Code 7 - Analysis

Author: Jose A. Rodríguez
Date: 2020-03-02 20:52:28
If anyone wears enough gray hair or areas of the head without dense hair, or is simply a retro lover, he will have enjoyed conversational adventures at some point. Titles in which the mechanics go exclusively through the introduction of text, which gives rise to a series of reactions and puzzles. Well, that's what the guys at Goodwolf Studio have wanted, who have already released two episodes of Code 7 on Steam, their most recent PC title, which we invite you to try if you're curious or if you're just fed up with the mechanics already known.

We wake up with amnesia (new!) And we are a hacker in a terminal. We only see the screen of it, here there is no movement, nor technical section to highlight. The thriller begins when we have to restart the system and update it in order to use it; It seems that we are facing a console of the present generation. A few minutes later, we will be inserting commands that will make another character contact us, a girl who seems to know us and is part of what she describes as "our team." From there, they remind us that we are hackers and we begin to take possession of the station (to the extent that we are capable) in which the title is developed to allow our partner to move through it.

The developers describe it as a new generation text adventure , and we do not know if the "new generation" is necessary, but it is true that we must highlight the ability to make us feel within a plot that we can not see, more beyond the pressure of its dark screens, the simple animations of the other character when he speaks and his voice, extremely well interpreted . By the way, it doesn't reach us bent or translated. A shame. Not that difficult, but because a text - based adventure deserved a translation, at least.

We begin to get used to the commands within a few minutes, we will start to put codes that we get from our computer, we sneak in creating routes to jump security, we open, we close doors, we turn on the electricity, we turn it off ... we become owners of the environment and opening the paths that our partner indicates. This for two episodes , but for now, the game will have 4 . It is therefore time to talk about relative duration figures, since according to our ability we will stick one hour per section.

Technically, this game is a challenge when it comes to being described. And it is static, with some conversation animation. Text, more text, some interference, an archaic interface and choices we make by pressing the first key of each word. Yes, it should be noted the utility for this that is on PC , because the console would not have the game of typing the own key. That said, all said.

We can talk, yes, of the great interpretation in the voice of our partner, in fact, the game from the beginning was thought of as an adventure with professional voices. He knows how to transmit intensity. Also the ambient and totally oppressive music, together with some electronic sounds, know how to create the perfect environment for "adventure".

An atypical game, difficult to describe at many levels but at the same time as basic as it is effective when it comes to stories. The idea of making choices to continue, of responding to the line of text that interests us, of moving through the terminal in a way that imitates professional style and all this thinking that it is up to us to become events that come great given our amnesia , make this episodic title the best possible option.