Bully: Annyversary Edition - Analisis

Author: Albert Manjón
Date: 2020-03-03 00:03:34
Grand Theft Auto has always been the ambassador, Rockstar's first sword. Generator of controversies even in telenews, the crime sandbox, among other tasks of a diverse nature, has always shone at a great level and the approach of Rockstar theory is equal to GTA, with permission from John Marston. The last generation Red Dead Redemption shone with its own light, generating a new imaginary that garnered some very good reviews.

But 10 years ago the thing was different. The versions of GTA that ran on PS2 had no shadow, the Vice City and San Andreas delighted a genre like the sandbox that enjoyed the health of youth where the mechanical and monotonous mechanics still had a certain benevolence. Among all that orgy of violence, hormonal arguments full of topics and simplicity in form, a game with parallels but with some fresh air poked his head with the desire to continue filling headlines. This is how Bully presented himself a decade ago. A game that since its title does not leave much room for imagination or controversy . We represent a misfit young man who lands at Bullworth Academy, the last beacon of hope for those people who all with greater or lesser nostalgia can remember from our adolescence.

The game he drank from the same waters as his older brother. A slightly less visceral version given the age group it represented but not for that reason lacking a message. Throughout the game we will see the evolution of Jimmy Hopkins who will see in his violence the means to bring order to Bullworth and, obviously, for his own benefit, we are not facing any saint.

PS2, first version in 2006, Scholarship Edition two years later for the last generation, and this week comes this Anniversary Edition for iOS and Android devices simply to remind us that Jimmy is still here and that he has come to remind us why this game continues to reap, a Decade later, such good reviews.

And what does this Bully give us? The game follows all the points of a sandbox from a decade ago. Large scenarios that we will discover as we move forward in the adventure. A relatively trivial story that serves as a guiding thread for a series of missions that go from going from point A to point B, picking up an object or performing a specific action where the different “factions” of the game will be presented. On this occasion we talk about the typical groups of any institute of young adolescents, macarras, nerds, etc. with which we will empathize and evolve in our relationship.

Focusing on this version for mobile devices, Rockstar has not risked anything in its formula and has continued with the autopilot compared to other games previously released on Apple or Google platforms. Therefore, we count on the basis of the Scholarship Edition and on it we incorporate graphic improvements, new visual effects and a new multiplayer mode.

Technically the game is colorful but the truth is that it no longer stands out in this aspect as did the first ports of GTA where the difference between these and the other games in the store was considerable. Now it is not difficult to find a larger catalog of games that can look from you to you to the Rockstar game. Improvements have been incorporated in the textures as well as new light effects that give the game a showy look. A positive point is the possibility of changing the quality of these graphics to adapt them to older devices.

A complicated point always for this type of games is the control. The game, as is obvious, is designed for consoles and to play it, therefore, with a pad. By extension, the best way to play it will be through an MFi pad , this way we will enjoy the original experience and it will be much more comfortable. For those who do not want to charge with the command the option that Rockstar poses is the virtual pad with the buttons in the right area of the screen and the joystick on the left. It may be a good option if we are going to play it on a tablet, but for the smartphone it seems complicated. We have played on an iPhone 6S Plus and the virtual pad experience does not just fit the gameplay that the game requires.

The game is entirely in English and is localized to Spanish, just like the other versions to date. Bully: Anniversary Edition is now available for both iOS and Android devices at a price of 6.99EUR.