Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces - Análisis

Author: Jose A. Rodríguez
Date: 2021-02-01 18:49:29
At Relic Entertainment they know that Company of Heroes 2 is the benchmark for real-time strategy for PC today. For this reason, after visiting the conflict from various perspectives, including Eastern Europe, now comes The British Forces, an expansion that, once again, will delight fans of warfare.

So, the first thing we are going to find is the "peace of mind" that we will not need to have the full game or any previous DLC . The British Forces is a “standalone” expansion, using the COH2 engine as a base, but offering us its own experience. And this is where we are going to consider the purchase. This is a product that is no longer focused, but directly developed for multiplayer . There is no solo campaign .

So what does a new Company of Heroes 2 DLC bring us? To begin with, and as its name suggests, it immerses us fully in the management of the English troops during World War II . Without a doubt, this will enchant those closest to the war history of the 20th century. England demonstrated attacking and defensive potential during the conflict that many other countries would like (see protecting their own land while tending to the invasions of North Africa. If you don't feel like reviewing in books, take a look at Call of Duty 2 .. .). Consequently, the English army has its own armor (smaller and more versatile than the Russians, for example) but with a very high mobility and resistance.

The choice of commander is important because of the motivation and reinforcement they provide for our troops, and this time we have several new ones, who do have a charming English accent. It will not be for detail and realism, in COH2 that is a hallmark. We are going to develop different strategies depending on our choice, which can go through the support of mobile and armored units, or also the use of air clothes that represent a reinforcement for our ground soldiers, who although they enjoy more mobility, fall like flies before any vehicle and / or battleship.

Once again the use of the environment is essential for the proper development of the game. Not covering any unit means its loss (also for our enemy) and in an online game that means a rather short longevity for our units. The buildings are our main parapet for survival (and for Churchill's spirit to win). Thus, we can unlock better artillery units that should be positioned appropriately to enable the attack but, even more so, the defense, since they are the direct target of those who, developing a good strategy, prefer to remove the sources of danger from higher voltage.

The development of the skirmishes is exactly identical to that of the base game and the previous DLCs, this time with the addition of eight new maps that, although they do not add anything “new” to the set, they do expand our experience, as do the new units, which maintain the same management. We are not going to vary the modus operandi at all, but the most fun is going to be facing battles against armies that we do not have. But maybe this will help players whet their appetite for war and enjoy other expansions. That said, it is necessary to highlight that online gaming, with a decent connection, is fluid , the servers do not crash and the experience is practically perfect, always subject to the connection of all participants (up to four in this case) being the same. of good. And above all, it is fun to the extreme.

Now, in the sound section, we continue with an excellent job. We do not see changes (the effects of artillery and explosions, for example) practically, but the dialogues with an English accent and the epic music feel wonderful to the environment, and they make us want to continue enjoying a title that enters the eyes and ears of wonder. It also helps that, being a multiplayer game, we do not have a duration limit, and the variety is great due to the interactivity with the original and previous expansions. A title as infinite in duration as we want to make it.