From the Go - Volume

Author: Francesco "Checco" Destri
Date: 2021-01-26 22:16:35
Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go, both from Square Enix Montreal, represented an uncommon breath of fresh air for the mobile scene, managing to combine brands much loved by gamers, puzzles, strategy and simple controls in a fully successful mix and anything but. how casual given their not exactly low level of difficulty. On the strength of the consents received and the landing of the two games on other platforms in addition to Android and iOS (PC and, in the case of Hitman Go, even PlayStation 4 and PS Vita), Square Enix has decided to reserve the same "Go treatment" also for Deus Ex, whose new chapter (Deus Ex: Mankind Divided) was reviewed in recent days by our Andrea Giongiani with an unequivocal 9.

Square Enix's motto for this third foray into the genre seems to be "continuity" and in fact, even with the necessary differences in settings and background, Deus Ex Go, available for iOS and Android at 4.99 euros, deals exactly as Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go. With 54 levels to overcome and a rather mundane storyline told for fixed screens, our aim is to move Adam Jensen within each level / diorama by moving him along a series of interconnected points from white lines to upon reaching the exit. Adam cannot face enemies head on under penalty of instant death, but only from behind or from the side, being careful where the guards, turrets and other enemies look.

If the first three to four levels are just for getting used to the game, it doesn't take long for Deus Ex Go to get quite challenging. Find the right path, carefully observe the movements of the enemies, collect the upgrade for invisibility (valid for two moves) and exploit it at the right time, hack turrets and platforms by creating a path the suitable cybernetic path, perfectly calculate the number of steps to do and passable points.

All gameplay elements that, put together, give life to puzzles and logic tests that are almost always challenging and anything but trivial, also because you cannot save during a level and die even when we are just one step away from the exit means starting over. from the beginning. It goes without saying that a good amount of trial and error is always present and often the trick to moving forward is to memorize the single moves after several unsuccessful attempts, even if in at least a dozen cases I arrived at the exit almost by chance. and without understanding why.

It will be because the novelty factor has now waned or because the fifty levels do not offer a great variety of enemies, situations and settings. The fact is that compared to the two previous chapters of the Go series this time I came to the end with a bit of boredom behind me. After all, Adam's special powers are always those from start to finish (or almost) and the locations always look the same (offices, laboratories, aseptic rooms), not offering that variety and spectacularity seen especially in Lara Croft Go. The secondary objectives of the two predecessors are also missing (for example the treasures of Lara Croft Go), although in exchange the developers have decided to release free bonus levels on a weekly basis in order to increase the longevity of the whole.

Graphically the game is well done and the characterization of the levels very faithfully recalls the atmospheric mood of the last two Deus Ex, as well as the music, the type of enemies present and other visual characterizations (glitches, avatars that are annihilated in a thousand pieces and other beautiful found scenic). For the longevity of the main portion of the game (without the bonus levels), you should expect at least two to three hours, although a lot depends on your predisposition for the type of game and how much you love / hate trial and error.

However, I do not deny that in general Deus Ex Go knows how to give a lot of satisfaction when you understand the right path to take, the way to neutralize an enemy and the right platform to move or unlock to get to the exit of a level. It's just that, compared to the previous two Go, you start to feel a certain fatigue and everything seems more "monolithic" and repetitive compared to the exotic adventures of Lara Croft and the flawless stealth executions of Agent 47. already promised by Square Enix bring a little extra freshness?

I downloaded Deus Ex Go from the App Store for $ 4.99 and played it on an iPad Air 2, finishing all the main levels and even a few bonuses in about three and a half hours. Playing on the Apple tablet, the battery consumes much more than it should and the processor and GPU, evidently put under a lot of strain, heat up worryingly, even if in very long gaming sessions I have never experienced any freezes or crashes. I also point out the presence of paid in-game solutions with options up to 7.99 euros; figures that are questionable to say the least, considering that YouTube is already a flourishing (naturally free) of video solutions level by level.