Dishonored - Analysis

Author: Gustavo Maeso
Date: 2020-03-03 03:36:32
This Friday, October 12, Dishonored, the action game by Arkane Studios and Bethesda, is released. We have had the opportunity to enjoy more than a week with this new license, which arrives for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, and we have been impressed. Although we have felt something short and its technical section is not to shoot rockets, we have to place Dishonored as one of the games of the year. But let's not rush, let's go slowly, which is precisely what this game requires.

As we have been able to verify by squeezing the game to the fullest, the atmosphere and the worked script of Dishonored is a real gift. The adventure takes place in the city of Dunwall, a metropolis belonging to an empire composed of several islands. The design of the scenarios, and everything else (characters, costumes, buildings, transport ...) is a mixture between nineteenth-century England and very advanced technological elements but of 'steam' aesthetics. In fact, all feed on the energy obtained by whale oil, the main energy source of the islands.

But the empire is not going through its best moments. A rat infection invades the islands and the plague is ravaging. Although the rich classes of the city of Dunwall are safe from infection in the rich neighborhoods, thanks to the fact that they are protected by electrified doors that disintegrate anyone who tries to cross them, in addition to other technological devices such as robots and hundreds of guards that keep Outcasts at bay. Beyond these voltaic arches and security measures, in the most depressed neighborhoods, the poor survive or become infected and become afflicted (a kind of stinking zombies).

With this panorama, we get into the skin of Corvo , the Protector Lord of Empress Jessamine, who returns to Dunwall after a hard trip through the islands to try to find the cure for the plague. After returning without any solution, we will attend a murder. The empress is killed before our eyes and her daughter Emily, the heiress to the throne, is kidnapped. In addition, the usurpers are responsible for charging us the dead, they will accuse us of the murder and will condemn us to death.

In the first bars of Dishonored we will flee the prison, while we take control of Corvo , thanks to the small help of a group of conspirators who want to recover Emily to sit on the throne and unmask the usurpers, who now control the empire. When we met them, we became a mysterious masked murderer, with the aim of taking down the usurpers. For this, it will be necessary to make a series of selective murders, to bring down the corrupt dome of usurping and magnicidal leaders.

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