Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - Análisis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2021-01-26 14:20:53
After finishing Brothers: A Tale of two Sons I have the powerful feeling that it was not me who played this very interesting downloadable Starbreeze title, but rather that it was the developer herself who played with me and then subjected me to a tough proof. Yes, I know, this statement may seem strange, extravagant and even a simple rambling, but it is that we are facing one of those rare games that manage to reach beyond the screen and touch the player.

The premise from which the title starts is simple, in Brothers: A Tale of two Sons we are told the story of two brothers in search of a healing water to save their sick and dying father. The journey will take you by the hand, always next to each other, through countless dream locations, encountering beings of all kinds, solving a large number of simple puzzles and jumping here and there. A generic and at the same time pretentious proposal in the sense that the objective of Starbreeze is to offer us a memorable trip that makes us go through countless situations and emotions, all without inventing the wheel once more or overwhelming us with a technical section above what we are used to.

The first tool that this Swedish team uses is the peculiar control of the title, in which most of the time we will have control of both characters at the same time. Nothing to pause the game and exchange who we handle. In Brothers: A tale of two Sons the left stick and its corresponding trigger are used to move the older brother and do all the corresponding actions. Same with the right stick for the little brother. End of story. A simple and complex approach to which it will be difficult for us to adapt and that will play a trick on us due to inaccuracies in the control of the characters. The brain is not used to doing something different with each hand, and we do not have four eyes either. Hence part of the grace of this production.

With these tools we can jump, climb, swim ... Even fly. The work of the people at Starbreeze is remarkable when it comes to implementing all kinds of situations without requiring juggling with control or that we do not miss greater sophistication. In this sense, it must be recognized that the Brothers: A tale of two Sons does not have a high duration, nor does it have a high difficulty, so we can finish it in just over three hours without having the feeling of having missed too much .

And despite this we will return to that magical fantasy world, fantastically recreated and that will powerfully remind us of the lands of Albion in Fable - perhaps because of the coloring of the image, perhaps because of the modeling of the characters ... Or perhaps simply for the world that is proposed to us, rich and alive. Although the progress is linear, there are many elements with which to interact (or not). Characters to talk to, places to visit, views to enjoy ... So many are these little details that give that touch of grace to the production, leaving us wanting to return to see if we left something behind.

The truth is that Brothers: A tale of two Sons has a certain magical halo that attracts the player eager for different sensations. Perhaps it is his pacifist proposal - we are dedicated to jumping and solving puzzles, with some sporadic confrontation resolved without a single hit - perhaps it is reminiscent of other great titles in the history of video games - Journey , ICO, Limbo and even Braid are a clear reference in very different aspects of the game. It is possible that it is simply different and unique, and that precisely why it is worth immersing yourself in this world.

Technically the production fully complies both in terms of design and its realization itself. In the visual aspect it makes use of the Unreal Engine 3, which allows it to offer great depth in the scenarios with a profusion of high details. It doesn't measure up to the biggest, but it doesn't try either. As for the sound, the melodies accompany only when they should, emphasizing the emotions of the protagonists and not so much the player. Meanwhile, on the screen, everyone speaks in Simlish, guttural noises that act as voices, but that serve to frame the adventure.

We know that in this analysis we have been somewhat vague about the description of situations, the evolution of the plot or the variety of places that we will visit in its seven chapters plus the epilogue. But as we have told you before, the important thing about Brothers: A tale of two Sons is the journey, and it is worth it that you are the ones who discover each of the secrets hidden here step by step. We just wanted to give you clues about what you will find. If you want it summarized, here it goes: buy it, it is one of the most interesting games of recent times on downloadable platforms.

Note: The game is now available on Xbox Live Arcade at a price of 1,200 MSP (approximately € 15). The PS3 and PC versions have not yet confirmed their release date, although it will be this summer.