Dishonored 2 - Analysis

Author: José L. Ortega
Date: 2020-07-30 23:57:31
It is unfair that Dishonored 2 is being discussed more because of the new policy that Bethesda has taken for the analysis of its releases than for the quality that awaits the title inside. In our journey with the title of Arkane we have constantly had the feeling that we are facing a true work of greatness. And that, lately, few have been able to transmit it. After completing the adventures of Emily Kaldwin and Corvo Attano - once with each character - it has become clear to us that we have before us one of the most interesting proposals of the year. A true gem that may not have the recognition it deserves due to the fact that both its development and its launch have been, like its protagonists, in the shadow of other more recognizable projects. An unfair fact that we already saw how it happened in the original delivery.

Dishonored 2 starts up, after completing a rather eloquent optional tutorial in which we review the basic notions of control taking control of Emily and receiving instructions from Corvo , her father. The plot, which takes place fifteen years after what happened in the first installment, shows Emily as imperial majesty and Corvo as royal protector. But suddenly, in full tribute to Jessamine Kaldwin , mother of the young protagonist, the Duke and Delilah Kaldwin , Emily's supposed aunt, end up giving a rather bloody coup. After the events, one of the most important decisions in the game takes place, whether to take control of Emily or Corvo . We opted for the first option.

As we tell you in our various game advances , after trying the two characters, Emily seems more skilled and with more forceful and original powers than her father's. Still, to fully enjoy the adventure, as stated by Harvey Smith , game director, you need to complete it at least a couple of times: one with each character . Dishonored 2 inherits a rather peculiar form of narrative from its predecessor, breaking down its narrative details not through elaborate cinematic scenes, but through the hidden notes on stage or conversations we hear between the various characters.

A perfect integration between narrative and gameplay taken care of down to the smallest detail, and which is part of the freedom provided by the idiosyncrasy of the saga, offering the player the possibility of enjoying the main premise without too much fanfare, and that the most purist and lovers of the subtlety can get to know the ins and outs of the plot by exploring the settings and taking the time to read each note to know the background and the motivations that lead the characters of the adventure to carry out their acts. A different, distinctive style that suits you like a finger, although to the less curious it may seem due to this fact that the main story is quite simple. Only by reading the notes and listening to the audio messages on stage will we learn that it is not just an epic of revenge for regaining the throne.

The action of Dishonored 2 takes us to the places of the coastal city of Karnaca , also surrounded by oppression. It is true that its setting, despite having a fabulous artistic design, has given us less personality than the almost perfect Dunwall we saw in the first installment (and which serves as a framework for the first and last mission), but in its favor it has the immense range of possibilities it offers, being another of the key signs of the success of the franchise. Hundreds of nooks and crannies to explore and countless objects to find. In addition, resources are scarce, so it is more than recommended to make a detour in order to find some ammunition or runes to be able to improve the skills of the character in its corresponding tree, since that is where the essence of the adventure resides.

In addition, as we move towards our goal, secondary options are opened that, if carried out, can make our task easier. For example, we helped a poor looking young woman who wanted a specific corpse to bury. With the fly behind the ear, we did it and it rewarded us by removing the electricity from a pathway so that we could cross it to reach our goal, thus avoiding having to make a hole for ourselves in a place infested with enemies. Throughout the adventure you have to make various decisions that affect the development of the adventure, being another of the facets that urge the player so that, almost involuntarily, they want to replay the adventure almost without realizing it to see what would happen. having chosen the other option.