Destiny: Rise of Iron - Análisis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2021-01-26 07:06:38
It's been two years since Destiny came into our lives. Two complete laps in the sun in which we have had time to fall in love with Bungie's game, repudiate it as repetitive and feel its warm embrace with the smell of gunpowder again. At first we expected to receive Destiny 2 around this time (we also live with illusion), but finally it has not been like that, and in its place we have The Iron Lords, the second annual expansion of this game, which arrives to extend the lifespan of the title released in 2014 by Activision and Bungie.

In other words, it is a content that starts from the already established base of Destiny, and that offers new content so that we can continue playing with our Guardian until we achieve the maximum level of light (now 385), and beyond. It does so by presenting us with a new story, which straddles the near past of this universe and the present. In it we will review what happened with The Iron Lords, forerunners of the Guardians, commanded by Lord Saladino . It was about a lineage of protective warriors of humanity with a somewhat medieval look who sacrificed themselves to seal an evil that could have wiped out every sign of human life on the face of the earth: SIVA, a nanotechnology created by humanity that soon turned against them.

Now he has returned, with the help of members of the House of the Fallen, now empowered by SIVA and turned into symbiotes (renamed the House of Demons). They change some of their attack patterns and modify their behavior, giving a new twist to the possibilities of this shared world shooter. However, they do not pose a new challenge, nor do they give us that feeling of 'newness' that we might expect from content intended to last a full year. Part of the blame is possibly for his campaign, which in line with what was seen in previous Destiny expansions, does not last beyond two hours. A time clearly insufficient for what we could expect. To this should be added that it does not present novel situations, nor major changes compared to what has already been experienced, and that its narrative seems to decline in quality, after the improvement we saw with the previous expansion of the game.

Of course, how could it be otherwise with Destiny, The Iron Lords is not only its story, but it has a good handful of game modes and extra possibilities that make the experience go beyond the campaign and the replay. of your missions at higher difficulty levels. In this way there are a total of 10 missions of this type, although some do not belong 'per se' to the campaign, but are used to get the new (and mythical) Gjallardhorn, for example. To this should be added the new Assault (yes, only one), the new Incursion 'The Fury of the Machines', four maps and a new game mode for PvP. The Trials of Osiris also change when this new type of specific enemies of The Iron Lords appear, although in this case the change is much less relevant.

Of all the comments above, the most interesting is the new Incursion, the only point of The Iron Lords where it seems they wanted to take advantage of Xbox One and PS4, now that the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions have stayed for the way. In this six-player co-op mission, we'll see the most extensive and detailed settings ever seen in Destiny, as well as the most gigantic enemies in a Bungie game, which is saying a lot. If we add an extra dose of variety to this, which adds to the quality of the house brand shootings, the result is a Raid that may not be as difficult as the previous one, but it is much more fun. As soon we will be jumping from here to there as fighting against all kinds of enemies or overcoming unique cooperative situations, developed specifically for this expansion. A pity that it ends, although surely you will play it again. As a note, the minimum level to be able to play it is 365, from which point it will be difficult to raise the level of light to the current maximum.

Next in importance would be the four PvP maps, varied and well made, to the point of ranking among our favorites in this part of Destiny. Of course, only a part of the players of the Bungie game will want to discover them, but it will delight fans of the competitive games of the title. Even more so with the new game mode, called Supremacy, and that drinks the winds of the Confirmed Low mode of the Call of Duty series. You know, kill and collect what the corpse leaves so that a point goes up to your marker. Simple, but always effective, as well as enjoyable on all existing maps in the game.

The last position in importance in this The Iron Lords would be for the new cooperative Assault. The first thing that surprises is that it is only one, but the worst thing is not that, but it does not come to contribute anything that we have not seen a thousand times in Destiny. If something has to be saved from this mission, it would be its boss, but it is not something that makes us want to repeat this Assault, beyond the usual grind to raise the light level or get specific objects. It is surprising that more options have not been worked on than this one to play with small groups of friends, although old locations and missions have been adapted to be able to enjoy them with the new levels of light ... This, instead of satisfying us, we dislike - Has Bungie ever thought that we're content to just play and replay the same old thing over and over again? In a way it seems like The Iron Lords is a return to Destiny's more repetitive and less inspired origins.

In addition to these contents, a good number of new public challenges, adventures and contracts are added, accessible from the new social zone specific to this expansion. It also includes a good amount of new equipment of all kinds that will give us even more possibilities for customizing our Guardian in this Los Lords of Iron. We miss some new class, for example, or new possibilities for our character, and not just a greater variety of possibilities within the existing categories. It remains to be seen, of course, where Destiny goes after this expansion, and we would like to see an evolution that goes beyond simple repetition of tasks. At this point it is still difficult to guess if there are enough new items and equipment variants to justify our walks through the existing areas of the game, as well as the Plaguelands (the new area of the earth in which it is located IF YOU). For now, we can say that we have had a good time, but that this seems to be a much less content-laden expansion than previous ones (and also less successful and risky).

In technical terms, we find a continuous expansion in terms of visual proposal, which is normal if we take into account that it starts from a base two years old. Although, the artistic section does manage to surprise us in the new areas of Los Señores de Hierro, where the power of PS4 and Xbox One is used more, although it is not exactly an abysmal change. That is, we will find again a beautiful and effective game, stable in its image rate, full of enemies if the action requires it, but not overwhelming. At least in the sound section, this lack of evolution at almost all levels vanishes, as new scores can be added that, this time, hit the right key. If we add to this the usual quality of the dubbing of Destiny's voices and the great sound effects that the Bungie sound team has accustomed us to, the result is almost spectacular, as far as it goes through the ears.

What we can no longer evaluate is how easy or difficult it is for new players to enter this universe created by Bungie, despite the fact that the developer claims to have tried to pave the way (and not only by putting up for sale a collection with all expansions and content released for Destiny to date). Yes, we can tell you that it includes an object that allows you to raise a character to level 40, but we think that it can be a bit complicated for newbies is to get all the subtleties of the game system of the Bungie title. At least, when it comes to gameplay, there will be no problems, as it is still the fun, accessible and tremendously accurate title that it was two years ago. That hasn't changed in the slightest. The pity is that the experts in this universe are not going to find an expansion that meets their expectations in terms of amount of content, or inspiration for their narrative. Maybe for Destiny 2 ...