Devil May Cry 5 - Análisis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-03-03 03:37:41
Devil May Cry 5 is the return through the old door of old Dante, after more than 10 years in fallow, since DMC4 arrived in 2008. Yes, in between we have received different compilations, and even a reboot that did not end up between the large audience, DmC, but the truth is that fans of action games wanted our beloved demon hunter to return for their privileges ... And that's what Capcom has done, returning us to this world of infernal creatures, infinite combos and fantasy in which we have spent so much time before.

He also does it by retaking the story from where he more or less stayed , but without needing to know it completely to enjoy it. Yes, Devil May Cry 5 is a self-explanatory game at all levels, and you don't need to have played or lived the story to understand it, although there are nuances that fans of the saga will instantly recognize. We find a story of demons and classical heroes, although told in a somewhat peculiar way , since we begin with the climax of the story, a battle against Urizen, the Demon King, and from there begin to build the previous facts and later through the adventures of three different characters. On the one hand is Nero , an old acquaintance of the series, who has lost his demon arm, but has replaced it with a series of mechanical spawns that we will be unlocking thanks to Nico, our new technology expert. On the other is Dante , the classic hero of this function, which accumulates lots of tricks behind his back ... And so it will take some time to get to control it. Finally there is V , a mysterious and peculiar character who has many surprises in his top hat.

The first is that it is the first character in the series that does not directly attack his rivals , but three relatives do it for him, reserving for himself the final touch of each of them, although surely some dark motive keeps .. That is, it offers unique mechanics that change the basic gameplay, without completely transforming it. The same goes for Nero, his mechanical arms (with a wide variety of possibilities), his retractable hook and his sword, and Dante, with his multiplicity of melee and ranged weapons (4 in each case) and his 4 styles of combat. In fact, this last case is almost classic, reminding us mightily of Devil May Cry 4, but evolving from there , to offering a depth and variety that, at times, can even be overwhelming for the neophyte player of the series ( and that is why we think of Devil May Cry 5 as a game made thinking of the fans, rather than taking the maximum market share, which makes this game even more unique and different).

That is to say, that each one of the protagonists is different and unique , and we have to learn to exploit them in the best possible way, with the perennial objective of any Devil May Cry that boasts: not only to kill the enemies, but to do it with a LOT style. And given the tremendous depth of possibilities offered by this Devil May Cry 5, that goal is achieved in a thousand wonders, with a lot of room for improvement as we move through the main plot of the game, which will last us at least about 12 hours . Of course, we have had more fun with the classic characters than with V, which, being so different, has not just been as satisfying as the other protagonists of the function, while still being fun at any time.

The story is entertaining, intense when it should and, above all, fun, making us change from one character to another to avoid any hint of tedium at all times, thus maintaining a pleasant narrative that manages to catch us, even if it does more because of the charisma of its characters that those who tell us deserve a prize for best history of 2019. In the playable, yes, there is no fault to put, with a gameplay in continuous growth that forces us to learn almost at every step , improving our combat skills to get the best qualification in each combat and at the end of each of the levels of Devil May Cry 5. This, in addition, adds an extra dose of replayability, allowing us to play both individual chapters and secret rooms. that we have unlocked

Where there is no room for surprises is with the structuring of the levels, which remains true to the origins of the series . That is, we find 100% linear levels, with watertight rooms where we will find the enemies, small sections of platforms and some hidden elements for each location. Without surprises in this aspect, but with a good level design, with the novelty, yes, that sometimes we will have to choose between two of the characters to move forward , crossing the road with the other, which is the 'ghost' from another player who has already played the level before (and we can rate his performance after finishing the level).