Dark Souls 2 - Analysis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-03-03 04:35:59
Note: This analysis focuses on the unique features of Dark Souls 2 in its PC version. If you want to know everything that the title of From Software offers, go through our analysis to check it.

We have been enjoying death in Dark Souls 2 for a month and a half in its versions for desktop consoles. However, if you are one of those who expected to play it on PC , you are in luck, From Software has finally released the version of this title for computers and not only keeps everything good from the rest of the iterations, but it becomes its own merits in the best opportunity to enjoy one of the most difficult and satisfying games of recent years.

To start, it should be noted that when it comes to content, Dark Souls 2 for PC is exactly the same as on Xbox 360 and PS3. Same locations, enemies, behaviors, features and game options that are nailed to all levels. The delay to polish specific areas of the game has not been used, but the work of From Software has been to retouch the technical section to take advantage of the greater technical power of many of the desktop computers in our homes. The most direct implication of this is somewhat discouraging: those who expected this version of the game to look like beta or the demonstrations prior to the downgrade graphic prior to the game's release, will take a good click. Everything here is an adaptation of what has already been seen, so we cannot expect major changes.

However, once this little varapalo is overcome, the truth is that the comparison with the PS3 and 360 versions is almost odious for the latter. Dark Souls 2 for PC moves faster (60 frames), shows better graphic effects and more detailed textures and even dares to reduce load times significantly (although not to make them disappear). The differences are sometimes subtle, other times they are much more obvious. We just have to look at the oscillation of the grass rocked by the wind, the density of the particle effects or the greater detail of the light games (without going crazy, of course). The feeling is to be before the same, but something more worked. That is, before one of the most beautiful games of recent times.

The graphic configuration options are sufficient, although not precisely exhaustive. For example, the FXAA is the only antialiasing option, although on the other hand it can be configured from water quality to depth of field, among other possibilities. In short, it is easy to make Dark Souls 2 work even on mid-range PCs with more than efficient performance. Of course, shortly after our machine is powerful we will enjoy an absolutely stable rate of images per second at HD resolutions. Reaching 4K is also possible, although for this we need a latest model system.

At the playable level the changes are minimal, although the implementation of the keyboard and mouse to control our hero stands out. Although it is acceptable, the truth is that it is obvious that Dark Souls 2 has been done thinking about being played with a command, so this is the most recommended option. However, it is curious how when playing with a command the mouse cursor plays and reappears in conversations or when opening the inventory. This problem probably does not last long in solving via patch, although it is annoying at first. For the rest, the same interesting and deep game that manages to sting us despite the infinite deaths that will make us suffer. Even multiplayer options remain the same and work with the same stability. However, we have not been able to test them very thoroughly due to the low number of players that at the time of writing these lines populated the game servers.

Analyzing this game without its console versions, we see that the jump between the PC version of Dark Souls and this continuation is simply gigantic. The improvements and optimization in this case are vastly better. And what is more, considering even the versions for PS3 and 360, we are still facing the best version of Dark Souls 2 , although we continue bellowing for the graphic downgrade with respect to previous demonstrations. If you like to have a good time having a bad time, this is your game.