Darkest Dungeon - Análisis

Author: Albert Manjón
Date: 2020-07-31 08:24:56
The Darkest Dungeon story begins at the purest moment in the development of a video game, in the conception of his studio and his team, in that first spark, in that first idea. Tyler Sigman and Chris Bourassa, former members of Backbone Entertainment, decided it was time to start a joint project. The first seeds of Darkest Dungeon began to be cultivated between 2012 and 2013. From the influence of games such as Michael Cranford's The Bard's Tale, Ultima Underworld or Eye of the Beholder Darkest Dungeon and Red Hook Studios would be born.

With the original approach, very close to the end result, Red Hook Studios launched a successful Kickstarter campaign in early 2014 in which it raised $ 313,337 of the $ 75,000 they initially needed to fund the game. This allowed Red Hook to expand the game and give it extra content for its launch on Steam, reaching # 1 Steam Top Seller. Time has passed and several launches have followed on other platforms. In September 2016 the game came to PS4 and PSVita , in August 2017 it would reach iPad and today it reaches the hybrid Nintendo console presenting the most complete, most compact and accessible version to date within the console ecosystem.

Because Darkest Dungeon is a complex, deep and complete game . It is a dark and suffocating game that puts us right next to the narrator in charge of putting us in a situation, presenting us with the excuse that will take us to explore the deepest dungeons in search of relics and treasures.

It transfers to the player one of its most differentiating factors compared to the rest of the role-playing game, stress. Our heroes will suffer the stress of facing darkness and enemies from the deep. Stress will produce afflictions that will directly affect their combat behavior and stats. We will lose control over them, reminding ourselves at all times that we are not the adventure but part of it , that we must remember that our place is next to the narrator and that our heroes have their own soul. Darkest Dungeon encourages seamless immersion into dungeons and raid planning. It allows a communication with the cooperative game, that not imperative , in which we will have to deal with the restlessness, afflictions, hobbies and traits of a multitude of different classes.

Darkest Dungeon takes place in two totally different areas. The village , where we will improve buildings, get new heroes, heal their negative traits, improve their skills, etc. In the village we will have to manage and optimize our relationship with the heroes and optimize them. We must heal and cure their stress, whether it is playing cards, drinking at the inn or visiting the brothel. It will not be potions or items that will heal them, but mundane elements that will allow us to feel more in tune with the game.

Once all the setup is done we will jump to the dungeons . We must survive with the resources acquired in the village. Retaining light with torches will keep stress at bay and prevent enemy ambushes. It is here where the game gives us the possibility of being one more hero. To be that fifth character who will be in charge at every moment of thinking and deciding whether or not we should explore the other room . Whether or not we should take that path. Whether or not we should abandon the mission, always bearing in mind that " a timely withdrawal is a victory ." Darkest Dungeon has that concept etched into fire. Dungeons will never be safe or free from danger, a couple of bad battles and even the most experienced heroes will find death. Because the pressure becomes total when we are aware that death in Darkest Dungeon is permanent and we can lose that high-level hero with whom so many dungeons we have explored. And that is a major loss, very significant. This fact together with the ability to approach the game at our own pace and on the path that we consider gives a feeling that freedom and unique personality.

For all these reasons, Darkest Dungeon is an intense game that transmits fantastic sensations. It is an almost infinite game that offers great possibilities and allows the player to advance at the pace that his conservatism allows . It gives you time to think and react at all times with its deep turn-based battle system.

And the Switch version is everything Darkest Dungeon has always wanted to be . If the PS4 version suffered from its complex control and accessibility to menus, the Switch version takes advantage of each and every button on the joy-con to offer good accessibility to the game. But what makes it more complete is the possibility of interacting through the touch screen to reach the information that the game is willing to share at all times to facilitate progression and immersion . This is a vital detail since Darkest Dungeon is a very complete game, but with a not insignificant learning curve. In the beginning it will be an overwhelming game, but as we get the mechanics and its basic concepts the game becomes a continuum of rewards that allows us to prepare the next raid with the same illusion as the first.

The accessibility offered by this version of Switch is complemented by the possibility per se of the Nintendo hybrid . Although Darkest Dungeon was conceived as a PC game, the portable experience greatly reinforces our experience as gamers. With this the game is boosted to a complete gameplay that allows the player to enjoy these short but intense games in portable mode or, from desktop mode, in the longest-running dungeons. Both in one way and in the other the game shines, stands out and reveals the excellent designs of its characters and settings, one of its hallmarks.

Its launch on Switch comes in two different versions . A version with the standard game at a price of 21.99EUR and the ancestral version that includes the two DLC's ( Shieldbreaker and The Crimson Court ) at a price of 30.99EUR . Maybe going for a full version is a bit risky if it is your first contact with the game but if you still have a reckless personality, know that while Shieldbreaker is limited to the incorporation of a new class, The Crimson Court does add a good amount of content at all levels, from the new class of the flagellant, new areas or the possibility of expanding the town make it a true expansion that you can go to if the game, at some point, becomes too small.