Fallblox - Analysis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-07-30 18:50:28
Now we talk about Fallblox, but before, let's set precedents. About a year ago, a title published in the Nintendo 3DS eShop convulsed the Red media forums. It was a puzzle, made by a second Nintendo party, which had reached the virtual platform of his laptop at a ridiculous price in Comparison with the physical catalog: 6 euros. It was Pullblox, a game that turned the 2011 sales charts upside down and dazzled an authentic legion of fans for its freshness and irresistible mechanics.

Such a vein could not be forgotten, and Nintendo has wanted to turn this little puzzle into a whole saga. However, far from trying to bring it into the field of cartridge and shelf play, the company has chosen to keep the spirit of play small in Fallblox , a sequel that, more than just a handful of puzzles, is a new twist on the game. mechanics, adding an element that will make us go crazy throughout some of our games: gravity.

For the player who does not know Pullblox yet , this is a game in which we control Millo, a nice character in a world full of color, where we will find structures made up of blocks. Our mission will be to push and pull those blocks to create a ladder that will take us to the top of said structure, in order to save the unwary children who have been trapped on it.

In Fallblox , our mission will be to rescue a series of colorful birds, after our hero scared them off with a fun sumo move. Experts in the first Pullblox may think at first glance that the game has not changed one iota with respect to the original delivery, but be careful, the laws of physics have completely disrupted the gameplay of the first Pullblox . This time gravity will play a crucial role in mechanics, since by pulling a block we can drop the one that is right on top of it. This slight change in the behavior of the blocks completely breaks with the mechanics of the first title of the saga, and will make us rally our brains for the solution of some of the levels.

And not only that has changed in Fallblox : unlike what has been seen in Pullblox , this time we can grab the pieces and move them in all directions. In addition, taking into account gravity, sometimes we will be forced to move several pieces at once, sometimes pulling the top, or using a third piece ... It is incredible how Intelligent Systems have shaped a sequel to Pullblox that, by simply adding the element of gravity, is more complicated and challenging without losing the charming simplicity of the original.

We place pieces towards the final conclusion and its note.