Chuchel in the test - wonderfully stupid

Author: Elena Schulz
Date: 2018-03-06 17:33:00
Chuchel is not long and sometimes too light, but convinces in the test with a firework of wit and charm - and a lovable fluff.

Do you really want that? Yes, say the makers. Because Chuchel is really not at all repulsive. On the contrary: The little filthy creature is the perfect mixture of its inventor Jaromir Plachy and his dog Anca - annoying and exhausting, but also incredibly nice and naive.

Hairy, gross, wonderful

The scenario alone is absurd: the grinning duster Chuchel shares her world with all sorts of bizarre creatures such as a mean pink jelly, a yellow elephant that doubles as a bathtub or a toothbrush that is afraid of snakes. The graphic style is somewhere between a children's book and a drug trip , looks cute and disturbing at the same time.

The plot of the adventure remains consistently simple and is mainly there to introduce new, funny moments. A small cherry ends up in our home that we absolutely want to eat. But she snatches a little animal from under our noses - Kekel (Czech for "something terribly disgusting"), our naked mole rat-like pet. We'll chase that through the individual levels from now on while we solve puzzles to get the sweet fruit back.

Chuchel reminds us a little of cartoons like Tom and Jerry , in which one absurd sketch chases the next. For example, once the two brawlers finally reach the coveted cherry, only to find that there is actually a bomb in it and unceremoniously blows it up. Does it make sense? Not really. But have fun watching? Oh yeah! Humor and situational comedy always come first, but the game also makes us love them both through cute moments.

Just a question of form

The puzzle design is crazy and clever, so it fits the game's extraordinary look. However, some of the ideas are so idiosyncratic that the process doesn't always feel logical. Sometimes we only solve the tasks with trial and error according to the trial and error principle. But that doesn't matter: even wrong procedures are underlaid with humorously staged sequences . So we deliberately want to try every possible way.

There is also a help function. But it shows the complete solution of the riddle instead of subtle hints. So you should really only use it if you have no idea. In the puzzles, small gags, in which you usually only have to click something, alternate with more complex puzzle screens. The latter are also too easy on the whole, but play with a lot of variety.

Together with our small pet, with whom we are forced to team up for a short time, we end up in a forest with lots of fruit, for example. The cherry is guarded there by a grim sloth that won't let us pass. We now have to find a way to the cherry and make clever use of our surroundings.

We eat the fruits and notice that they change our shape. We can become a duck, a spider, or just huge. That doesn't just look funny: If we change ourselves and our companion skillfully, we pass the sloth. The most obvious solution is often not the right one. Chuchel makes us think around the corner .

Reunion with old classics

Chuchel also scores points outside of the puzzles for its versatility. Again and again it loosens up the classic puzzles with brisk skill passages, jump & run sections or even fighting game sequences. For example, one level let us play modified versions of classics such as Tetris, Space Invaders or Pacman. We had to dodge Tetris blocks, flee from Pacman and munch cherries or shoot the evil aliens with the right color.

There are even decisions in the game. But they are more for our entertainment and do not have a great playful influence. One day we have to scare away an alien who has parked his spaceship on our cherry. Chuchel can now simply talk to the alien, attack it or rely on "creative solutions" by using a T-Rex or a lightsaber to help.

A quick joke

The gags and sketches work so well because Chuchel directs everything towards them. There is no real story and not even dialogue. The whole game works without words. Animations and sound effects are in the foreground: Everything moves a lot or crazy and ideally makes cute noises or babbles angrily to itself. You just love watching Chuchel and his strange world.

In addition, there is never boredom in the total of 30 levels. No scheme or idea is repeated . The adventure is so entertaining and ideal for a fun evening. However, fast players should already be through after two hours, if you take your time, you need a maximum of three. Then you are really done without much replay value, even if you can select your favorite levels again individually. The game doesn't feel too short, but precisely because the ideas and puzzles are so clever, we would have liked to see more of it.