Burnout Paradise Remastered review - paradise not lost

Author: Przemysław Zamęcki
Date: 2018-03-14 14:54:00
The review was based on the XONE version. Also applies to the PS4 version

Although a decade in the video game industry is really a long time, not every decade has turned out to be equally rich in modern technological solutions. Lots of productions released in 2008 are still not covered with a sufficiently thick layer of patina and are still pleasing to the eye today. And yet we are constantly bombarded with information about new remasters of relatively young titles.

What can we expect from the remaster, not so old, let's say, ten years old? We would probably like to see all possible modern solutions, textures with a resolution of at least 4K and a constant sixty frames per second. A model example is the recently released Shadow of the Colossus , which, while maintaining one hundred percent the spirit of the original, could also be considered a completely new proposal . Unfortunately, not all publishers want to try so hard, because it requires a lot of time and resources. The easiest way is to collect all the existing DLC packages, raise the resolution, improve the texture and smoothness of the game a bit, and then launch such a product on the market. That's exactly what was done with Burnout Paradise - a unique game for me and millions of fans of arcade fun.

Who is this remaster for?

At this point, a question should be asked, is it wrong that Electronic Arts contributed to the work on average in one of its once flagship productions? Well no. Surprised?

The point of view in this case depends on the point of sitting. A cliché, but the reception of the last Burnout remaster will depend on the platform on which we tested this game years ago . People who have not had the opportunity to try it so far, and would like to go a little crazy, holding the afterburner button almost all the time, at this stage of the review, I inform you that they can go to the store as soon as possible and treat themselves to this Criterion Games classic. In terms of madness and freedom of choice in exploring the open world, they won't find anything better on the market.

Over the past decade, many titles drew heavily on the ideas realized in this production, but none of them even managed to come close to BP's perfection. This is one of those games where you don't even want to stop. There is still something rushing you forward and you cannot breathe . A great feeling that only outstanding items can provide. With all due respect to the older games in the series, which I also find fantastic - it was Burnout Paradise that condensed the genius of the authors of the series.

Otherwise, this remaster will be given to owners of consoles and PCs who once had the opportunity to travel the length and breadth of all locations available in the basic game. Burnout worked and looked great on Sony and Microsoft devices , but it was the PC version that shone in front of them. It was so well prepared that even today it is launched in high definition, it leaves a fantastic impression and I honestly admit that in this case the remaster was completely unnecessary - unless someone cares about the Big Surf Island add-on, which did not have a version dedicated to computers before , and which significantly extends the gameplay, while offering a small location, but rich in attractions. It is located east of the city and to get to it, you first need to cross a fairly long bridge.

New old quality

On PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X Burnout it's a completely new quality. The remaster has been prepared in such a way as to run smoothly at sixty frames per second and 4K resolution on the improved devices of both companies, and from what I know, also in 1080p resolution on the basic machines. I personally tested the game on the Xbox One X and it worked perfectly, practically never slowing down the perfectly smooth animation . If it were otherwise, we could be honestly disappointed, because the last interference in the appearance of the original are textures in higher resolution. Apart from that, nothing has been touched at all - all other elements work the same as before.

There are, of course, crazy races with compulsory beating your rivals, attempts to reach the finish line while escaping from black sports cars, a beat mode, acrobatics that require scoring the right number of points and of course tons, literally tons of tasks to explore and destroy billboards and fences . The description of the last attraction itself does not reflect the fun you feel - in fact, it is the quintessence of fun in the open world, and the obstacles are often so cleverly placed that demolishing them is a real challenge.

Think of the BPR as a vertical car in which frequent being several meters above the ground is the order of the day. Paradise is not boring, this title constantly raises the level of adrenaline in the blood. Even despite the fact that not all of its elements have stood the test of time well.