Catherine: Full Body - Analysis

Author: David Soriano
Date: 2020-07-30 17:45:57
Since it was released in 2011, Catherine has not left anyone indifferent. It is true that ATLUS focused - in the original launch and in practice most of its reissues - on highlighting the eroticism of its proposal as a commercial hook. So much so that many mistakenly came to think it was an erotic or pornographic game ... and it's not so bad. Now it comes to a new platform, PS4, like Catherine: Full Body, but it does not do it in the form of a simple remastering, but adds a series of contents to make, even if you played the original, feel fresh enough to give a new one. opportunity to your peculiar proposal.

In this analysis we are going to focus on the changes and news of this Full Body edition. If you want to know the basic structure, history and others that remains intact with respect to the original, you can read Catherine Classic's analysis.

In essence, despite the title, Catherine's story is really the story of Vincent, the true protagonist of the story. This young man has been dating his girlfriend Katherine (yes, with k) for five years in a serious relationship. So much so, that wedding bells are already ringing. His life is turned upside down when Catherine, an explosive blonde with whom he has an affair, appears in his life. Doubts about the consequences of his infidelity, his future plans and others were the key storyline. But now a third girl, Rin , comes into play.

In this way, the main change is that we are no longer facing a triangle, but a love square . Rin acts as the balance of balance between the two personalities of Catherine and Katherine. It is true that in the original game it seemed that it was too opposite poles. One was the pure carpe diem and the other wanted to have everything tied up and resolved before the rice was passed. RIn, in addition to having a much more different appearance than the other two, which at the moment seemed like clones with different hair color and tint, is a sweet girl who to some extent lets herself go and lets life surprise her.

These doubts about the meaning of life, which arise in conversations with Vincent's colleagues, give way to nightmares that force Vincent to climb for his life ... literally, and that's where Catherine's playable aspect falls: Full Body. Progress in the video game is determined by a series of climbing puzzles in which we have to move blocks to get to the top before death reaches these sections. In addition to being connected to a series of events in his real world, if Vincent dies in his dream, he will also die in real life .

What seemed a priori entertainment to simply fill in the gaps between the animated scenes in the Bar Stray Sheep, ended up becoming too frustrating a gameplay, and this is where Full Body comes to the rescue. Bet on new puzzle mechanics and a much more bearable difficulty curve in which the changes and appearances of new blocks represent a progressive rise in the level of the challenge, almost as if with each variant there were small undercover tutorials before releasing ourselves into the adventure . As a puzzle game it ends up being completely addictive and very well worked.

It can be as deep as you want, this accessibility is only optional and temporary. In fact, if you have already played the original, Full Body offers you a new challenge in the form of the Alternative Mode, which changes the puzzles you already know by completely changing the structure of the puzzle grouping so that it is not familiar at all. Of course, it forces you to think differently, with new strategies and possible different combinations of the types of blocks that are being unlocked. And there are 500 different towers, which is double that of the original delivery.

If three women are a crowd ... well, this crowd is also reflected in the multiplayer options. Now both the Babel and Colosseum modes will be unlocked from the start and we won't have to progress through Vincent's story and skirt troubles to access them. It may not have penetrated as much in Europe, but in Japan there are even small competitive tournaments, so the opening for the online multiplayer seemed like a natural asset, as the original was limited by the local multi increasingly endangered. You will be able to compete with friends or strangers to see who reaches the top of the tower first in time trials or other collaboratives in Babel. At the moment (the game does not go on sale in the West until September 3), it is quite difficult to find a game, so it will be necessary to see if the community responds or remains a simple anecdote.

Obviously, the game comes with a little facelift, to take advantage of these last bars of the PS4 generation (little more and go to PS5). This anime aesthetic is much more polished, especially in the black edges of the character animations. The inclusion of Rin is not out of place, maintaining the aesthetics of this entire universe created without making its design seem like a shoehorn (at the plot level, there are times when it feels this forced). Shoji Meguro , composer of the house in the Persona saga, has been responsible for adding new themes to the composition of the soundtrack to associate with the new content. And speaking of Persona ... Joker, the popular Persona 5 character, appears in the game as a playable character.