Dead Rising Triple Pack - Análisis

Author: Emmanuel González
Date: 2020-09-02 14:58:46
The current generation seems to have found a real vein with this HD remastering. In the previous one we saw how certain titles were compiled and released in high definition, closer to the tribute than to the 'rehash' to make cash. However, currently it seems that absolutely everything is being remastered, there is no measure and second division titles are coming out in compilations of dubious quality. Of course, this rule is not always fulfilled and reissues as interesting as the Bioshock saga, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy XX / 2 or the first God of War on PS2 have come out on the market.

Dead Rising was released in August 2006 as an Xbox 360 exclusive, becoming a compelling reason to take over Microsoft's target. Behind the project was the Japanese Keiji Inafune , heavyweight within Capcom and think tank of projects as important as Mega Man, Resident Evil or Onimusha. The premise of the franchise that had just taken off was simple: lock ourselves for 72 hours in a mall full of zombies . A clear tribute to the work of the master George A. Romero (Dawn of the Dead, 1978) and Zack Snyder's revision of 2004. Of course, with a very Japanese vision -especially regarding the characters- of all this universe.

Although perhaps a touch of Survival Horror would have attracted a specific audience, Dead Rising tried to maintain the balance between homage and parody , without becoming a pure horror game at any time. The situations that were generated in the mall, the aesthetics and the treatment of the psychopaths / final bosses moved the title away from the ranks of Resident Evil, Silent Hill or Project Zero. However, let no one think that we are facing a kind of Saints Row of zombies, since the Capcom title had - and has - moments of considerable tension.

In Willamette , in the North American west, a series of strange cases begin to occur in which its inhabitants begin to indiscriminately attack others -zombies, of course-. Always on the hunt for the news, Frank West , a freelance journalist, goes on an adventure to cover the news live and direct. Only armed with his camera, West arrives at the small town and realizes that everything is taken by the undead. Neither short nor lazy he throws himself on the roof of the only shopping center in the city in order to take shelter and take better photos. The problem will come when the zombies break into the mall and madness breaks out, that's where Dead Rising begins.

The formula was tremendously effective, with hardly any firearms, only armed with what we found in our path , we guided West through the innumerable areas of a dream shopping center -for an American redneck-. The time limit -72 hours until the National Guard helicopter arrived- together with its carefree gameplay made it a good number of hits , achieving an average of 85/100 in Metacritic.

Even without being a technical marvel -there were a multitude of bugs as well as a somewhat poor graphic section- Dead Rising impressed thanks to the large number of zombies it showed on the screen and soon its audience began to clamor for a second part -which was more than necessary- . Thus, in 2010 Dead Rising 2 came to PS3 and Xbox 360, again in the hands of the Capcom-Inafune tandem, Microsoft losing the juicy exclusivity of the incipient saga.

Dead Rising 2 made a proposal similar to the previous installment but moving the scene to the city of Fortune , supposedly in the Nevada desert. The appeal of Fortune and the second installment of the series was that, in principle, the action was going to be located in a city similar to Las Vegas , giving the title more freedom, as it was not limited to the walls of a shopping center. In addition, the new installment introduced a new story: that of the motocross rider Chuck Greene and his infected daughter.

However, and even being a remarkable game, the standards of the first installment were not reached. First, Greene's story, due to his charisma as a character, was somewhat inferior to Frank West's despite his sentimentality and the magnificent Case Zero prologue. And secondly, because Fortune City was not what it had really promised : we were once again locked in a complex, it was not a city but a 'resort' that recycled a multitude of elements from the previous video game.