Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate - Recensione

Author: Gianluca "Ualone" Loggia
Date: 2021-02-01 18:53:02
Dead or Alive 5 is the last "regular episode" of the fighting game series that debuted in the arcade in the now distant 1996, and then landed on several consoles from different manufacturers, with intense periods of love in particular for the machines of Microsoft house. It is a valid exponent of the series, released and reviewed by us last year for PS3 and Xbox 360, which was also followed by an edition for PlayStation Vita, Dead or Alive 5 Plus.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, the subject of this review, is nothing more than a re-release of the original Dead or Alive 5, available now, again for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game has basically remained the same as me. personally he was quite liked last year, with some small additions in terms of selectable modes and characters.

To the original roster of Dead or Alive 5, in fact, the Ultimate version adds not completely new characters, but welcome returns: Ein and Leon, already seen in previous episodes of the series, Rachel and Momiji from the Ninja Gaiden series and Jacky Bryant from the series Virtua Fighter (which joins Akira Yuki, Pai Chan and Sarah Bryant, also present in the original version).

The 5 characters added to Dead or Alive 5 from the Ultimate version: all known faces.

There are also new stages, again mostly taken from settings that have somehow to do with the Ninja Gaiden series, interesting tweaks to the Tag mode (above all a reduction of energy regeneration), now also available online, and obviously, quite a bit of cleaning for many of Dead or Alive 5's known bugs (many of which, of course, are already fixed in the original game by patches distributed via PlayStation Network and Xbox Live). And a new shot, the Power Launcher, a new version of DOA5's Power Blow, which perhaps will be pleasant for those who love to hit the characters in mid-air (using the so-called juggles), since it throws the opponent up, instead of towards obstacles. of the scenario (and therefore theoretically, unlike the Power Blow, it works in any circumstance).

Ultimately, not really any ultra-valid reasons to buy a new version of the same game. Indeed, better say it clearly. In my view, owners of the original Dead or Alive 5 have no reason to buy this Ultimate version as well. Which, for heaven's sake, is sold for around 40 euros, so not exactly at full price, but it's still an unnecessary purchase for those who have already played the original version thoroughly.

Different speech, however, for those who had skipped Dead or Alive 5 last year, despite being attracted to it. If you were already planning to buy the Team Ninja fighting game, but for one reason or another (forgetfulness, other games to play, lack of funds at the appropriate time), know that the Ultimate version is clearly the one to prefer, from now on on.

The heart of the game, as I said, has remained the same. A simple fighting game in the controls (one button for the punch, one for the kick, one for the throw / parry / counter) and in its basic philosophy, anchored to the now classic Triangle System, but which manages to be quietly very technical and , if played with friends with whom you share the same skill level, certainly also very fast and fun.

We also remind you that from 25 September the free to play version of the game, called Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: Core Fighters, is also available on PlayStation Store, which offers four characters for free (Kasumi, Ayane, Ryu and Hayate), all scenarios and all the modes, except the Story Mode (which, by the way, in Ultimate is the exact same story mode as the original 5).

Story mode and other characters can be purchased separately, and Core Fighters can also be used to play against owners of the packaged and full version of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. If you are interested in the Trophies, also know that with the Core Fighters version it is possible, by purchasing characters and modes where necessary, to unlock all the trophies of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. Once all the individual elements of the game that are missing from the Core Fighter version have been purchased separately, in fact, a key will be available to unlock the DOA5U trophies. In short, a more than abundant demo of the game (four characters and all modes except the Story mode are a good free offer), which will allow you to get an idea.

It must always be considered, however, that those who have subscribed to PlayStation Plus for some time have had the opportunity to get all Dead or Alive 5 for free in the past months, when Tecmo Koei's fighting game ended up in the Instant Game Collection.

Gianluca Ualone Loggia is perhaps more of a fan of the Tekken school, in the fighting game field, but he had a lot of fun with the latter Dead or Alive. If you want to play one of the two games with him, contact him on Twitter (@Ualone) or Facebook.