The great return of the legend - a review of Deus Ex: Rebellion of Humanity

Author: Krystian Smoszna
Date: 2011-08-22 12:59:00
The review was based on the PC version.

When I was playing this game for the first time at the end of April, I was absolutely surprised. I did not expect that Eidos Montreal was preparing such an elaborate and complicated product - I was expecting a rather simple FPS with a good climate, which after a few hours of struggle I will put on the shelf with a sense of well-fulfilled duty. However, human rebellion with typical shooting has little to do. This is an action game enriched with RPG elements, which in terms of content leaves almost all of today's competition behind. If you're familiar with titles such as System Shock 2 or the first Deus Ex , you've come to the right address.

The action begins in 2027, twenty-five years before the events we witnessed in the debut installment of the series. Knowledge of the original is not necessary to enjoy the game, although veterans of the cycle are privileged - it is with them in mind that the authors stuck in their product a mass of various references. The main character is Adam Jensen, head of security of the Sarif Industries company, specializing in the production of implants - implants imitating human organs, which additionally give the owner various supernatural abilities, e.g. the ability to see through walls. It was around implants and the controversy associated with their use that the whole plot was created.

We meet Jensen when he is still human. This state, however, does not last long, because just a few minutes after the start of the struggle, the headquarters of the company he protects is taken over by wired terrorists. Adam faces an unequal fight (this stage allows you to learn the basic mechanisms governing the game), but in the end he must recognize the superiority of much more powerful rivals. Massacred by enemies, he goes after an attack on the operating table, where Sarif's experts apply a set of implants to him. Our daredevil undergoes a long recovery and after six months returns to work. Formally, to follow the instructions of his boss. Above all, Jensen wants to catch his torturers, and a set of gadgets installed against his will will help him.

As I mentioned earlier, the latest Deus Ex is a combination of a classic action game with a stealth game, additionally stuffed, similarly to System Shock 2, with elements characteristic for RPG production. At the same time, Rebellion of Humanity seems to be a bit poorer game than its original, but it is difficult to regard it as a defect. The authors should rather be praised for the fact that they managed to make a successful mix of currently obligatory solutions with old, often forgotten ideas. On the one hand, we have the common system of shields and automatic health regeneration, on the other hand, on the other, limited equipment, preventing the hero from taking with him everything that he encounters during the journey. Interestingly, in the rebellion of humanity, not only the weapon, but also its ammunition in the backpack takes its place - it's a big and positive surprise.

The struggle is divided into missions, both the main, compulsory and secondary, which no one forces us to perform. At times, the human rebellion resembles a depleted sandbox, allowing you to roam unrestricted in open, but not very large locations, at other times it is a typical rollercoaster with an occasional leap to the side. However, this does not change the fact that the game is very extensive. On the first attempt, it took me well over thirty hours to complete the whole thing, some of the side quests I deliberately ignored, while others I missed. I learned about their existence only after reviewing the steam achievements.

The great advantage of this title is the free nature of the game. If we feel like it, we can eliminate the encountered enemies with an interesting set of guns, from stuning equipment, through pistols and machine guns, to rocket launchers, laser and plasma cannons. For solving problems by the force method, a well-implemented shield system that effectively protects Jensen from enemy bullets is useful. An open fight in the Human Revolution works well on average - you can, but it's better not to risk it. This is mainly due to health regeneration, which works surprisingly slowly compared to other shootings. Full energy recovery requires you to spend about 15 seconds in hiding, and during this time extremely aggressive opponents are not idle. There is also a shortage of ammunition. You have to save her or use weapons abandoned by killed enemies, which is not always convenient. It is worth mentioning that the poppers can be improved - modules that increase magazine, and thus allow indirectly carrying more ammunition in a backpack are particularly useful.

Even more, the new Deus Ex has to offer when we decide on the stealth option. Enthusiasts of acting in secret will be delighted. Avoiding enemy patrols, stunning soldiers and dragging their bodies to secluded places, looking for alternative ways to reach their destination, deactivating security systems or using them for our needs - all this is extremely fun. You can see that the authors put a lot of effort into the whole system. Rivals can not only see us, but also hear us, and before they pick up the huddle and inform their colleagues about the presence of an intruder, they will first try to check the place where the suspicious sounds come from. Lovers of impossible challenges can try to complete the whole adventure without triggering an alarm, as well as excluding killing opponents. Yes, yes, only bosses must die in the human rebellion , the rest of the rivals can be left alive.

Sound is also impeccable. The music is absolutely amazing - Michael McMann has created one of the best and most atmospheric soundtracks this year. Great songs for fans are songs from different places resounding in different places, which stylistically clearly contrast with the new soundtrack. It is also difficult to attach to other aspects of the audio setting, well, maybe except for Jensen, which raises some controversy. I liked Adam's hoarse vocals, but considering the different reactions he caused in our editorial office, the division into two camps is inevitable.

Finally, a few words about the game's shortcomings. There are not many of them and they are not so important for the reception of the whole, but it is obligatory to mention them. The first thing goes is the plot. Although it is great overall, I missed some unexpected twist here. I was able to foresee two important events for the whole plot, as I carefully read the messages on computers and e-books - there were far too many tips in them. Slightly annoying is the fact that all boss fights are all about exchanging fire. For someone who played Garrett for several hours, the sudden necessity of wielding a few kilograms of lead in the opponent makes little sense. I am also offended by the poverty of animations fired while stunning opponents - there are five of them crosswise, definitely not enough in such a long game. We also come across technical errors here, e.g. artificial intelligence of opponents does not always work as it should and enemies are not able to notice us, although they are standing right next to it. Occasional problems with collision detection can get you over, but it is not necessary to load the diet too long, especially those in the "quick" version.