Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Review - Is Blackout a Success?

Author: DM
Date: 2018-10-15 15:25:00
The review was based on the PS4 version. Also valid for the XONE version

Call of Duty without a story campaign is no longer the same - even if those were weak! The series has lost its calling card, and every time you launch Black Ops 4, it's hard to resist the feeling that this is just another free CoD weekend to try out, rather than the full game. A richer set of online modes doesn't make up for not having a single. We still feel that someone has taken something from us - at least at first, because we eventually forget it. In Black Ops 4 we enter a real amusement park full of multiplayer attractions.

As in a huge amusement park, it is difficult to decide where to go first. We can find almost everything here: futuristic commandos and zombies, killer gadgets of the future and the sinking Titanic, playing basketball next to a Ferrari car and the Coliseum of gladiators. This strange mishmash works, however, as part of the three main pillars of the new CoD : classic multiplayer, battle royale and cooperation against the hordes of zombies. Black Ops 4 is a total online game, although not without a few flaws, and one of the modes is particularly shining compared to the others.

Zombie almost like a good single

If you haven't experienced the dynamic style of Call of Duty online matches, kill-streaks, lightning-fast deaths and instant respawn on small maps by now, Black Ops 4 is unlikely to change that. However, it's worth giving this game a chance to try fighting the living dead. Underestimated and usually treated as a margin, zombies in CoD are really great, and what's more - this module should also satisfy fans of exploration and singles - that is, anyone complaining about the lack of a story campaign.

Fighting zombies is much more than the regular Horde mode. It is more like mini-MMO games , offering a rudimentary story, environmental puzzles, character classes, collectibles, magic items, upgrading equipment and bosses. Contrary to the slightly boring multi maps, those with zombies look great and have their own atmosphere. Alcatraz prison returns, and the ancient Colosseum and the detailed Titanic ship invite you to explore every corner in a new story about Chaos.

In addition to well-made maps and the sheer fun of exterminating zombies, the number of gameplay variants is also very impressive. For the first time in the series, there was a chance to play alone with the support of bots that can handle both shooting and picking us up in crisis moments quite efficiently. We can also choose a new action-oriented mode called "assault" , play on a split screen or adjust each option in a private match. The only scratch in Black Ops 4 during battles with zombies is the presence of futuristic models of weapons from other modes , which completely do not suit either the location or the heroes. You could try to create a few new guns here.

Improved PUBG

Searching for secrets while shooting zombies in Black Ops 4 is so cool that it covers the loudly advertised Blackout , i.e. CoD battle royale. I was quietly hoping that what we saw in the beta test was just an introduction to a thoughtful adventure, but it turned out to be all for now. Blackout is exactly like a few weeks ago. Copies Playerunknown's Battlegrounds down to the last detail , but it shines in terms of gameplay, streamlining it where it was needed.

The smaller map, the fast pace of movement and reducing the area and a lot of other stuff practically eliminated PUBG known moments of boredom or dłużyzny. The zombies wandering here and there are a nice addition to the traditional formula, as well as the hidden easter eggs. The Blackout game well and smoothly, and shooting for the first time in the CoD-zie works just as well at long range and in close encounters - provided of course the proper use of weapons.

Blackout will last long?

Blackout, however, disappointed me with the mechanics of progression and encouraging (or rather the lack of it) for a systematic game. The authors have proposed absolutely nothing here. The only thing we unlock are hundreds of business cards and more models of our character, which we never see anyway, because we only play in FPP view! In addition, the progress is hindered by the wall of grinding, because in Blackout we are promoted only for kills and places in the top 15 players (5 in the case of teams).

The issue of scoring mainly for kills is not that bad, as it encourages you to be really active, not passively waiting in hiding for an opportunity. However, considering the importance of pure luck in battle royale, such a leveling system may prove daunting for many players . Accelerating it, anyway, would not help, since the awards are business cards and facies visible only in the main menu. Here it is worth taking an example from Fortnite , its seasons and the "living map", thanks to which players every day compete in reports of what is currently happening there.

Multi brought down to the ground floor

Specialists are not superheroes

Despite small concerns, shortly after the announcement of this title, Black Ops 4 did not follow the fashion for heroic shootings. The return of specialists with unique weapons and gadgets does not bring much tactics to matches, the result does not depend on their wise use. Some boosters even seem to be invented mainly for the singles campaign - because how to use a turtle-transported radioactive barrel that kills enemies standing right next to it, while everyone runs and jumps, as if overdosing on an energy drink?

Some elements of tactics with a well-coordinated team will be able to be used in the new multi mode - the so-called "Jump". In addition to the simple rule of taking over bags with money and escorting them to a safe place, there is also the economic theme of buying better and better weapons and equipment for the acquired currency. In addition, it is difficult to find any revolutionary novelties in the multiplayer. It is still the same dominance of reflexes and kill-streaks, i.e. mass attacks with heavy weapons, which we can use as a reward for results. It can be a difficult endeavor for new players for a long time. Bungie's failed experiments in Destiny 2 PvP modes show, however, that sometimes it's better to stick to best practices