Catherine: Full Body - Review

Author: Marco "Uomoespo" Esposto
Date: 2020-07-30 17:46:10
A bottle of wine in the foreground. The shot widens and there are two rounded silhouettes that press against the bottle. That they are ... No, it is not possible. But yes: buttocks, female buttocks. They press hard until the cork starts, resulting in a splash of wine that floods the entire screen (the two senses are calm as a truck of several tons that mows a kitten on the highway). The red wine seems to have flooded everything and three completely naked female bodies are immersed in the liquid. Detachment, we now clearly see the three women.

One plays the piano, she is dressed like a girl in a school apron. The other is seated, serious, dark glasses, long hair, chaste but aggressive clothes, almost dominant. The third is in the foreground, nightgown and underwear almost non-existent, intent on sipping a glass of wine. In the center of the room, which has the features of a stage, there is a man in his underwear. A long hair, dry, chained to the ground. And with a couple of sheep's horns on his head. Are you confused? And we are only at the beginning of Catherine: Full Body, what I have described is the only intro of the main menu, with the words Press Start that stands out in the center.

In 2011 Atlus had surprised everyone with Catherine, an absolutely delusional, fun and also pretty cool game if faced with the highest difficulties. It was a real story with crossroads, a narrative adventure with multiple endings. Between one sequence and another (specifically when its protagonist, Vincent, went to sleep and dreamed) the game was transformed into a puzzle game, where the player's aim was to climb the towers of cubes suspended in space. These had to be moved to create a passage to the summit, avoiding falling. All in a dreamlike context made of talking sheep and references to sex. But let's go in order, since Catherine has returned exclusively to PlayStation 4 in a revised and corrected version that has taken the name, precisely, of Full Body.

We play the role of Vincent, a thirty-year-old who does not want responsibility, a real estate agent, who prefers to procrastinate beyond belief and who dreams of a life still at that precise moment, without any evolution whatsoever, especially as regards the relationship with Katherine, his eternal girlfriend. The man is soon tempted by Catherine (with the C!) Mysterious girl who suddenly appeared in her life: uninhibited and brazen, she invites him not to think about the future and the family. It seems almost ethereal, as if only Vincent can see it. Needless to say, the young woman hides a dark secret, but let's not say more for those who hadn't played the original game.

Full Body, however, does things big and introduces a new narrative line, with a third girl, Qatherine, with Q. She has lost her memory, she doesn't remember her name very well. Adding a third person with a similar name is likely to send poor Vincent really mad, who decides to call her Rin. Childish appearance and almost childish character, condescending, perhaps perfect not to pester Vincent. She also moved to the apartment next to his and works as a pianist at the Stray Sheep, a pub where the man spends most of the evenings.