Darksiders 2 - Analysis

Author: Gustavo Maeso
Date: 2020-07-31 00:00:55
Editor's Note: For the exclusive features of the Wii U version of Darksiders II, check out the “Differences in Wii U” section at the end of the review. Death, the scythe rider, takes over from his brother Guerra in this Darksiders II, the long-awaited sequel to the Vigil Games game released in 2010. And like that, here comes a tremendous dose of action, platformer, some role-playing and one and a half million puzzles.

The script of the game continues the story of the first, with Guerra condemned to pay for having descended to Earth and causing the extermination of humanity. Death is convinced of his innocence and is willing to do whatever it takes to redeem his brother. To do this, he sets out to find the legendary Tree of Life, resurrect the human race and thus atone for the guilt of War. For this he will fall into a strange forgotten world, very much in keeping with Darksiders imagery, known as the world of Makers. There, a dozen dungeons await you to overcome to achieve your goal, but that yes, surrounded by an epic story and most interesting characters.

In this second installment of the game, the different dungeons are arranged on a very large map that we can traverse at will (on the back of our horse Despair), giving a feeling of freedom and an 'open world' that, in reality, is not such , since in the end the story is fundamentally linear. In addition, we will get tired very fast of riding through the extensive moors, especially when we have collected the handful of chests and lost objects found in it. The possibility of 'teleporting' directly to already visited points on the map will be the only interesting option from minute one.

As for the gameplay, Death has a quick main blow with his scythes and a second hit with a secondary weapon, generally more powerful, but much slower. The combination of combos with both attacks is surprising and very effective. But the best thing is that throughout the adventure we will be acquiring better weapons for both attacks, adjusting both to our personal tastes. Also Death will acquire new blows, new abilities and the repertoire of attacks will increase exponentially and we will adapt it to our needs.

The RPG component of this installment is even more pronounced than in the previous one. War will level up throughout the adventure and earn skill points. These points will be awarded in the corresponding skill tree and we will obtain new blows and magic attacks for our rider. These hits will consume Anger, the second most important resource after the Life bar. This 'rolero' component is completed with the equipment, which we can collect and equip throughout the game (buying or finding them in the hundreds of chests on the map). As in any role-playing game, we will be informed if the equipment in question (armor, boots, weapons, amulets ...) is higher or lower than the object we already have equipped and we can equip it on the fly, without having to enter the corresponding menu.

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