Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - game review

Author: Krystian Smoszna
Date: 2009-11-13 09:16:00
The review was based on the PC version.

When in 2007 it became clear that the Call of Duty series was turning and moving away from the subject of World War II, the laments were endless. Virtually everyone complained, putting the Infinity Ward studio away from honor and faith and announcing the imminent fall of the cycle, which once left all competition behind, with the famous Medal of Honor at the forefront. When Modern Warfare finally hit stores, the fans' approach changed. Today, people claiming that the path taken by the American studio was a mistake are clearly in the minority. The first Modern Warfare achieved spectacular commercial success, offered an excellent campaign full of movie scenes and brought shooting enthusiasts a lot of fun in multiplayer mode. To this day, this product is considered to be the best in the history of the whole cycle, which confirms that the introduced changes came to him for good. The second game in the series could only consolidate this position.

The creators of Modern Warfare 2 used the recipe proven in the case of "one" and instead of a set of loosely connected missions, they prepared a coherent, interactive film in which the most important roles are played by the player. The action of this picture begins five years after the events told in the original. Although Imran Zachayev is dead, but this ruthless Russian terrorist, who almost led to the outbreak of another global conflict, after the rise of nationalists to power is treated as a hero in his native country. The player meets a new enemy very quickly. It is Vladimir Makarov, a former subordinate of Zachayev, who took over the heirloom of his commander in carrying out bold attacks on civilian purposes. During one of them, the terrorist manages to blame the Americans for the massacre at the Moscow airport. As a result of these events, an angry Russia begins an offensive on the United States. A great war breaks out, and we, as you can easily guess, hit our very center.

The campaign consists of several scenarios in which we alternately take control of four heroes, including a serial soldier from a unit of American Rangers and a British commando, a member of the elite formation of Task Force 141. During a several-day military operation, we visit various corners of the globe, including slums in Rio de Janeiro, Russian Gulag, oil platform in the Pacific Ocean and the American capital. All these locations are prepared with great attention to detail and make an extremely favorable impression.

The construction of the mission is practically no different from what we have seen in the last games of the Call of Duty series, so if you were not able to stand the limited room for maneuver, moving along the route marked by the creators, frequent rebirth of stupid opponents and ubiquitous scripts, you can from immediately miss contact with the campaign in the "pair". Really, it's a pity for your nerves. From beginning to end, the action takes place according to the scheme prepared by the authors, and if you try to break out of it, the game will punish you with death or otherwise end the struggle prematurely, forcing you to repeat the given fragment, this time according to the only right plan.

The lack of freedom, of course, has its justification. The campaign has been constructed in such a way that the player is aware of participation in a perfectly realized spectacle, full of various film, often breathtaking scenes. Something new is happening all the time in Modern Warfare 2 , so it's hard to complain of boredom. For example, in one of the missions we traverse the enemy complex, avoiding detection, and a moment later to face in an open battle the overwhelming number of opponents who eventually realized the presence of the enemy in their base. As if that was not enough, the struggle ends with a crazy escape on snowmobiles, when, rushing to break a neck from a huge mountain, we try to avoid contact with trees and opponents chasing us. And when we finally get out of the oppression, we realize that we have just experienced a fantastic adventure, which although lasted only a few minutes, but pumped adrenaline into the blood at an amazing pace. And so it is almost in the whole game.

In addition to the standard campaign in Modern Warfare 2 , there is another mode that allows you to extend your lonely fun by another few hours - it is called Special Operations. We undertake certain tasks in it, e.g. eliminating the overwhelming number of enemies attacking us from several sides at once or breaking through to a specific point on the map, bypassing enemy soldiers patrolling the area. These scenarios are not only interesting and diverse, but above all demanding, so you need to sweat healthily to get the best rewards. As previously announced, all missions from the Special Operations set can also be completed in the company of another player, which is undoubtedly their main attraction. The companion, however, must have its own copy of the game, because unlike console editions, the PC version does not allow you to run the split screen option.

Cooperation mode is really just a foretaste of the sensations that Modern Warfare 2 awaits for lovers of multiplayer gameplay - a real feast comes after running the right multiplayer. Infinity Ward has accustomed us over the years that rivalry on the web is an extremely strong point of the next installments of the Call of Duty cycle and it is no different this time. Compared to the original, the general rules and game mechanics have not changed significantly. For exploits on the virtual battlefield we get experience points that allow you to unlock previously unavailable means of destruction, gadgets and perks - the latter are unique abilities that affect the behavior of a controlled soldier in various ways. The gameplay is very dynamic, with full servers the pace does not even sit down for a moment, and because to die here extremely easily, you need to have eyes around your head and respond to any threats in a split second. Playing in Modern Warfare 2, I felt like I was firing "one" again, but this is not an accusation, because the competition with other users gave me as much joy.

Personally, these shortcomings do not bother me, because, unlike real geeks on the web, I play for relaxation once a Russian year, but there are a whole world of users who struggle in multiplayer mode almost like religion. For them, the simplifications introduced by Infinity Ward will be completely incomprehensible, and the inability to interfere with the gameplay settings may treat as a serious oversight disqualifying the product at the start. I omit the lack of support for modifications at the moment, as well as the inability to create new maps, which are absolutely fundamental things that allow the product to live long after its premiere. To be honest, I have no idea what has drove Americans to introduce such drastic solutions, but from the point of view of hardcore players it was a very bad decision. The rest will not complain, because there are no grounds for it.

As befits a high-end product, Modern Warfare 2 raises a lot of controversy. It is true that enemies sin here with everything but intelligence, just as it is true that there are scripting errors that, as a result of the player's unforeseen actions, sometimes lead to absurd situations. It's also hard not to notice that the company Infinity Ward instead of buying a new engine, is still focused on decorating the old one. We know that the engine that remembers the times of the third Quake is flexible, but the visuals are getting older every year - you need to look for new solutions instead of resuscitating the corpse forever.