Diablo III - Review

Author: Gianluca "Ualone" Loggia
Date: 2020-07-30 21:41:52
The relationship between Blizzard and the console world, over the past thirteen years, has been totally nonexistent. The last two "parlor" works of the Californian house date back to 1998 and 2000 and are, respectively, Diablo for PlayStation and Starcraft 64 for Nintendo 64. Two portings far from the excellence, among other things, that at the time they did to think, both of Blizzard and of many gamers, that all in all it was also right that PC and console were a bit of a separate world.

And since then, in fact, Blizzard has continued to grind computer hits, including the most profitable MMORPG in the history of video games, and has never again appeared in the console world. He was doing it with Starcraft: Ghost, which at E3 in 2005 and 2006 seemed practically almost ready for PS2, Xbox and GameCube, but then something must have gone wrong, because the game disappeared into thin air.

Nonetheless, ever since Diablo III was announced in 2008, fans of the joypad + sofa pairing have never stopped dreaming of a console version of the ARPG Blizzard. Also because, let's face it, both the game specifically and its genre of belonging could only seem cut for the console world. Still, nothing, meanwhile Diablo III was released on PC in 2012 and a console version did not even see the shadow.

Or maybe the shadow a little yes. The new skill system that Blizzard had built for the third chapter of one of his most loved sagas too tickled the desire to try it with a controller in hand. Everyone has done the math at least once to mentally match the active abilities of the Diablo III characters with the keys of a joypad. And the accounts have always returned. Diablo III seemed conceived from the beginning to be played safely even on consoles.

And in fact, on February 20, during the PlayStation Meeting 2014, in which Sony announced PlayStation 4, Blizzard took the stage, in the person of Chris Metzen, to confirm, once and for all, that a version of Diablo III for consoles it was in development. At the Sony event, the game was obviously announced for PS3 and PS4, but later a version of Diablo III for Xbox 360 was also revealed.

And here we are. After trying a playable demo of Diablo III for PS3 at E3, it was already clear to me that the insights we all had about the "feasibility" of a console conversion were more than fair. Today, after getting my hands on the final versions of the game for PS3 and Xbox 360, I will tell you more: Diablo III played on the sofa, controller in hand, not only is it very cool, but in some respects it is also preferable to the original for PC . In short, the thing that many hoped for happened.

For those who have no idea what Diablo III for PC is, here is a brief recap. It is an Action RPG in third person, with isometric view, made in polygonal graphics, but basically with a two-dimensional soul, as a direct heir of his two predecessors that were actually made in 2D. The hero controls himself with the mouse, and moves on the screen as if he were a unit of a strategic in real time (Diablo arrives after Warcraft and Warcraft II, not surprisingly), or as the hero of the most recent MOBA ( which also originate from Warcraft III, think about you). The Diablo saga has always been characterized by its incredible inclination to hack and slash, or to the continuous massacre of monsters with consequent collection of more and more interesting loot, able to enhance the character (who in the meantime also rises in level) so that he can face even stronger monsters and get even better loot. And so on. The triumph of the continuous mouse click. Realized and proposed, however, in a masterly way, which made Diablo the absolute benchmark for the genre. How many times have you heard "a Diablo action RPG"? Exactly.

Now, you should know that the console version of Diablo III is deliciously controllable. Exactly as it was imaginable, the skills of our hero find perfect home in the keys of the DualShock 3 or of the Xbox 360 controller. Between the four main keys, the four backbones and the directional cross there is room for all primary and secondary skills, for the map, the city portal and even more.

The something extra is one of the small introductions of the console version, that is the fast equipment. Going up with the directional cross it is possible at any time to scroll through the last pieces of equipment collected and quickly decide whether or not to wear the ones that interest us most. The main characteristics that the piece will eventually improve are clearly displayed. The fast equipment, which is however a welcome addition in an absolute sense, is particularly useful in local co-op games, where opening our character's menu to check the equipment means removing the view from the screen also to others players, since the local cooperative, in Diablo III on console, provides all the characters (up to four) simultaneously on the same screen.