Game review Devil May Cry 5 - the devil will be pleased

Author: Czarny Wilk
Date: 2019-03-06 12:00:00
The review was based on the PC version. Also applies to PS4, XONE versions

Reviewing weak games or titles that disappointed us a lot is a simple matter. A list of defects and problems, a mention of unrealized promises, a few words about few advantages and a low rating - good, the matter is done. It's even easier with hits - just put your enthusiasm on paper. Trouble begins between these two situations. Until now I thought that there is nothing worse to evaluate extremely average games and nothing special not distinguishing, about which it is hard to write anything longer.

Devil May Cry V proved it to be different. Honest assessment of the game, in which all the components were implemented at least in order, and most even great, but in which one element effectively receives pleasure from fun, turned out to be even worse. I would add that this spoon of tar tar spoils the taste to a much greater extent than it would seem. That is why the assessment from the side does not fully reflect my impression of communing with this title. It is the result of two approaches. The game deserves a higher note. But only at the second pass. At the first and even lower.

The devil is walking through the park

The Devil May Cry series has been based on two foundations since its debut - a great, satisfying combat system and a high level of difficulty. In the first and third installments of the series, the duels with opponents resembled an extremely effective dance of death, but just like in real, most advanced choreographic systems, even a small mistake could prove to be very painful - in dance it meant pain or injury, in games, if not death, at least significant depletion of the life bar. Initially, it was much easier in Devil May Cry 4 , but with each subsequent mission it got harder and the last tasks were as great a challenge as the duels in the previous parts.

Meanwhile, Devil May Cry V on the equivalent of the "normal" difficulty level "demon hunter" is a walk through the park, during which we break through groups of opponents like through butter, and most of the bosses are overcome by treating them with their favorite attacks. If we want a challenge, we must find it ourselves, for example, trying to maintain the SSS rating for the style of attacks at all costs, because duels as such will not be a problem for us. And even if the enemies manage to hit us, their damage will prove to be extremely low.

Of the twenty main missions available in the game, eighteen were a loose run, during which I probably died about twice. And not because it suddenly got harder, but because of my own stupid mistakes - I've already got used to the fact that I can have my guard down all the time and I don't have to worry about anything. The last two fights in the game turned out to be slightly more difficult , but at this stage I had a dozen or so special bullets stored from earlier levels, allowing me to immediately return to life in a place of defeat, so here it was without any frustration.

In terms of difficulty, Devil May Cry V stands dangerously close to the second installment of the series, which, among others due to the lack of challenges, it is considered to be the worst part of this cycle today. There would be no problem if the game offered higher levels of difficulty from the beginning. But this is not the case - to unlock more difficult variants of fun, we must first break through the easier . As a result - about half of the game I started ... bored. A great combat system doesn't let you enjoy it properly when there are no worthy opponents to try it on.

I really did not have fun until the second passing of the game, when I could finally expect a greater challenge. But how many people will be able to spend about ten hours on a one-off, moderately fun way to complete this position, so that it will fully spread its wings only on the second approach? I very much hope that complaining about players and reviewers will prompt the publisher to quickly release the appropriate patch. From a technical point of view, fixing this situation should be trivial.

The devil is fighting well

Well, the description of Devil May Cry V's biggest problem is already behind us, so we can focus on more pleasant things. Such as e.g. the combat system, which works perfectly well. Devil May Cry V is a purebred slasher, in which skirmishes are the most important aspect of the game and it is mainly in clashes with enemies that we spend time here. And not counting the already mentioned too low level of difficulty, this aspect of fun is really hard to accuse something more serious.

At our disposal we have three very different fighting styles of heroes - known from Devil May Cry 4 Nero, the icon of the entire Dante series and the mysterious V. We play the first few missions as Nero, then we have the opportunity to try V, then we control both alternately, finally comes Dante , and sometimes we can also choose ourselves who we want to direct - we are not threatened by staying with one character for a long time. Each of the protagonists was given more or less a similar amount of "airtime", each of us managed to "enjoy" and not feel that one was treated worse than the others.

Nero uses a sword, a revolver and a novelty in a series of hand prostheses with various possibilities in battle. The range of attractions they offer is very diverse - from making a flying skateboard from your hand, through a whip to whack your opponents and a device throwing Nero or his opponents over long distances, to a tool to slow down time. However, so that it is not very beautiful, although the hero is allowed to carry several prostheses at the same time, he can not freely change them. We use the one we have at the moment until we destroy it, by falling while attacking it or making a more powerful blow, or until we find a newer one.

Dentures are an interesting and well-thought-out system. On the one hand, they give powerful and various possibilities, on the other - due to the restrictions described above - they force you to master various fighting techniques instead of sticking to one favorite. They also teach the player to adapt to the rapidly changing situation on the battlefield.

Dante hasn't changed much compared to what we remember about Devil May Cry 4 , and has a small arsenal of iconic firearms and melee weapons, which, as the game progresses, is expanded with more destruction tools - including the well-known demonic motorbike, known from trailers. The hero is also characterized by four different fighting styles and the ability to change into a demon, which for years has been a set of skills sufficient to satisfactorily spread destruction - and this is also the case here.

Fight, run, repeat

As I mentioned, the fight is salt Devil May Cry V - in duels we spend the lion's share of fun here, and the time between them basically amounts to ... running towards the next clashes. I am not exaggerating, at least not very much - the levels have a simple corridor structure, there is no need to look for any major environmental puzzles or unusual sequences in them . By exploring all the nooks and crannies thoroughly, at most we'll come across one of a dozen special missions or health upgrades or a demon transformation bar. There aren't even any finds here.

On the one hand, it's refreshing after the modern games full of unnecessary additions - the DMC5 knows why people play them, and focuses only on that. On the other hand, there is a slightly lack of slightly more variety - a scripted escape sequence from a collapsing building or a more interesting level design, for example in the style of the castle from the first part of the series, would really work wonders here. However, I can praise the fact that this time the "four" error was not repeated and backtracking was significantly reduced - almost every level is a completely new location.

Hell of a good story

Let's not kid ourselves, the story has never been a strong point in this series - in the best cases being a tolerable excuse to show as many spectacular cut scenes as possible and to justify the chaff of legions of demons, in the worst being a hard-going nonsense. The developers of Devil May Cry 5 have tried to do something about it and in many ways they have succeeded. The story served here engages, intrigues and refers to the sentiment of many-year-old fans. Of course, it's hard to call it ambitious - it's actually a story about three guys sometimes throwing a witty text and a sword, firearms and magic saving the world from an army of demons - but what he wants to present presents very well and easily makes the latest part of the cycle its best in terms of scenario, unveiling.

Pull my devil's trigger

Devil May Cry 5 is powered by RE Engine, a proprietary Capcom engine, the effects of which have recently delighted us in the game Resident Evil 2 . The city of Red Grave, which is attacked by demons, where the DMC5 takes place, does not look as impressive as the zombie-controlled Raccoon City.

Monster and character models look great (except maybe for Trish, something strange and very bad happened to the face). Attack animations and accompanying effects are poetry, until you want to pause them to watch the demolition from different perspectives in photo mode. Also, the choreography of the intermittent scenes can not be faulted - the game remains true to its roots and offers a lot of absolutely exaggerated, unearthly effective scenes that one wants to watch.

The environment itself is worse. We often come across less well-made textures, but the bigger problem is the imaginative style of the locations , which do not stand out and do not go to places intriguing with the sacred aura of the "four" or taken out of some horror island from "one".

In Devil May Cry 5 we visit alternately the characteristic ruins of the town and the "demonic" levels resembling the insides of some giant creature (don't be afraid, no spoiler - the first visit to such a place is already in the prologue), which visually blend together and they begin to resemble one huge, long corridor. Not to mention the fact that we have already seen the same in several previous games of the series. The town of Red Grave will not be remembered for long.

The sound layer turns out to be great . Each of the heroes has their own theme, matching themes, which resounds in the background of the duels - the louder, the better we are doing, which is a great additional motivation for slashing enemies as efficiently as possible. However, if for someone the sound of the song "Subhuman" chosen for Dante turns out to be too heavy, nothing prevents you from changing the options to the phenomenal "Devil Trigger", by default designed for Nero. Other music in the game is no longer as characteristic as the three themes, but it also works. The voice acting characters are also great - the actors did a great job.