons, love and tentacles is an experience that we recommend for its careful representation of Lovecraft and for how interesting its levels are , complemented by a good horde of extremely strange monsters that we will have to fill with bullets and lead if we want to survive . The characters may not turn out to be the best we've seen, despite the fact that there are old acquaintances and the reunions are always emotional, but the set is not bad at all and makes it worthwhile to sink your teeth into this cosmic space adventure.