Call of Duty: World at War

Call of Duty: World at War

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    11 Nov 2008

Call of Duty is back and sets new benchmarks in the war simulation kind. The game depends on the Call of Duty 4®: Modern Warfare Engine and in Call of Duty: World at War inundate yourself in considerably increasingly genuine and confused battles of World War II. They play in an association and attempt to win in the most serious and extreme battles and to cut down the Axis controls on the European and Pacific fronts. Right now get coldblooded understanding into the war scene with special foes and different combat missions, including kamikaze pilots, clandestine attacks, and banzai attacks, just as touchy activity in the fresh out of the plastic new community mode for four. The multiplayer mode has been refined with new infantry and vehicle activity - there are more weapons and various new capacities, maps and missions.Hard new foes, conditions and strategies: Face savage and tactically predominant adversaries who are at home at all costs will shield; Ambushes and marksman attacks are a piece of regular day to day existence here and Kamikaze pilots instruct you to fear. Play as a US Navy or Russian Red Army officer in a wide assortment of missions in Europe or the Pacific against bold Japanese warriors or German tip top soldiers in epic, adrenaline-energized infantry, vehicle and flight missions.Koop crusade mode in the 'Call of Duty 'style: For the first run through in Call of Duty: World at War you can battle with your companions in center mode and satisfy the aphorism: "No One Fights Alone". The community crusade offers four players an exceptional game encounter and lets you experience brotherhood and strategic execution from scratch. The community mode offers innovative multiplayer capacities, for example, difficulties, rankings and online statistics for expanded replayability. Innovative multiplayer mode: Call of Duty: World at War proceeds the stylish, class-based multiplayer activity of the Call of Duty arrangement. Vehicle-based missions by tank adjust the very fruitful multiplayer mode definitely known from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and offer statistics, rankings, expandable weapons, crew missions and equippable classes and the entire ongoing interaction has been improved, with the goal that this game another one The standard in Call of Duty online warfare sets a phenomenal, film-prepared realistic of a world at war: in view of the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Engine, Call of Duty: World at War utilizes the latest realistic advancements including profoundly nitty gritty character models, ' Self-shadowing, light impacts and stunning embellishments that will leave you dumbfounded. Profundity of field obscure, 'rim lighting' and surface spilling siphon adrenaline into your veins and breath life into the battling. Material science battlefields and sensible fire will let you jump further into the battle.

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AGM score 86%
IGN 9.2
GameSpot 8.5
Metacritic 82
world war 2 ( ww2 )
vehicular combat
first person shooter
machine gun
world war ii
anti-personnel mine
bink video
wasd movement
assault rifle
kill feed
real-time combat
instant kill
mitsubishi a6m
political thriller
sniper rifle
military uniform
multiplayer scoreboard
weapons swap
guerilla warfare
inverted controls
submachine gun
expanding crosshair
anti-aircraft gun
run 'n gun
torpedo boat
karabiner 98
m1918 browning automatic rifle
m4 sherman
battle dress uniform
control point
record breakers
team killing
no scope
anti-cheat system
hit marker
imperial japanese army
imperial japanese navy
mk 2 grenade
rifle grenade
polygonal 3d
digital distribution
split-screen multiplayer
touch controls
downloadable content
xbox live
credits menu option
unlockable gamer pics
stamina bar
regenerating health
multiple protagonists
horde mode
damage flash
molotov cocktail
exploding vehicles
playstation trophies
experience points
moral decisions
platform exclusive
voice acting
greatest hits
ranking system
non-player character
gasoline can
first-person perspective
linear gameplay
secret area
scripted events
silent protagonist
cooperative play
4 player co-op
player character
shaky cam
competitive co-op
animal cruelty
context sensitive
playstation network
original soundtrack release
loading screens
message on the wall
grenade throwback
historical warfare
random loot
leveling up
english accent
level cap
attack dog
difficulty level
xbox one backwards compatibility
games that ask you to "press start" but will accept other buttons
infinite spawn
throwing weapons
motion control
rpg elements
exploding barrel
dynamic soundtrack
fire propagation
palm tree
pre-release public testing
racial stereotypes
double barreled shotgun
smoke grenade
facial hair
twin stick control
difficulty achievement
games on demand
high definition graphics
voice chat
non-standard difficulty titles
zero point achievements
collector's edition
weapon modification
sawed-off shotgun
blind fire
shoot the backpack
secret achievements
close quarters combat
difficulty description
ranked match
survival mode
bomb disposal
asymmetric co-op
wii remote infrared pointer gameplay
falling damage
street sign
fully customizable controls
screen splatter
recurring character
blood splatter
interactive cutscene
sixaxis support
e3 2008
enemy sniper
russian accent
team deathmatch
enemy reaction
sticky bombs
persistent bullet holes
surround sound
united states navy
teddy bear
first-person regain consciousness
invisible wall
energy weapons
dog tag
lightning gun
rapid fire
operation clusterfuck
grenade cooking
online multiplayer achievements
pov cutscene
bizarre weapons
developer console
severed limbs
capture the flag
tommy gun
outside of the map
secondary weapons
rail shooting segment
grenade tag
upgradable weapons
multiplayer party system
the allies
german accent
m1 carbine
m1 garand
satchel charge
tiger ii
springfield m1903 rifle
stg 44
flammenwerfer 35
famous quotes
nintendo wi-fi connection
ray gun
fast paced
run and gun
unclimbable hills
military truck
live-action cutscene
holding your breath
weapon slot loadout
playing dead
drum can
trench coat
winchester model 1897
combat knife
functional toilets
united states marine corps
clan tag
planes flying low overhead
ghillie suit
loud ambient noises
dud grenade
exploding crates
in-game announcer
shooting out lights
sudden death
pump action shotgun
no respawn
model 24 stielhandgranate
fact-based shooter
walther p38
self-destructing character
crash landing
grenade spamming
pre-game lobby
exploding head
down but not out
respawn time
codependent unlimited revival
zombie dogs
smith & wesson model 29
drum magazine
no-reticle aiming
tokarev tt-33
automated grenade throw
grenade indicator
bomb defusal mode
german shepherd
iw engine
bouncing betty
quick scoping
wailing and screaming
banzai attack
wii zapper compatibility
kill streak reward
twitch aim
id tech 3
attachable grip
bowie knife
rgd-33 grenade
gewehr 43
m1919 browning machine gun
degtyarev-pekhotny 28
tokarev svt-40
type 38 rifle arisaka
type 100 submachine gun
type 14 nambu pistol
type 97 sniper rifle
aperture sight
nazi occultism
nazi zombies
the mystery box
element 115
group 935
gut shot
porter's x2 ray gun
wunderwaffe dg-3 jz
max ammo
wunderwaffe dg-2
speed cola
double tap root beer
quick revive
g115 compresser
widdershins rc-1
the imploder
spatz-447 +
the afterburner
1001 samurais
420 impeller
24 bore long range
type 99 light machine gun
pby catalina
m17 rifle grenade
type 97 grenade
type 94 shin guntō
c-3000 b1at-ch 35
.357 plus 1 k1l-u
the penetrator
the reaper
the widow maker
b115 accelerator
barracuda fu-a11
fiw nitrogen cooled
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About Call of Duty: World at War

Call of Duty: World at War is released by Activision in 11 Nov 2008. The game is designed by n-Space. Call of Duty: World at War is a typical representative of the Adventure genre. Playing Call of Duty: World at War is a pleasure. It does not matter whether it is the first or a millionth hour in Adventure, there will always be room for something new and interesting. Thrilling levels and gameplay Call of Duty: World at War will not leave anyone indifferent. The complexity of gameplay increases with each new level and does not let any player get bored.

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Call of Duty: World at War is perfect for playing alone or with friends.

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Call of Duty: World at War - game review

Author: Krystian Smoszna
Date: 2008-11-12 14:14:00
The review was based on the PC version.

The Activision company kept its word and a year after the premiere of Modern Warfare , presented another episode of the Call of Duty series. The new program was created by Treyarch, which previously had a hand in the production of Call of Duty 2: Big Red One and Call of Duty 3 . Interestingly, none of these games were released on PCs - so the owners of metal sheets can think of World at War as a kind of debut of the American company on their platform. Was this debut spectacular and did the new game beat the perfect Modern Warfare ? We will try to answer these questions in the text below.

The recipe for success seemed simple: create a fascinating, breathtaking single player campaign, throw in a battle-tested multiplayer mode and season it all with a pinch of original ideas. And that's exactly what the people of Treyarch have prepared. It is true that not all the ingredients of the dish turned out to be as tasty as in the case of Modern Warfare , but the end result is very good.

The single-player campaign, consisting of fifteen missions, presents the greatest conflict in history from the perspective of two soldiers: an American taking part in the battles with Japan on the Axis of Evil, and a Russian, who, after a short but glorious episode in the attacked by the Nazis, Stalingrad and his compatriots directs out on Berlin. The distribution of scenarios is roughly equal: eight are for the Pacific and seven for the war in Europe. It is worth noting that although the missions were mixed with each other, both sets constitute a separate whole and do not overlap, as was the case in the fourth installment of the series. Undoubtedly, this is a downside - one of the greatest attractions of Modern Warfare was precisely the history that very neatly combined the fates of the British Special Forces and the American Marines. Everything seemed to be perfectly made, creating a sensible whole film. Here, although the game is hard to deny the cinematic character, the division between the episodes in the Pacific and in Europe is too clear, so the plot cannot be considered coherent in any way.

If we consider only the single-player campaign, Modern Warfare has one more advantage over World at War. It is a clearly defined, tangible enemy, whose execution in the final scene is the perfect culmination of several hours of struggle. In the newest Call of Duty, despite the fact that we take part in the assault on the Japanese Shuri castle and after a hard crossing we conquer the Reichstag, the "i" dot is missing, which in the "four" was the death of the main culprit of all the confusion. In this respect, the game is closer to the first installments of the cycle, where - in order to feel that we had won the final victory - we had to take over the key object.

Completing the struggle on the normal difficulty level should not take an experienced player more than six hours - in this respect, World at War is in no way inferior to its predecessors. However, I got the impression that the game is a bit more difficult than Modern Warfare . I was tired especially during the final clash, where a staggering number of Nazis are fighting, and the program - out of spite - often doesn't save the game (you can't make your own "saves" in World at War ). Speaking of the final, I would like to point out one more thing. After taking over the headquarters of the German government, it is worth launching the first installment of the series and remembering what the attack on the Reichstag looked like there. The chasm is huge and it is not only about the incomparably better quality of the visuals. It's just that the new games from the Call of Duty series present the war with much greater momentum, all the time trying to make the user realize that he has gone to hell. The whistle of piercing bullets, aggressors and defenders falling in a row, incessant outbursts, shouts and a huge number of soldiers participating in the battle, killing each other without our participation. In order to find out how much the whole cycle has made in these few years in terms of presenting war, it is enough to look first at World at War , and then at the famous prototype. The difference is absolutely shocking.

How are the missions themselves? Traditionally, there's a lot to do. The game is structured in a specific way: although we are constantly accompanied by companions, the most important things (killing the enemy blocking the way, planting explosives under key installations, etc.) always fall on our shoulders. When the task commissioned by the commander is successfully completed, the game launches another script and the action moves forward. And that's how it is for six hours of fun.

In addition to the usual scenarios in which we run along a predetermined path and kill enemies winding under the barrel, in World at War we also come across two special tasks. The first one is driving a tank, while the second one is shooting enemies from the plane. The Soviet scrap heap is controlled in the same way as in the "one" or "two". There is no innovation, so use the vehicle ahead following the compass and destroy the German units. The second mission resembles a bomber flight from United Offensive, but in World at War we cannot run around the deck on our own - just press a button and our soldier will obediently take the place behind another machine gun. The rest is a typical "sight" in which we exterminate the planes and ships appearing on the screen. Again, nothing new, but the mission is accomplished in such a way that the creators deserve praise. We have a fantastic spectacle of explosions and a heart-pumping action that forces us to constantly eliminate Japanese Zero cutters and fighters before they make us a sieve.

After completing the campaign, you can play each of the fifteen missions alone, as well as try to complete them together with other players. Up to four daredevils can play in cooperation, and the game is played for points - just like in the arcade mode, which was available in Modern Warfare. A novelty is the ability to complete various challenges (e.g. kill 100 enemies with a pistol), which until now were reserved only for traditional multiplayer battles. In the cooperation mode, there are also cheats that help you fight. The latter, however, must first be unlocked by collecting special cards during the regular single player campaign.

Is this all the news that Treyarch has prepared? It turns out not. The developers have hidden one more fun mode, which is also available after completing the game for the first time. Of course, I am talking about the recently revealed level of the Night of the Undead , in which our brave soldier faces a horde of living dead. The rules of play are extremely simple. The player is locked in a ruined mansion, attacked from all sides by zombies. By killing enemies, he earns points for which you can rebuild destroyed barricades, buy new weapons and ammunition, and unlock new rooms in the house. There are more and more enemies with each round, and it gets harder and harder. The point, of course, is to survive as long as possible, while eliminating as many undead Nazis as possible. The fun is great and it can rivet all players who are bored with the regular campaign. An additional advantage of this mission is that you can launch it in cooperation mode. Fighting the living dead together is definitely more exciting.

What about multiplayer? Here, members of the Treyarch company did not dare to experiment more and, to put it mildly, copied the mechanisms developed by Infinity Ward studio for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare . The gameplay model is deceptively similar to that of the predecessor released a year ago. The only, but important novelty are actually vehicles that bring a lot of variety to the struggle. There may be several tanks on selected maps, and some of them allow you to hit not only with a cannon, but also a machine gun.

During the game, we gain experience points, which result in advancement to the next levels. Along with the latter, we get new types of weapons, gadgets and perks that allow you to create your dream soldier. At first glance, the game plays the same and if it weren't for the vehicles, the new maps (there are thirteen in all), the soldiers' models, the environment, the guns and the sides of the conflict, it would be difficult to know the difference. Treyarch hasn't even revolutionized the number of frags in a row. The creators only replaced the existing facilities, the stupidest of which - the murderous pack of dogs running out of nowhere - has already attracted the attention of players during beta tests on PC and Xbox 360.

Did the authors of the game do the right thing by not deciding to make any radical changes to the multiplayer? It seems that is right. The fourth installment of the Call of Duty series is still very popular among amateurs of shooters, so they can smoothly switch to World at War and deal with the extermination of other players on the Internet, without fear of losing playability, in addition with vehicles that Modern Warfare lacks . On the other hand, it is hard to resist the impression that the authors took the easy way and put a minimum of effort into online games.

In fact, whether World at War will be successful on the Internet, we will only find out some time later, when we compare the interest in the new game with the popularity of Modern Warfare. For now, it remains to enjoy a well-tested multiplayer in a better frame, which, in addition, is more resistant to cheats. The profiles in World at War are not stored on a local disk, but on an Internet server.

Call of Duty: World at War looks like another great installment in the cult multiplayer series. It cannot be denied that the game is actually great, but in my opinion it is a bit different from the previous installment of the series. The Infinity Ward studio served primarily a knocking-out campaign for a lone player, which to this day remains number one for me in the "interactive film" category, while playing World at War, I had the impression that I was just playing new missions - she did not draw I can see a perfectly designed whole, as in the "four".

What else? In a Treyarch product, invisible walls are incredibly shocking, which in a series with such a closed architecture as Call of Duty are simply unacceptable. It is difficult to fault the map design if the entrance to the house is blocked by a pile of rubble, but what to do when the door to the hut is open and there is no way to cross the threshold? We have such flowers in World at War, and in addition in the first mission! Interestingly, enemies and allies can overcome this invisible barrier without any problems. These types of mistakes are cruelly stinging in the eyes. Fortunately - they are rare.

I am also irritated by the excessive brutality of this game. I realize that a dozen or so bullets spit out from a heavy machine gun can turn a person into a shapeless lump of red meat, but on the other hand I don't know if I want to watch it in a computer game, even one with an 18+ sticker. In Call of Duty: World at War, opponents often "lose" limbs, lose their heads, and generally shed lots of body bits from contact with lead. The authors were probably very impressed with the last film with John Rambo in the lead role, because the slaughterhouse is unmerciful here. And also these brutal cutscenes. The game opens with a scene in which one of the Japanese smokes a captive's eye with a cigarette. We know war is brutal, we know people are gross crap, but why convince others of this in an entertainment product? The result is that even I - the man staring dispassionately at the blood pouring from the monitor screen - was disgusted.

The game is sold in Polish, with only the subtitles traditionally translated. It is hard to find fault with the quality of the location. There are no errors as such, but sometimes we find that some of the words have remained in the original language version. There is also a certain discrepancy in the translation of curses - some sound very blunt, others, for some reason, have been toned down.

Despite the above-mentioned shortcomings, Call of Duty: World at War is an excellent product, which I admit with great satisfaction, because before contact with this game I did not give it much chance against the magnum opus of the series, i.e. Modern Warfare. It is true that in my private ranking the work of Infinity Ward still remains in the first place, but Treyarch showed that the student is slowly catching up with the master. If you dream about a World War II shootout that knocks you to your knees with the breadth of the battlefield, World at War is the perfect candidate for a small randez-vous. Although the number will be quick, there will be fun in the group for the demanding, in several different variants. Undoubtedly, everyone will find something for themselves here, so I strongly encourage you to contact World at War. Really worth.

Krystian "UV Impaler" Smoszna



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