Day of the Tentacle: Remastered review - the great return of the legend

Author: Przemysław Zamęcki
Date: 2016-03-21 15:38:00
The review was based on the PC version.

If he were to list the five most important games of all time for me, this modest list would certainly include four adventure games signed with the logo of the former Lucas company. Among them, we could not miss Day of the Tentacle - a title that once awakened in me, as an Amiga fan, jealousy directed at the tin empire slowly taking over the gaming market. The old saying goes, however, that when you cannot win against the enemy, join him, and shortly after that, I also got to know the adventures of Bernard, Hoagi and Laverne - an amazing group of heroes brought to life by David Grossman and Tim Schafer, with the participation of no less great creators, such as Ron Gilbert or Gary Winnick. Twenty-three years after its release, a new generation of players has a chance to break the world from Purple's tentacles once again.

Day of the Tentacle is the most classic point-and-click adventure game. A sequel to Maniac Mansion , similar to the title, which is several years older, uses the SCUMM interface for interaction in the virtual world. Here, the three heroes receive a letter from Dr. Fred, from which they learn that Purple, one of the tentacles inhabiting the household, intends to take over the world after consuming toxic waste poured directly into the river. Our little ones set off with a rescue operation as quickly as possible, and the only way to avert the danger is to travel back in time. Unfortunately, due to a failure of the time machine, the heroes are separated: Hoagie travels two hundred years back to the colonial era, Laverne on the contrary - two hundred years into the future, until the tentacles almost completely dominate the world, and Bernard's journey fails, as a result of which it remains in the present. This is how a very fun adventure begins. At the same time, it is one of the best-designed adventure games, the level of puzzles of which has remained unsurpassed until today.

The cult classic, which has recently been massively restored (and very well), can be approached to the point, without any sentiments or on the knees. I really wanted my meeting with this game years later to resist nostalgia, but the intro literally made me feel sick. The remastered version in enhanced full HD resolution, as visually faithful to the original as possible, literally pulled me out of my slippers. Accompanying this sequence, the modernized version of the soundtrack by, among others, the full-time composer LucasArts Clint Bajakian, caused such a wave of love as a fully organic creature to zero-one code can feel. The heart felt warm! Or maybe there was a tear somewhere in the corner of the eye? I understand that such snivelling may seem strange or even funny to someone who grew up in the era of 3D accelerators and the gaming market saturated with virtual shooters, but once (ho, ho!) Were different times. Maybe more beautiful ...

The task of this type of remaster is to attract new audiences, and not to rely on a handful of old gingerbreads remembering past times. And this was what Tim Schafer did. Day of the Tentacle is just a grateful material, easily modifiable due to its graphic design. Thanks to such treatments, the graphics do not age and if real specialists take care of restoring it, the end result can be enjoyed by the eye even after many years.

As in the case of the renewed first two parts of the Monkey Island series, which were released a few years ago, the game's code includes two versions. Contemporary and original, you can access it after pressing the F1 button on the keyboard. Thanks to this, picture by picture, we can compare the changes that have occurred in the production of the remaster. The most important thing, however, is that the original version turns out to be fully functional and, apart from the graphics itself, it differs in the way of controlling and interacting (it is about the SCUMM mentioned above) and contains the original music tracks in midi format. I've often used version switching to listen to the same songs with different sounds, and I am pleased to find that the old music continues to caress the ears.

However, there is no perfect production and even such an important and extraordinary position can be accused of. The remastered version of the game does not have the original SCUMM interface and is based on icons that imitate it and appear after selecting any object. Probably for purely designer reasons, not all options available in SCUMM are displayed, but in most cases only the context ones. As a result, the game becomes a bit easier, because it limits the number of commands that can be given to it . You can still try to click "everything on everything", which was often the bane of old adventure games, but why, if no one persuades us to do so anymore. Maybe that's a good thing ... On the other hand, sometimes it's worth having fun looking for the right combination of items, for which you are rewarded with an appropriate achievement. More than one.