Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered review - the rejuvenated queen of scripts

Author: Krystian Smoszna
Date: 2016-11-13 15:57:00
The review was based on the PS4 version. Also valid for PC, XONE versions

I have fond memories of the day when I first launched Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare . Although I approached the idea of presenting the conflict in the reality of our contemporaries - like many fans - quite skeptical, after a few hours of session I knew that I was dealing with an exceptional production. The campaign crushed me into my armchair and kept me from moving away from the monitor until I killed the hostage-holding terrorist in the Mile High Club bonus mission. It was one of the most exciting rollercoasters that I had the opportunity to try in my long career as a player , and scenes such as an execution, an atomic bomb explosion, sneaking between ultranationalists in Pripyat, or escaping from a sinking freighter are imprinted in my memory and will probably remain in it until end of life.

Raven delivered

I am not a big supporter of remasters, but I am not skeptical about them either, as long as the contribution made to refreshing a given title is actually large. In the case of Modern Warfare Remastered, it is difficult to accuse the authors of taking shortcuts. Developers from the somewhat forgotten Raven Software studio (yes, yes!) Have prepared a real remake, significantly different in terms of visuals, from the recently celebrating the ninth birthday of the original . Such a period in the electronic entertainment industry is forever, so I am pleased to announce that the MWR after the facelift is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Although the game is powered by an engine that should have gone into oblivion a long time ago, the title looks absolutely delicious in motion. You can see the differences already in a few pictures that I have allowed myself to prepare for this text.

The developers took a closer look at all the maps included in the campaign, and then embellished them piece by piece, adding various things. Already in the stay in the training camp that opens the struggle, you can notice a lot of changes. The special forces base has come to life, as evidenced not only by recruits trotting in front of the hangars, but also by tanks and trucks passing right in front of our noses. The creators also thought about appropriate changes in lighting and adding many particle effects, absent in the original. Virtually every level has been pimped to perfection in this respect . Not only the maps are simply beautifully made (within reason dictated by the capabilities of the engine), but also veterans will find elements and objects they have not seen before.

The authors' interference with the source material did not end there. What makes us very happy, the authors tried to introduce many great flavors . The aforementioned training mission was expanded with an optional obstacle course, which was in the original files, but for unknown reasons it did not fit into the campaign and modders had to come to the rescue. While carrying out the assassination of Imran Zakhaev, we may come across good old friends from Modern Warfare 3 - Makarov and Yuri. In the last installment of the trilogy, these heroes were added by the Infinity Ward studio to the mission in Pripyat to link their presence with the figure of the ultranationalist leader, so now we can see them in one of the cars. Interestingly, the elimination of the former results in a hidden trophy, while the death of the latter is punished with a message that is typical of this series about the inability to shoot at allies. A small but delicious detail.

Multiplayer with problems

Although it cannot be denied that the main incentive to buy Modern Warfare Remastered is a several-hour single campaign, many of you will probably also try your hand at multiplayer. The mode was not available before the premiere of the game and only after that it was possible to check whether the refreshed version of the "four" was doing its job properly. However, it is not easy to answer this question. The specific way of distributing the remake (only in a rather expensive package with Infinite Warfare ) meant that even on PlayStation 4 there are problems with finding people willing to be destroyed in one of the less popular variants of the game. Until Activision finally decides to sell the MWR separately, this situation will not improve and the problem will only get worse every day. Error 32270, which completely blocks the ability to connect online, is also very irritating . The developers have not found and removed the cause of the problem so far, even though version 1.04 of the product is already available. It only helps to remove the application from the console and download it again, which, with the prospect of downloading over 50 GB of data, is not an attractive proposition.

However, if we manage to launch the multiplayer mode and find people willing to annihilate each other, we should not complain about the lack of experience in the module, which has already been tested years ago. Five variants of the game and ten maps available at the start will provide us with entertainment for a good few / several hours, unless, of course, we are not fanatics of PC Promod and we just want to shoot other people at ease. PlayStation 4 owners can even take advantage of such an archaic invention as "local LAN play", which in their case will probably end up connecting a second pad to the console and shooting on a split screen. I am glad that such a possibility was conceived.