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Diablo II

Diablo II

  • Publisher
    Havas Interactive
  • Developer
    Blizzard North
  • Release date
    29 Jun 2000

A top down adventure game of epic proportion. Diablo 2 is the continuation of a wonderful world of magic and horror. - - "There is no escape from chaos, there is only the sweet release of death"

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AGM score 85%
IGN 8.3
GameSpot 8.5
Metacritic 88
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About Diablo II

Diablo II is released by Havas Interactive in 29 Jun 2000. The game is designed by Blizzard North. Diablo II is a typical representative of the Role-playing (RPG) genre. Playing Diablo II is a pleasure. It does not matter whether it is the first or a millionth hour in Role-playing (RPG), there will always be room for something new and interesting. Thrilling levels and gameplay Diablo II will not leave anyone indifferent. The complexity of gameplay increases with each new level and does not let any player get bored.

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Diablo II is versatile and does not stand still, but it is never too late to start playing. The game, like many Role-playing (RPG) games has a full immersion in gaming. AllGame staff continues to play it.

Diablo II is perfect for playing alone or with friends.

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Diablo 2 put to the test - the best action role-playing game of the year

Author: Gunnar Lott
Date: 2000-06-01 15:12:00
It was worth the wait: three and a half years after Part 1, Blizzard is releasing the most brilliant PC game this summer, if not the whole year. Alone or with friends, you sabotage a hellish family reunion in Diablo 2 - the Prince of Terror wants to unite with his brothers.

Hundreds of thousands of courageous heroes were mistaken: Hell Lord Diablo breathed his last breath deep under the fantasy city of Tristram, but not his existence. Since the beginning of 1997, tens of thousands have tried every day on the Blizzard Battlenet servers to carry out the really last trick against evil. But the furious finale of Diablo already gave a clear indication that all these efforts must remain fruitless.

The lonely wanderer

After months of horror, a rescuer had come to the besieged Tristram, who fought his way through 16 underground floors to Diablo. But at the moment of victory, the valiant fighter realized that he could not destroy the monster forever. Therefore he banished him to a soul stone, which he rammed into his own forehead. Then the hero moved east to find salvation. He crossed the nearby mountains and struggled through the desert to the port city of Lud Gholein. He struggled desperately with the ghost of Diablo, who threatened to break his will.

Wherever he went, evil followed him. It drove the guardians of the mountain pass from their monastery fortress, in which the terrible Andariel ruled from then on. And when the wanderer set sail from Lud Gholein, the dark hordes surged against the city walls. Now he is said to be stuck in the jungle near the Kurast settlement. Soon Diablo will have completely subjugated his host, and then will unite with his brothers: the prince of hatred, Mephisto, and the death prince, Baal.

Hero at the right time

Any apocalypse fan can easily imagine what happens when the three infernal brothers strike out together. Fortunately, one morning in the refugee camp of the hunters, an innocent hero appears who, in the best role-play tradition, carries little more than leather underpants and a kitchen knife. But since every defeated monster brings him some experience, a little gold or a weapon, he will soon become stronger.

Jump attacks

At the beginning of Diablo 2 you decide on one of five heroes, each of which offers more variety than all three from Part 1 combined. The barbarian surprises his opponents with jump attacks and two weapons at the same time. The Amazon relies on agility and long-range combat, the Paladin combines sword skills with protective auras. The necromancer curses his opponents and turns the undead into henchmen. The sorceress lets lightning, fire and ice patter on her opponents. Your choice has a significant impact on how you proceed: As a barbarian you can storm into the middle of the fray without much thought, a summoner should send his skeletons and golems in front.

Specialists and masters

Each hero type has 30 special skills (spells, curses, auras, combat techniques). You can increase one level per level up - there is plenty of room for specialization.

As an Amazon, you should decide between a bow and a javelin: Do you prefer multiple volleys of arrows? Or do you trust in spears, which with the right skill, at the expense of durability, cause three times the damage for a short time? Not to forget the »passive skills« such as automatic evasion. And then the question still remains: Would you rather master many skills a little, or master a few? With enough upgrades, a measly 2-volt beam of light turns into a glaring chain lightning that knocks down several bosses. And a correspondingly specialized paladin manically stabs ten enemies at the same time with his lance - with one click of the mouse.

As complex as the skills, as simple as the character values: Strength and dexterity determine the severity and accuracy of your blows. Vitality affects life energy and endurance (required for running), and "energy" is consumed by spells and active skills. For each promotion you increase the values by a total of five points.

Four acts, four bosses

You follow the lonely wanderer through four acts into the proverbial hell. In each world you start in a safe refuge complete with dealers who sell you weapons, potions and many other utensils for four times the purchase price. You can also hire a mercenary there.

Soon you will explore the surrounding regions. In temples or caves there is always a well-filled treasure chest waiting in the far corner. You will soon receive the first of a total of 21 (often multi-part) quests from residents. You are supposed to take out the hunter Blood Raven, corrupted by evil, travel through a stone gate to Tristram or clean an ancient tower. Later it is necessary to break a siege or even to end a solar eclipse.

At the end of each world, a boss makes himself out with particularly nasty tricks - so one of them quickly closes your city portals, through which you could teleport yourself safely. If you have defeated Diablo at the end, you restart the game in nightmare mode, and after conquering it, you can try your hand at the »Hell« level of difficulty.

Magic the Gathering

The main attraction of Diablo 2 is the constant improvement of your alter ego - including ever fancier equipment. Lately every hero can use any object as long as he has the right level, enough strength or sufficient dexterity. Some gadgets give a hero type exclusive bonuses.

Each weapon and armor comes in five quality levels. You will also find "socketed" objects that can be upgraded with up to three gemstones (which in turn are available in five levels). Next come the magical items, which indicate their abilities with 108 prefixes and 93 suffixes - as an example the "Brutal Giant Ax of Swiftness" is mentioned. Did we mention the "rare" items or the sets? The latter consist of three to four pieces and give a special bonus when combined. The highlight, however, are the 95 “unique items” that are only supposed to be found once in the closed battlenet on each of the four servers worldwide. As you can see: Blizzard has built something like a gigantic trading card game into Diablo 2.

Monster killing made easy

But what use is the triple blessed war club with a magical Megatöt turbo if you can't try it out? To this end, more monsters make the levels unsafe than windy entertainers the beaches of Mallorca.

In addition to around 40 special opponents, 50 classes of monsters roam around, which are mostly divided into five types. A "saber cat" is more suitable for Whiskas commercials, while the graphically very similar "hell cat" eats Siegfried and Roy for breakfast. Some opponents have special attacks - they cast spells, bring fallen colleagues to life, lay eggs or spit out mini-monsters. The antagonists often appear in unhealthy combinations: from a distance, magicians freeze you while slow melee bolides approach. But pinching doesn't count; one click on the opponent and you hit it.

Kindly you can freely assign attack techniques or magic spells to the left and right mouse buttons. The Alt key brings all the objects lying around on the screen as clickable texts. And if the left mouse button is pressed, the current opponent is attacked again and again. Folios (hold portal and identification scrolls) and belts that hold up to 16 healing and mana potions provide space in the inventory.

Multiplayer for connoisseurs

Diablo 2 won us over in both solo and multiplayer mode. It is true that the explored levels are only saved in the solo game when you exit. But gaming comfort also prevails in the LAN or the Internet, thanks to the quest log, teleport points and city portals. Up to eight players fit into a game and can leave it (with the exception of the host) at will.

If you like, you can form a party to share experience points and gold pieces fairly - as long as the level difference is not too big. Neutral and friendly heroes do not get a "friendly fire" so that you can handle walls of flames, meteorites and volleys of arrows to your heart's content. It is different when you declare hostility to a player. This is only possible from a city, and only if the opponent has at least level 9. If you don't want to fight, you can now flee to a town, to another act or straight away from the game. Or he gets involved in the duel, in which there is a little gold and experience, but above all an inscribed "ear" (name of the defeated, hero type, level) to win as a trophy.

Afterlife in Diablo

Screen death turns out to be not too bad: Depending on your level, you lose a maximum of 20 percent of your gold and have to look for your corpse.

If you don't feel like doing this, it will automatically appear next to you the next time you start the game - but then all the plasticine that you carried with you when you died is missing. However, if you are a tough guy, you tick the box “professional” when choosing your hero. From now on a simple rule applies: once dead, always dead. Anyone who manages to land at the top of the worldwide battlenet leagues in this hardcore mode can be proud of themselves. Speaking of which: Only the »closed Battlenet« is the real thing - all character data is stored there on the server in a tamper-proof manner. In the local network or "open battlenet" you can also use solo mode heroes who can be manipulated relatively easily (for example by copying the game status).

Playful hui, technical ...

The graphics are good despite the outdated 640x480 resolution - this is ensured by beautiful wall textures, nice lighting and screen-busting spells. The characters are well animated and show at a glance how they are armed. The day-night change and sporadic rainfalls are also nice. In addition, we did not notice any bugs during the test phase. But the game obviously has problems with the RAM management, even on faster computers there are short jerks. The engine looks outdated, and the atmospheric sound doesn't hide that. On the other hand, the top five are the five long reward films - they beat pretty much everything cut scenes ever made.

Add-on planned

Blizzard has already planned an expansion CD. In it it will go against the most powerful of the three brothers in hell: Baal. You will only be able to play the addon after defeating Diablo. Then you can sail north from the jungle town of Kurast, where a fifth, big act with new monsters and probably two additional film sequences is waiting.

You can find the extended version of the article and additional screenshots in GameStar 8/2000 or online as a pdf in the magazine archive.


Screenshots will help you evaluate the graphics and gameplay of Diablo II.

Diablo II - scene 1
Diablo II - scene 2
Diablo II - scene 3


If screenshots are not enough, you can enjoy creative videos from Havas Interactive

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