Diablo 3 - Analysis

Author: José Manuel Bringas
Date: 2020-07-30 21:41:44
Reaper of Souls has restored my faith in Diablo III. As you immerse yourself in this new chapter and experiment with the Crusader class, with Adventure Mode or the legendary levels, one realizes the dimension of change that has been introduced in Diablo III. We are facing an expansion with a dual purpose: to amend and expand, and it does both things quite well, especially the first

Diablo III was a highly anticipated toy, but it came broken from the box. It was not anywhere near the experience that fans of the saga expected and, despite its benefits, it was soon public and notorious that Blizzard had erred in his calculations. It fell short in content and the Auction House showed that it had been a huge mistake, turning the gaming experience into a farmeo in order to get the juiciest offer ... or by spending a few hundred euros and directly acquiring the object we wanted . Nonsense that the game itself did not provide any reward.

Since then, all efforts with Blizzard for Diablo III have been focused on fixing a title that could not get hooked, that was boring and in which that great touch that had its two predecessors had lost, especially the second. Reaper of Souls is the culmination of all these efforts, an expansion that had the difficult task of fixing Diablo III. Now you can say with complete confidence: Blizzard, good job .

The most important and most game-changing change is the way players will now get their items. Diablo is a game that does not end when you defeat Malthael, the Angel of Death who seeks to destroy everything; nor when we reach the maximum level. There are a thousand difficulty modes and a new game mode that dramatically extends its useful life, starting with the new Legend levels, which replace the Paragon levels and become a very powerful customization tool. If we had them accumulated from Diablo III or acquired them once we were level 70, we can now affect our statistics in a much more direct way, being able to affect the numerical attributes of attack, defense, movement speed and critical chance.

But the essence of Reaper of Souls is items, which allow characters to reach new levels of power. No more messing with weapons and armor inappropriate for the class you're playing, with completely random and often useless upgrades. No more wizard wands with strength bonuses. In the same way, there are now items with specific powers for the classes, such as when you find gloves that improve fire damage or even add damage to your favorite ability. There is still a small margin for chance, but now you have the feeling that everything is much more thought out and that you may fall for useful things, instead of spending days without falling for something half decent.

And if all this is not enough, a new type of merchant has been introduced, which will allow the objects that come into our possession to be transmuted and transfigured, two options that have been imported directly from World of Warcraft. The first is a uniquely aesthetic function, which allows you to change the appearance of objects. For example, a coarse and spiked mace can be turned into a shiny sword without losing any of its characteristics, all for a small price. The thing about not going together is over and there is no excuse for not presenting the aspect that every semi-angel must have to save the world from destruction.

The Transfiguration does have a much more interesting and functional application. With it we can choose a power of an object and change it for another at random. This allows you to customize the objects in a limited way and manage to save one from the store or from the junkyard. Of course, it is a measure only appropriate for small touches and it will not be worth to completely reform an object, only one of its powers. This ability can be used for all kinds of items, including legendary ones, now much more interesting.

And it is that in Reaper of Souls there will be many more orange objects than before. In the span of time we level up from 60 to 70 we will see half a dozen legendary ones, which are finally making sense now. Their characteristics make them the most powerful objects in the game and, in addition, some of them have very special powers that make them collectibles. For example, there are boots that make the player leave a trail of fire, perfect for doing damage while running away. There are also weapons that make special attacks, bracers that make us gain experience collecting gold ... Their number is very high and they provide a series of very juicy qualitative advantages.

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