Indiegram - Review

Author: Lorenzo Baldo
Date: 2020-07-30 16:26:48
Tennis score for Indiegram: game, set and match! Today we go aboard Train Fever, review the physics notes with Schrödinger's Cat And The Raiders Of The Lost Quark and proceed with the Russian front of Battle Academy II. In the middle, the Starpoint Gemini II river of stars flows, interspersed with the medieval skirmishes of Cannon Brawl and the nostalgic, but not too much, flight of Futuridium EP Deluxe. Finally we play Russian roulette with fate, in the lysergic Heavy Bullets, and we spread some aliens, with the conversion for PlayStation 4 of Anomaly 2.

Train Fever

Games like Train Fever demonstrate, if ever needed, that the early access craze on Steam has damaged the market in a catastrophic way. Perhaps the developers of Train Fever (Urban Games) think it is normal to release a management game without tutorials and manuals, moreover equipped with an antediluvian and confusing user interface and part of the fault is almost certainly to be attributed to a market in which to publish games really suits now seem to be the exception rather than the rule.

Train Fever is a simulation of transport companies not far, as a philosophy, from Transport / Railroad Tycoon and associates. Unfortunately, the similarities with the aforementioned masterpieces stop at the premises: the problems, in fact, begin to reveal themselves immediately. First of all, the only game option is the "sandbox" option in which to try to make your company prosper as much as possible, without any mission or goal to be achieved, apart from the usual endless list of rather anonymous achievements. The game interface is a jumble of windows and windows that seem to come directly from a nightmare starring Windows 3.1. To understand the obtuseness, just know that with the ESC key -not- you call up the options menu: in the middle of 2014, such laxity is absolutely unacceptable. The soundtrack alternates acceptable passages with "works" to be listened to over and over again so they are unheard, while the graphic aspect does its duty, having as defects not really excellent performances and a certain anonymity. The dynamics of the systems that govern the economy of the game, moreover, are rather obscure and force the player to exhausting searches on the Internet to be deciphered. The mockery is that, in any case, the economic systems of the game do not seem too sophisticated and there is a feeling that the game can never take off. The player, at the end of the day, never feels gratified and stimulated enough to continue, also due to the absence of opposing companies managed by the PC. After all, think about it for a moment: without objectives and without the pressure given by opposing companies, what incentive do you have to optimize the economic efficiency of a line?

Platforms : PC, Mac, Linux (via Steam)
Genre : Management
Price : 24.99 €
Rating : 6

Marco Calcaterra

Schrödinger's Cat And The Raiders Of The Lost Quark

Inside the box, as in the famous paradox, there is actually a cat and a poison box. The crafty and shrewd feline ignores the mephitic concoction, dodging the deadly dart. And we, keyboard in hand, should follow his example. Out of metaphor, Italic Pig, under the aegis of Team 17, creates an anachronistic platform, delayed by at least twenty years on the roadmap. What, at least initially, seems like a fun and harmless title, in the end turns out to be a concentrate of mediocrity.

The protagonist, a peaceful purple cat, runs at breakneck speed among the subatomic particles, in an attempt to save the universe from potential catastrophe. To have reason for obstacles and adversities, he manipulates the atoms, distinguished by a different chromatic nuance, scrupulously following the vadecum, a guide accessible at any time. Three yellow fragments, linked in unison, are transformed into the blades of a helicopter, raising the tabby towards new heights, while the crimson corpuscles, melted together, solidify, forming a walkway to be used as needed. These are just a couple of examples of a wider range of possibilities. Conceptually speaking, there is an enigmatic streak, which is based precisely on the precise and conscious use of what the cat finds between its paws. Too bad that the whole, however appreciable on paper, turns out to be counterproductive.

Schrödinger's Cat And The Raiders Of The Lost Quark is a tome, a gigantic volume of quantum physics, a book in which the pages have been torn and mixed at random, without following a precise logic. By intervening via patch, stemming, at least in part, the heavy gaps, there is some hope of redemption, but at present for the poor cat there is nothing but a sonorous rejection.

Platform : PC
Price : 12.99 €
Genre : Platforms
Rating : 4.9

Lorenzo Baldo

Battle Academy II

World War II, Russian front: nothing new, you will say. But again - at least relatively - there is the approach that Battle Academy II adopts towards one of the most inaccessible genres of all time, that of wargames. The Slitherine title is presented on Steam offering mechanics suitable for a popular platform, without sacrificing depth. It seems a commonplace, but on closer inspection the new Battle Academy manages to conquer the Holy Grail of design quite well: there are a lot of statistics, many units, you can run into ambushes, you have to move carefully in urban areas. But everything works intuitively, in accordance with a certain boardgame atmosphere with the toy soldiers.

Platform : PC
Price : 36.99 €
Genre : Strategy
Rating : 8

Claudio Chianese