Call of Duty : Black Ops 4 - Multi - Critique

Author: Miranda Sanchez
Date: 2021-01-26 12:40:18
Hello dear Call of Duty fans! This year, we are trying something new: because the modes of Black Ops 4 are very different, we will test them separately, with a test and an overall rating. This article is about our review of Classic Multi mode.

For Treyarch, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's multiplayer is a strategic experience, where players work together to gain the advantage on the battlefield, in order to outsmart their opponents. I want to say that you can leave that idea to professional gamers and hardcore gamer teams. The others, that is to say you and I, will see in this multi mode something other than a “strategic FPS,” but rather an FPS encouraging creativity in different styles of play, without requiring it. It also gives a whole new tempo to Black Ops, a tempo that moves away from jumps, wall runs, therefore offering a rhythm more suited to the action. Black Ops 4's multi mode isn't flawless, especially in its disappointing new Control mode and maps. But with the changes made to its Specialists and the new Heist mode, this is a good episode for the multi saga of Call of Duty, even if its lacking maps will very quickly make you branch off on the side of the excellent Blackout mode.

The Black Ops 4 arsenal works just as I expected as a Call of Duty fan: it rewards players with a quick reaction time, and those who are skilled enough at taking one-shots. Black Ops 4 maintains the Black Ops 3 status quo when it comes to the jumps and hits you can take, because while they aren't as fierce as they used to be, they're still just as powerful and can be annoying if you don't care. are not prepared for it. Once that's done, shooting those players who are essentially in the air is especially satisfying.

SMGs and assault rifles are, of course, the most powerful weapons in Black Ops 4, especially due to their high rate of fire. Most of the 14 maps available have narrow lanes, giving these weapons some edge, but I didn't have a problem using four of the five weapon classes on offer. The fifth, corresponding to sniper rifles, is indeed not my forte, but I have seen many other experienced players use them with impressive performance. The arsenal of Black Ops 4 is therefore useful in its entirety, allowing more people to get by.

The good news is that no weapon seems to be too powerful right now. You can also wield excellent weapons from the start in the case of a predefined class, in particular the Swordfish which can only be unlocked at level 55. I have sometimes given up my class for a few games. custom to use this weapon on maps like Firing Range. Either way, that meant I didn't have any skills, or even any perks or equipment, and just wanted to use this really good gun.

Black Ops 4 can especially count on an important modification made to the automatic regeneration, and which makes the multi mode interesting. Unlike the previous strands, this time players must actively choose to heal themselves, with the press of a button to do so. The syringe takes little time to recharge, and a piece of equipment called Stim Shot makes the recharge time even shorter. Having this option significantly changes the meetings. Are they healing themselves? Should you heal yourself? Should you jump? The addition of this active healing is, by far, the most universal strategic element in Black Ops 4, besides being welcome.

When we arrived in multiplayer, a friend and I didn't have the first instinct to choose Specialists who work well together. Instead, we chose Specialists we wanted to play with. Unlike other games where the choice of hero is very important, Black Ops 4 Specialists are more like pretexts to use weapons, which must then be customized. This flexible design is great, and it gives lone wolves like me complete freedom in choosing the Specialist based on map and mode. That's not to say they're no longer useful for strategizing, but I really like the fact that the class system was designed for all kinds of players.

Each Specialist has their little extra something, but some of them give your team a tactical advantage. Vision is an important factor in any multiplayer game, and it seems even more true in the case of Black Ops 4, which severely limits the visibility of its minimap. Getting an advantage in this sense is huge regardless of mode or map, and therefore the Recon is extremely valuable. Its sensor grants additional visibility, but which is easy to destroy, and which does not last too long, which helps to maintain a certain balance. As far as synergy goes, the Recon pairs well with the Torque's gear, especially on Domination and Hardpoint modes.

It is very important to know the situations in which the Specialists are useful. For example, Nomad's K9 unit (yes, it's strange that a dog is considered a unit, but its name is Juno) is not very practical on large maps, as enemies can easily kill it. before he reaches them. Ajax on the other hand, can use his grenades to confuse his opponents, and he's effective in almost any situation. If we exclude the latter, most Specialists are therefore relatively well optimized.

I really appreciate the fact that each Specialist requires different levels of commitment from the player. For example, if you're not the type to use all the abilities in a class, you can take someone like Crash, who is honestly the best to focus on shooting. Its equipment is a bag that gives ammunition, awarding extra points to victims of your team. His TAK-5 significantly increases the health of all teammates up to 2500. Using his equipment is not very difficult, which is great for people who want to contribute to the team's progress and earn points, but are not confident in their ability to overpower other Specialists. With Crash, you never go wrong unless you use the ammo bag when your teammates are dead.

There are also ways to use your enemies' equipment to your advantage. The Engineer allows players to see what an opponent is wearing, even through a wall. So you can predict and react quickly to what happens. So instead of destroying an enemy Tac-Deploy, it's best to stick around and eliminate opponents using it, even if the object in question signals to its allies if there is an enemy in the area. In addition, seeing enemy fortifications can also help you better understand the parts of domination and control.

While the new Battle Royale mode, Blackout, is arguably Black Ops 4's most exciting addition, traditional multi features a fun new mode: Heist. It's very similar to Battlefield Hardline, or whatever you have on Payday, and allows you to cool off between games in more classic modes. In Heist, teams must retrieve a bag of money usually placed in an open area, and then take it to an extraction site. A team wins the round by delivering the money or by eliminating the opposing team. At the end of each turn, each player uses their hard-earned money to purchase weapons, perks, armor, and more.

Heist nevertheless seems to have the same problem as Search or Destroy, where players will prefer to kill rather than collect the cash, but it's still a fun mode to play, and it allows you to experiment with combinations that you wouldn't have. never dared to realize. Usually I don't equip pistols, but since you have one right off the bat in this mode, I've grown to appreciate them more. But Heist has some high-level weapons available for purchase, making it an exciting way to try out weapons you haven't unlocked yet.

I was mostly disappointed with Control, the other mode introduced with Black Ops 4, where one team has to defend two points, while the other has to recover them. As long as there is no attacker on a point, time is running out. The mode can deliver intense footage on mid-sized maps like Jungle and Seaside, but it also knows how to put your tension to the max.

It is indeed easy to get stuck in a starting area if the opposing team is very aggressive. Since each team is assigned to one side of the map, as attackers or defenders, the opposing team is able to position themselves in areas conducive to your respawn. The advantage is then noticeable, and the match can only go against you. And once we manage to get out of this quagmire, we realize that too many lives have been lost in trying veins. Even on a large map like Militia.

The issue of spawn area camping is not only present in Control mode. Although I like the new maps overall, a lot of the spawn points are in an open area, with far enough space for the opposing team to keep eliminating your teammates. I experienced this on Maroc, Icebreaker and others. The fact that my team has been fooled by this issue several times makes Black Ops 4 very discouraging.

Black Ops 4 also offers access to old Black Ops maps, like the excellent Firing Range or Summit. I can't resist admitting that Treyarch will one day replace Slums with another original map, as his meeting points are too predictable, even though Icebreaker and Morocco aren't much better. The other problem, which is found on all of the narrow maps consisting of three lanes, is that you quickly get bored after playing them a few times. Combat takes place in the same locations, and spawn points are limited on either side of the map, thus encouraging firefights in the same locations. But even if the shooting range is narrower then, and the design is not really original, tracking down your enemies is all the more fun.

But Black Ops 4's entire map selection isn't problematic. Militia is remarkable with its alleys that are slightly less obvious to understand, and its open design that gives pride of place to LMGs, Snipers, or tactical rifles. There are also cards like Gridlock or Payload that offer fun Domination challenges, including open courtyards and large rooms with multiple entrances. Contraband is also very neat with its underwater trails that allow players to cross its alleys. I'm very happy that a few new maps are really fun to play, because the polished gameplay in Black Ops 4 deserves a big playing field. It's a shame I can't rule out some less interesting maps.

Win or lose, it doesn't matter in the end, as the multiplayer progression system keeps patting you on the back to encourage you to play. New weapons, unlockable accessories, and other rewards are common, along with an impressive number of challenges, with the sole aim of getting you some sort of bonus XP.

Mods are also a good incentive to keep playing and mastering weapons. These new accessories unlock once you reach the max level of certain weapons, and make them more powerful in a unique way. To keep everything balanced, mods require three of your 10 custom class item slots. For unlocking the Titan, the oppressor mod, I was able to see the LMG damage increase slightly, in addition to being able to hit enemies without quite aiming at him. This means that there is negligible, but nonetheless useful, distortion to your shots. Other mods are a bit more classic, such as the one that adds a bayonet to the VAPR-XKG, or the one that turns the DMR Auger into a shotgun.

Beyond these mods, there is real potential for customization and experimentation in the later levels, beyond the awesome new weapons. Classic tactical gear - like the Frag Grenade - is available from level 40, and can quickly be replaced with something more special, like a Molotov Cocktail. The customization options are endless, and they've always thrilled me pushing me to find new things to test on the battlefield.

Black Ops 4 includes a few additional features, good and bad, that are worth mentioning. Split-screen co-op in in-game multi sacrifices framerate and resolution. While I'm grateful that such a feature is still available as it disappears from so many other games, making this heavy visual sacrifice is something Treyarch needs to work on in a future Call of Duty.

Theater mode is back, and remains a great tool for discovering and customizing your best exploits - or for learning from other players. It's a bit buggy though: my game crashed more than once, and sometimes the controls to change player perspective didn't work after showing the leaderboard.

This is not the only bug I encountered in Black Ops 4 multiplayer mode, far from it. At one point, I could see another player's EKIA superimposed on mine, and the red aiming point disappeared during the game. Player tags also disappeared without warning, as strange visual bugs appeared. However, these problems remain rare and relatively inconsequential.

The Specialists HQ is one of the other features of multi mode, even if it is not really connected to it. These are single player missions serving as a tutorial for each of the Black Ops 4 multiplayer heroes, and are an introduction to both Specialists and characters. It's a useful tool for learning to use their different "powers", and it takes advantage of a story that's as sweet as it gets. The narrator of the solo is Franck Woods, a new character from Black Ops. Its tone is rather poetic, despite the vulgarity of the dialogues and the scenes. This doesn't replace a full single player campaign though, but I'm glad it's available.