DiRT Rally - Análisis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-07-30 17:01:16
Note: This analysis delves into the differences between the PC and console versions. To find out more about what the title offers, you can consult our original analysis by clicking here.

The final version of DiRT Rally for PC arrived at the end of last year, although only in digital format. After the success of the title, which managed to draw praise from both critics and audiences, Codemasters dared to announce a version for desktop consoles (in addition to taking advantage to launch the PC game in physical format). It was said that the changes that would be included in these ports for PS4 and Xbox One would be minimal, since the intention is to transfer the original purist experience to the rest of current generation systems.

Codemasters has kept its promises, 'copying' most of the strengths and weaknesses of the PC version , and introducing a series of changes and improvements that we could consider almost circumstantial, and that hardly influence the result of the work of the British developer. That is, we are once again facing the return through the big door of car simulation with capital letters to the world of virtual rallies. DiRT Rally is a demanding and conscientious title , focused for the most part on the solitary race by stage and time trial of this sport. Forget about rewinding and most concessions to the least skilled. Here the control skill prevails (although it responds better with a steering wheel between the hands), the nerves of steel and the knowledge of the terrain and the characteristics of our vehicle.

It is commendable that the precise control system of the PC version has been successfully transferred to the console version without any failure along the way, maintaining the same quality standards and demands of said version. The same goes for the reproduction of the physics, possibly the best views in years within the rally genre. Do not expect to reach the positions of honor at the first exchange, since it is more likely that what you achieve is 70% of the ditches of the more than 70 routes, divided into six different locations (at the rate of dozen sections in each a). One of the most recurring complaints in the PC version was the steepness of the learning curve, which is why a total of 21 videos have been included that try to teach us the basics of rally driving : weight transfer, ways of skidding, how to brake ... Everything very technical, but also very useful. We would have liked something more 'interactive' more, but this also serves the purpose of showing us the way to excellence in this extreme driving simulator.

We will need all that knowledge to overcome the multiple challenges to our ability that await us in DiRT Rally. Not only will we have to deal with different surfaces and adhesions, narrow roads and all kinds of twisty curves, but we will also have to take maximum care of the mechanics of our vehicle. Our car will break down as we collide, performing worse and worse and showing all kinds of failures: suspension that drifts, flat tires, engine that seizes ... It is even possible to break the headlights in a night stage, in which case, take them for withdrawn. DiRT Rally does not offer concessions, which is why it gives more importance to the management of repairs between sections than to giving us the possibility of returning to the track intact. It is another type of driving (as it was in the PC version), and is not suitable for all types of players.

Of course, all this will not catch you new to those who know the parabiene of the PC version (or have read their excellent analysis). However, a total of 7 new cars have been added, rounding the number of vehicles up to 44, reviewing the history of the world of rallies and offering several different paintings in each case. It is a pity that DiRT Rally does not have an official WRC license (which applies both to this section and to the tracks), but at least the cars are the real ones of these tests and their performance has been captured with complete fidelity, which will delight the most purist in this type of launch. It does have an official Rallycross World Championship license, although there are only three circuits in this category, which makes it feel a bit wasted. To compensate for this somewhat, DiRT Rally also includes the legendary climb to Pikes Peak, completing a payroll of varied routes in its configuration, but whose weight falls excessively on solo rallies, wasting the other included modalities.

The game modes that DiRT Rally presents are sufficient, but not extraordinary . The Career mode moves away from the expected characteristics of this modality to present us with a series of championships structured by difficulty, in which we must be ascending (but also being able to descend) in order to progress, earn money and hire personnel along the way. Something superficial, but capable of hooking us for a good handful of hours, especially for the demanding of the most complicated levels, which will only be at the height of the most skillful steering wheels and controls. They are backed by the everlasting option to run races and loose tests, in addition to a series of multiplayer possibilities (which we have only been able to test due to the low population of servers at the time of this analysis). In this sense we will be able to run against another player, create leagues, participate in temporary challenges ... Nothing especially imaginative, the same as with the options for the solitary player, but at least it is complete.

In terms of technical issues, this port for PS4 and Xbox One manages to rise to the occasion , staying at the height of what was seen in the PC version (especially in its version for PlayStation 4, when presented in 1080p, before the dynamic 900p of Xbox One), but without reaching the maximum level of detail possible in compatible. It must also be said that sometimes the scenarios are somewhat static and empty, despite the care with which each location is treated in DiRT Rally. At least there are no 'buts' in the form of slowdowns or other visual glitches, managing to complete a gaming experience closer to that seen on PC than we might expect. In the sound aspect, we are left with the indications of the co-drivers, much more precise than we would expect.