Circa Infinity - Analysis

Author: Albert Manjón
Date: 2021-01-26 15:50:14
The case of Kenny Sun, creator of Circa Infinity, could have been one more case. 22-year-old videogame enthusiast creates a game called Core during a Ludum Dare in December 2014. Happy with the result, he decides to continue with the project during his last semester at New York University.

The game is attractive enough to get excited, and the question "Can I live on this?" Assails you. The road to success, not without obstacles, is to stand out above the rest of video games in prolific times on the independent scene. And this is where many wonderful projects falter and never reach more than a few hundred downloads.

And what happened next?

And nothing better than having the most famous Youtuber in the world lend you a hand to make your project known to the whole world. As Kenny told us, "it is possible that the game had never been published on Steam, it might have reached mobile platforms but I don't know if it would have been so successful." And is that after PewdiePie published this video playing, among other games, Circa Infinity, visits to the web increased exponentially. The passage through Greenlight was a process and people from all over the world were interested in Circa Infinity.

But beyond this stroke of fortune, Circa Infinity is a balanced game within its intriguing approach where gravity and the center of the circle in which we find ourselves will be, at the same time, the means and the main objective of each phase. Although we have a clear objective, we will not know what the reason for this is, will it be to meet our own inner being? Will it be a metaphor for the descent of Virgil and Dante through the body of Lucifer to start the ascent to Purgatory? The symbolism behind Circa Infinity has not been and will not be revealed by the author, so we leave each of you to draw your own conclusions.

Although it surely also reminds you of Super Hexagon or the recently analyzed Momoka: An Interplanetary Adventure, I can tell you that the game is really inspired by the creative process of the New York artist Holton Rower. In addition, during the last sections of the game we have seen influences from other works such as 2001: A Space Odyssey or other games such as Fez.

Kaleidoscopic harmony between playability, artistic design and OST

The game remains fresh from the first to the last phase , with a visual section devoted to playing with the kaleidoscopic and hypnotic effects of each circumference in which we enter, and with different types of enemies from which we will have to learn each one of its mechanics. The pixelated and minimalist aesthetic fits perfectly with the rest of the game, although we have detected that these similarities in the enemies will make it difficult to identify them and predict the movements of each one of them.

On a sound level we have loved it, the original electronic-based soundtrack by the brothers Jack & Jim Fay perfectly complements the visual section and lends itself to speed up the pace of the game.

Circa Infinity is broken down into 5 levels made up of 10 phases each. The difficulty will be a link that the most impatient will have to save or give up since Circa Infinity lends itself to speed without it being a good companion. Most of the phases will be more about patience and observing the movements of the enemies than running in mindless circles. This allows us to identify the patterns of the enemies, predict their movements and complete each of the sections of each phase, believe us, the speedrun here will not help you.

Control will play a trick on you.

Yes, we have noticed that the control is not very intuitive. As they are circular movements, we find ourselves at points where when we release one of the two movement buttons, the movement to the right will be the opposite of the one we have in the other half of the circle. Although it may seem like a triviality, it is not, as it is a game of skill and agility, it is really frustrating to see that we move in the opposite direction to the desired one.

Circa Infinity can take you from a couple of hours to about five or six hours depending on your skill and patience - we have been one of those who have been slow - although Kenny has confirmed that an update of the game will be released this year. It will not follow current gravitational mechanics and will focus on new playable mechanics. Circa Infinity is now available on Steam and in the Apple and Google stores.