Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - Análisis

Author: José Manuel Bringas
Date: 2020-07-30 17:29:41
Dark Souls Prepare to die Edition is the PC version of earlier-year hit Dark Souls. Namco-Bandai bet heavily on the second part, spiritual, of Demon Souls, one of the first games for PS3 and that was a breath of fresh air for the Action RPG sector.

If there is one thing Dark Souls achieves, it is to keep the player in a constant state of alert. In that aspect, it is very reminiscent of the games of the 8-bit generation, in which you progressed based on trial and error and if you had to spend thirty lives to pass a phase it was assumed as part of the game and that's it.

The peculiarity of Dark Souls is that this difficulty has much more repercussions than having to start the level from the beginning. By killing enemies and consuming certain items we get soul points. These soul points are essential as they are worth both leveling up and buying weapons and spells from merchants. The moment we die, we lose all those souls that we haven't spent. Fortunately we can always go back to where we were killed and regain lost power, but we must be very careful, because the game only saves the last death and if we return to clap our way, we will lose the souls of our first fall forever.

Thus, Dark Souls turns each advance into an achievement, since there is no simple or weak enemy. A well-equipped level 50 character (to give an example), who travels to the initial zone and allows himself to be taken by a pair of skeletons, is assured of two or three blows. You can't underestimate the zombie around the corner because, okay, it has less punch than a regional third team, but at any moment it throws an incendiary bomb at you and we've already bundled it up.

And that's not to mention the bosses and mini-bosses that we have scattered throughout the game. Beings that once taken the tranquillo are relatively easy to eliminate, but that at the slightest mistake make you part of the decoration. The usual thing is that if a giant armor armed with a mace that measures what you throw at you, it is that you die of one. And this occurs. Much more often than in any other game of this generation, except for Demon Souls, of course.

In Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition we do not depend on leveling to overcome the zones. Being high-level is important, okay, and also having good weapons and armor and some spells than others, but the player's ability to know when to stop, when to dodge, which weapon to wield or which attack to execute at any moment is much more important. .

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